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Dark Road to Darjeeling✻ Dark Road to Darjeeling Epub ✾ Author Deanna Raybourn – Varanus.us After eight idyllic months in the Mediterranean, Lady Julia Grey and her detective husband are ready to put their investigative talents to work once At the urging of Julia s eccentric family, they hu After eight idyllic months in the Mediterranean, Lady Julia Grey and her detective husband are ready to put their investigative talents to work onceAt the urging Dark Road PDF or of Julia s eccentric family, they hurry to India to aid an old friend, the newly widowed Jane Cavendish Living on the Cavendish tea plantation with the remnants of her husband s family, Jane is consumed with the impending birth of her child and with discovering the truth about her husband s death Was he murdered for his estate And if he was, could Jane and her unborn child be next Amid the lush foothills of the Himalayas, dark deeds are buried and malicious thoughts flourish The Brisbanes uncover secrets and scandal, illicit affairs and twisted legacies In this remote and exotic place, exploration is perilous and discovery, deadly The danger is palpable and, if they are not careful, Julia and Nicholas will not live to celebrate their first anniversary.

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    Dark Road to Darjeeling PDF ✓ Dark Road PDF or he murdered for his estate And if he was, could Jane and her unborn child be next Amid the lush foothills of the Himalayas, dark deeds are buried and malicious thoughts flourish The Brisbanes uncover secrets and scandal, illicit affairs and twisted legacies In this remote and exotic place, exploration is perilous and discovery, deadly The danger is palpable and, if they are not careful, Julia and Nicholas will not live to celebrate their first anniversary."/>
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    I finished the wonderful Silent on the Moor last year and knew it would be a long, cold wait for the next book in the Lady Julia Grey series I was so happy with where the end of that book left my favorite characters It was in no way an agonizing or excruciating ending, rather it managed to leave me both perfectly happy and aching for adventures with the indomitable Julia and the elusive Brisbane So when I managed to get my hands on an e ARC of DARK ROAD TO DARJEELING a few days ago, I vowed that nothing would come between me and that book With a quick weekend trip to DC looming on the horizon, I downloaded the book to my husband s Kindle and decided to let it be the first full book I read on that device, thinking it would be nice to compare the reading experiences on the Nook and Kindle So, armed with an e reader and plenty of chocolate, I boarded the plane and settled in for a cozy ride Turns out, I was in for a much longer ride than I planned on as bad weather delayed our flight from the planned three and a half hours to like nine I was so glad I had Lady Julia and Brisbane to keep me company and what would have been a tedious and frustrating journey was actually the most pleasant of times.A warning It is impossible to discuss this installment without including one particular spoiler for the previous three books So, please If you haven t read them and are concerned about what you do and do not know going in, tread no further But go simply and quickly to your nearest bookstore and purchase Silent in the Grave You can come back and thank me later.Nearing the end of their wedding trip in the Mediterranean, Julia and Nicholas Brisbane unexpectedly meet up with Julia s sister Portia and her brother Plum The two March siblings are come to convince Julia and Brisbane to follow them to Darjeeling, where Portia s former partner Jane is in much distress Having been suddenly widowed shortly after becoming pregnant, Jane has endured a few too many months of loneliness and fear in her unfamiliar and foreign home Based on the increasingly distracted tenor of Jane s letters, Portia is convinced Jane and her unborn child are in some danger and she would be much comforted were Brisbane to employ his myriad skills in ferreting out a possible murderer and divining the reason behind Jane s mounting unease Julia is, of course, keen to join her husband in his efforts and work together as equal partners in the investigation Brisbane, unsurprisingly, disagrees vehemently And the tension this conflict engenders threads its thorny way throughout the bulk of the tale Mysterious neighbors and strangely familiar ones people the small Valley of Eden which Julia and her companions travel to, along with the family of Jane s deceased husband, who each have their own reasons for possibly wanting her and her offspring out of the way for good Once again, it is up to Brisbane and Julia whether he will have her or no to stop the snake in the grass before it strikes again.I smiled the whole way through DARK ROAD TO DARJEELING And I do mean that smile never left my face It is so soothing to have an author consistently come through for you The writing, the craftsmanship, the characters, and the setting all come together seamlessly in a Deanna Raybourn novel A favorite passage early on, featuring the endearingly offbeat March siblings taken from my uncorrected ARC If Father wanted you to have an escort so badly, why didn t he come himself He is always rabbiting on about wanting to travel to exotic places Portia pulled a face He would have but he was too busy quarrelling with his hermit I blinked at her and Brisbane snorted, covering it quickly with a cough His what His hermit He has engaged a hermit He thought it might be an interesting addition to the garden Has he gone stark staring mad Who ever heard of a hermit in Sussex I demanded, although I was not entirely surprised Father loved nothing better than tinkering with his country estate, although his devotion to the place was such that he refused to modernise the Abbey with anything approaching suitable plumbing or electricity.Portia sipped placidly at her soup Oh, no The hermit isn t in Sussex Father has put him in the garden of March House In London In the back garden of a townhouse I pounced on Plum Did no one try to talk him out of it He ll be a laughingstock Plum waved an airy hand As if that were something new for this family, he said lightly.I ignored my husband who was having a difficult time controlling his mirth and turned again to my sister Where does the hermit live Father built him a pretty little hermitage He could not be expected to live wild, she added reasonably It isn t very well wild if it is in the middle of Mayfair, now is it I countered, my voice rising I took a sip of my wine and counted to twenty So Father has built this hermitage in the back garden of March House And installed a hermit With whom he doesn t get on Correct, Plum said He reached for my plate and when I offered no resistance, helped himself to the remains of my fish How does one even find a hermit these days I thought they all became extinct after Capability Brown He advertised, Plum said through a mouthful of trout grenobloise In the newspaper Received quite a few responses, actually Seems many men fancy the life of a hermit and a few women But Father settled on this fellow from the Hebrides, Auld Lachy He thought having a Hebridean hermit would add a bit of glamour to the place There are no words, Brisbane murmured.This book in particular put that Cheshire Cat smile on my face because it dealt with that delicate and heady navigation two people engage in after the honeymoon is over I adore novels that handle that subject well and this one did it flawlessly Julia s and Brisbane s lives have been changed by their love for each other, but they themselves have not been changed Those fundamental facets of their makeup, those traits that make them who they are, have not been altered by a piece of paper And this means that they must learn to work with each other It s a protracted and intricate process, and Julia s insistence on being part of Brisbane s work is a major stumbling block on the road to marital accord The really wonderful thing is that it is all laid out so very realistically And yet, somehow, Ms Raybourn manages to balance these challenges out with the incredibly intense and genuine love these two dominant people feel for one another The result is hypnotic I could read about them all day long and I did in this case The rich and fragrant Indian setting formed an exquisite underpinning for the disturbing and dark deeds that take place at the foot of the majestic Himalayas I went back and forth on who the culprit might be and one new character in particular threw me and Julia for a loop I am still trying to figure out how I feel about what happened there I have to say, I came to the end of this adventure feeling much the same way I did at the end of its predecessor perfectly satisfied and in love with these characters than ever before DARK ROAD TO DARJEELING is due out October 1st.Reading Order Silent in the Grave, Silent in the Sanctuary, Silent on the Moor, and DARK ROAD TO DARJEELING

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    Possibly the best entry in the series.

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    I was thinking the other day that this series would not work half as beautifully if the POV alternated between Julia and Brisbane I so so love Brisbane as a mysterious slowly being revealed character I suppose when I m honest with myself, I really am reading this series for that reveal of Brisbane The effectiveness of the cloaking and revealing of Brisbane shows how important a magical hero is in this series, and how well Raybourn understands that And really, just how critical a compelling hero is in general Important for me as a writer to keep in mind always Anyway, a major treat to get back to smart, perceptive Lady Julia and mysterious, smoldering Brisbane Even with Lady Julia and Brisbane married, there is wonderful tension I would say it is one of the quieter ones in the series, even though the mystery turns out to be quite dramaticand kind of unusual Still, the book felt strangely subdued Not necessarily in a bad way Still, the mystery is always secondary to me, as I am such a fan of both of these characters This book takes place soon after Lady Julia s marriage to Brisbane, so they re working out this mystery, as well as new issues in their relationship And dramatic family things happen, too I loved this setting a tea plantation in India during the British Colonial era I thought it was lovely to spend time in and learn about, and integrated beautifully into the plot it reminded me of the goodness of Carolyn Jewel s INDISCREET 1800s Turkey in that wayor Meredith Duran s DUKE OF SHADOWS end of British Colonial rule in India Also, as a fan of Somerset Maugham s shorts and essays, this book was a great treat we meet some of those types here, but the perspective is slightly different and intense, as things all unfold in a small contained area over a longer work This is such a strong series I already have the next

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    This book read slow for me The previous book read super fast but this one just didn t have the same pacing for me It could have been because Brisbane was absent in a large portion of the book For me the chemistry between Julia and Brisbane is strong and moves the plot, not having them together for a large chunk of the book, slowed things for me.Also I struggled with their relationship..yes now they are married and it s clear that they love each other than anything, but I couldn t help but feel like Brisbane was being far too conventional in his idea of what their marriage would be like I think he thought she would let him do his thing and listen to him but clearly he hasn t accepted that the woman he married is far from normal and is she didn t listen to him in the previous three books, why would marriage suddenly make her listen That kind of bothered me throughout the book.The same goes for Julia.I felt like they are both chaffing against their marital exceptions I never felt like their relationship evolved or changed in the book At the end I still felt like things were at a stalemate between the two so I am looking forward to the next book to see if things resolve or improve.This wasn t a bad book and or lackluster installment by any means..I just felt like the other books were simply better One of the things that I love about Raybourn s mysteries is that she isn t afraid to go down a darker, taboo road when it comes to motive for her murders The motive is always unpredictable and shocking and this book did not disappoint The murderer and motive were interesting and will intrigue the reader.I liked the change of scenery in this book The exotic location helped break up the typical foggy London setting so may Victorian murder mysteries have so I liked that change I loved Raybourn s descriptions of the Indian landscape and customs.While this book wasn t as good as some of the others, it wasn t a dud at all It was engaging and I loved the twists in the murder mystery and the uncertainty of who the killer might be based on everyone having motive, including a close family friend It was definitely still worth the read and I did enjoy it Let s face it, any book that came after Silent on the Moor, for me just wouldn t compare because the third book was so so so so right up my alley I am looking forward to seeing what s ahead in the next book for Lady Julia and her husband..the next book s description sounds delightful See my full review here

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    I really love this writer and series, so, of course, I enjoyed it a ton I have to admit, the conflict between the two main characters, now that they re hitched, wasn t as exciting as before, but still it was super enjoyable because Julia and Brisbane are flawed and unique characters I especially like the secondary characters in Raybourn s books, they never feel one dimension l or cookie cutter, she always goes out of her way to make them distinctive.The setting, India during the 19th century, was very interesting and felt well researched and the mystery was a BIT tame, but still enough to keep me turning the page.I definitely smelled some setup for the next book, and I can t wait

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    Having enjoyed a relaxing and calm honeymoon together for the last eight months, Lady Julia and Brisbane are unexpectedly brought back to the real world with the sudden arrival of Julia s sister Portia and brother Plum Portia has arrived in a flurry, insistent that Julia and her detective husband accompany the pair to Darjeeling, India to help Portia s former partner Jane Cavendish Ever since the death of Jane s husband, Portia has been worried about the vagueness of Jane s letters worried for the impending birth of her first child and worried that someone might have killed Jane s husband Naturally, Julia insists Brisbane takes the case and her help along with it but Brisbane is not about to thrust his wife into the middle of a possible murder investigation Mad as a wet hen, Julia s continued determination to prove her usefulness to Brisbane in his work sparks a disagreement that lasts throughout much of the novel as both are too stubborn to compromise on the subject As one hopes only to help while the other tries only to protect.Upon their arrival in the Valley of Eden, Julia is struck by the eccentric qualities of almost all of Jane s new family and neighbors A grieving doctor who cannot remain sober, a free spirited American artist married to an English clergyman and even the White Rajah, a recluse who has adopted the native dress and customs There amidst the lush and stark Indian landscape of the Cavendish s prosperous tea plantation, Julia finds herself quickly deducing a plausible motive for murder in every single person she has met The trouble is sorting out who the killer is before he can strike again.As the fourth installment in what has to be one of my favorite series out there mystery or not , Dark Road to Darjeeling is a unique animal As a Lady Julia mystery, some elements remain the same like the previous novels, a murder is solved although always drastically different than how you would have expected but there is also a decided departure from some previous standards Starting with the new cover image and title format and extending even to the landscape no longer in traditional England but India Both settings equally evocative while remaining worlds apart.Once inside the story, the changes continue As a married couple Julia and Brisbane are faced with the difficulty of striking a balance between their private and personal lives The pair are both passionately driven individuals and it is only natural they would clash if you don t believe me, just read their previous books tension galore I was so grateful that Deanna Raybourn did not sugar coat this aspect of their marriage Yes, they are honeymooners utterly in love but they are also very much strong individuals Their disagreements have never been easily solved but that just makes for a satisfying resolution in my opinion Ms Raybourn s characters have never failed to entrance me with their sharpness I can easily imagine any of them alive and wandering around, sticking their noses in other people s business and that remains to be true in Dark Road to Darjeeling As always, Deanna Raybourn strikes the perfect balance between tension oh the delicious tension and humor especially where the Marches are concerned and yet again I m awed and in love with Julia and Brisbane than ever Ms Raybourn hasn t steered them wrong yet.

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    This was the best in the series so far in my opinion Things I liked about this book series The relationship between Julia Brisbane although I d like to hit him with a frying pan sometimes Julia s Scottish maid Morag is a total crack up I loved the fact that Raybourn keeps you guessing as to who committed the murder I liked the description of the exotic location in this book And the unexpected surprises that popped up in the second half of this story.

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    First Read 19 February 2016Second Read 11 March 2019 Aussie Reader challenge for MaRch 2019 R Reminiscing to read a historical fiction novel This was good, but probably my least favourite in the series to date I love the India setting and I adore Brisbane and Julia even if their relationship bothers me way on re read A few tears at the end of this one..but a gorgeous historical murder series with a gorgeous underlying romance Original Review This is the fourth book excluding short stories in the Lady Julia Grey series.I love these books and this is of the same In this adventure, Julia and the hottest, Scottish, gypsy ever to line the pages of a book aka Nicholas Brisbane find themselves in India to investigate the mysterious death of a friend s husband.These books are essentially stand alone murder mystery books, but overarching all of that is this beautiful story between Julia and Brisbane I read a review that said they were glad the author chose to write it from Julia s POV only as this has allowed Nicholas to remain an enigma that is slowly developed book by book to keep the reader hanging This is spot on He is such a mystery and I love his character and I love the edginess and intensity of his relationship with Julia Bring on book 5 and here is hoping the tv series gets made the rights were sold last year.

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    Again, an incredibly entertaining book in this series It follows the same formula as the three previous books, or less, but it just seems to result in a great story It starts blithely enough, but the ending is really quite emotional There is less story after we learn WhoDunnit, but the further revelations of the Nicholas background add to our understanding of both him and Julia.Although it s set in India, the setting isn t really a significant part of the story, so don t expect anything particularly deep and mythical along those lines Having said that, I really love the way the author handles the stresses of marriage in this one Sometimes, the tensions and disappointments that are part of any marriage are portrayed far too melodramatically, at least in romances, but in this book, they are handled very realistically, and I appreciate that.I probably guessed WhoDunnit a bit sooner than in the other books, but, honestly, it didn t dull my enjoyment of the book one little bit Also, I did read this one straight after the three previous books, and often reading a series in bulk can be a bit like eating too many champagne truffles fabulous but a bit nauseating Well, I didn t get that this with this book at all.Highly enjoyable 5 stars.

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    I feel like this was fine I found it less annoying than I remember finding the previous one I mean, you can t really expect realism from this series I did find there was something off about the whole roundabout argument that Julia and Brisbane had for the entirety of this book It boils down to she is not trained to be a detective and he wants to keep her safe v she feels she could be useful and wants to prove herself and so runs in like a bull in a china shop But the secrets they both keep to pursue those two objectives are radically disproportionate, so the whole thing kind of doesn t work so well It s very much a case of, I want to keep you safe, so to that end, I will tell you nothing so you have no information and can t upset anything I will also just order you to stay away from anything dangerous, and you should trust me, followed by annoyance when obviously that doesn t happen I have minimal patience for that when the alternate route of, Rather than just forbidding you to do something when I know you are curious , I will explain to you the reasons why a seemingly innocuous thing is dangerous, so perhaps proper precautions can be taken, makes so much sense.I just, they ve known each other years now I think there s always going to be something about these books that grates.It may come down to the fact that entire March family is not a product of its time, so DR s trying to impose that mentality on the marriage feels disingenuous view spoiler And Jane s sudden death right at the end of this, leaving Portia with an orphaned child feels gratuitous and over the top hide spoiler

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