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Spider-Man: Grim Hunt➞ [Epub] ❥ Spider-Man: Grim Hunt By Fred Van Lente ➨ – Varanus.us Several years ago, one of Spider Man s greatest enemies, Kraven the Hunter, stalked his last prey, dying with a violent, misbegotten honor Now, two women claiming to be his wife and daughter have trac Several years ago, one of Spider Man s greatest enemies, Kraven the Hunter, stalked his last prey, dying with a violent, misbegotten honor Now, two women Spider-Man: Grim ePUB ¹ claiming to be his wife and daughter have tracked Spider Man through the urban jungle, weakening him through the Gauntlet while they prepare to attempt an unholy resurrection They re hunting Spidersand Spider Man s friends and namesakes are in their sights COLLECTING Amazing Spider Man, digital prologue, material from Web of Spider Man.

Spider-Man: Grim Hunt Epub ☆ Spider-Man: Grim  ePUB
  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages
  • Spider-Man: Grim Hunt
  • Fred Van Lente
  • English
  • 02 February 2019
  • 9780785146179

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    This is grim Dour, depressing, gloomy everything a Spiderman story is usually not Where s the Quip head Here you have the family of third rate villain Kraven trying to raise him from the dead I say, why bother Against them, you have most of the Spider powered super heroes family Sorry, it s spelled s p y d e r And Spiderman s evil clone GAH , Kaine, figures into this mess I know, like a clone in a Spiderman story is a bad thing To make it worse you have murky art that you don t quite know what it is trying to picture A fight, a foot, a punch, a pizza dinner, Ben Franklin It s anybody s guess For you comic novices, it is a bad thing A very, bad thing.

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    Losing interest in this series but I ll continue and get to Slotts run

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    It s a serious Spider Man story.You know, the kind without any jokes Blasphemy, I say Ok, it s not the worst thing I ve read, but it just doesn t have a very Spidey feel to it.Part of the reason for that is because Spider Man isn t really in this very much It s mostly a story about Kraven, and by extension, his wacky family Even Kaine one of Peter s manymanymany clones gets page time than Parker.In fact, if you re in the mood for a Kaine and Kraven storywell, then you ve found your book However, if you re looking for something that s not dark and depressing Keep looking.The plot sounds something like this Kraven s dead His bat shit crazy wife is determined to bring him back with Spyder blood voodoo Or something along those lines.At any rate, Sssssssspyders must die So the Krazy Kravens start targeting anyone who wears the Spider mantle As a fun side note, it appears that one of the Kraven Klan is a werewolf In the backdrop, Madam Web kind of narrates the story in her wishy washy rambling way If the WEB is cutHe doesn t knowIf only they could seeOk, old lady Either tell us what s going on or shut up Anyhoo.Lots of Spider people have dramatic moments, Kraven tells his backstory, Kaine entertains us with the first time he met Kraven, and sandwiched in there are a few scenes with Peter.ThenThere s a death, a Kraven family feud, and Madam Jabberweb.Don t worry, folks It all works out in the end.Sort of.Anyway Should you read this Well, how the hell should I know that

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    For all the build upmeh World The art is okay, it is very of it s times and it is what it is The world building here is okay, as it pulls on a lot of the magic spider stuff from before which I enjoyed I liked the call back to Kraven and the pieces that were used I do wish the scope of the Spiders could be bigger but oh well Story It was okay, nothing really special For the build up this was rather ho hum and nothing all that special Sure there were spiders a plenty but u felt it was not enough Also the Kaine story that went along with it was also rather boring I will say that for something like this there is little consequence of note and the end just brings back an old character instead of the huge fight we would have expected Characters Peter is Peter, the rest of thr spiders were fun and interesting, wish there was time for them The Kravinov was rather ho hum and one dimensional Forgettable It was a forgettable event that should have had bigger fallout and stakes then what we got Onward to the next book

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    Really torn for a rating on this.at times I loved it, and other times the flashback scenes seemed perplexing and bothered me So I guess I will give this a solid 3 stars Worth at least picking it up and checking it out.

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    3 1 2 stars.I ve been a big Spider Man fan ever since I was a kid He was my all time favorite super hero, until I ran across the senior citizen version of Dominic Fortune, so I m always up for a good Spider Man story series The Spider Man The Gauntlet series tells the stories about Spider Man s fights with old and new foes, orchestrated by the Kravinoff family in an attempt to soften Spidey up for The Grim Hunt Compiled in a separate volume.Vol 4 of the series, Juggernaut, is comprised of 4 different story arcs The first, The Sting , involves Spidey following a man he believes to be his rommate s Michelle new boyfriend to a meeting of shady characters It turns out that this is a meeting of thugs vying for the right to wear the costume of the original Scorpion The party is crashed by a new, female version of The Scorpion who also wants the costume for reasons of her own The story was rather tame and uninteresting The main villain, The Hood , didn t seem all that powerful or interesting, and Spidey didn t seem to have much to do The art in this one was also sub par I m sure they were trying for some kind of gritty vibe with it, but it just came across as unfinished and unpolished Fortunately, the art in the rest of the book was much better.The second story arc, Something Can Stop the Juggernaut , finds Spidey fighting on the side of the Juggernaut, for a change, to help save him from a new incarnation of Captain Universe This is a nice return to some of the straight forward, old style Spidey stories There s jokes, action, spectacular fights, and a nice little twist involving Juggernaut and the powers of Captain Universe Perhaps the best part was how it was, basically, a continuation of the story from the very first time Spidey and Juggernaut tangled.The third story was a bit of a puzzle It really had nothing to do with the whole Gauntlet story arc, unless you consider Spidey losing a chance to interview for a job as part of the psychic and or emotional weakening that is supposed to be leading up to The Grim Hunt Basically, Peter Parker is on his way to interview for a job when he runs across Crusher Creel, The Absorbing Man, tearing up the street Of course, he has to change into Spidey to stop the mayhem, thereby losing out on the potential job It almost seems like they dropped it in as a bit of a comic interlude.The fourth, and final, story arc is a reprinting of the original, two story first battle between Spidey and Juggernaut started in Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut My biggest complaint with this was that they put it in the wrong place If they re going to do Something Can Stop the Juggernaut as a continuation of this one, why not put it first I ve had this complaint with other Spider Man compilations, where they tell the story of what happened after before they tell the story of what happened before All in all, a pretty fun little trip through Spidey land with some good artwork If you re a Spider Man fan who hasn t had a chance to check this series out, I would definitely suggest you give it a look see If you re new to the Spider Man universe, you might want to start somewhere else and build up to this one One word of warning, though If you re going to read The Gauntlet series, start with vol 1 and read them in order There are things that happen in the earlier volumes that are referenced here such as why Peter Parker is going out on job interviews , so you might be confused if you didn t start at the beginning.

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    Despite being initially dubious, I ve been quietly pleased with the recent Gauntlet storyline If you haven t read the preceding 5 volumes, don t be too concerned as they really don t add much Though billed as a collective web leading to this event, the Kravinoff s never really had enough involvement throughout to count and Spidey is always fighting villains and encountering personal strife, so no different to normal really Still, they were good stories and acted to build a level of excitement for this pay off.Grim Hunt really serves as a direct follow up albeit one separated by over 20 years of continuity to Kraven s Last Hunt, a classic and deservedly respected Spidey story Spoilers present therein My fear with this story was a resurrection of Kraven His death was powerful and I feel should be honoured he didn t need to be brought back as his heritage continues in Spidey s world through his family Yet, he is brought back I still have mixed feelings about it especially the magical aspect to it all though I thought it was done fairly well.What we get is a dark and gritty story, bringing together some of the mystical sides to Spidey with a partial resurrection of the Spider totem story lines again, something I actually quite liked A large knowledge of Spider Man continuity is required here new readers should find Wikipedia helpful in filling gaps We get Pete, Vermin, the Kraven clan, two Spider Women, one Spider Girl, Madame Web, Kaine and Ezekiel Even MJ and Harry briefly turn up plus a bunch of wild animals that are never really explored.There s quite a lot of death too, some rather shocking as old character die, some get changed and some get new starts Spidey near the end acts in a way we ve not seen before, almost as though possessed while hunting the Kravinoff s Actually, I wasn t sure whether the Spider force had taken him over, especially with what he does to Sasha and what he almost ends up doing to Kraven There s so little speech from him, that you wonder whether it truly is him The artwork through all of this is fantastically dark, perfectly suiting the tone.There s a lot going on here plus the numerous back up stories collected It feels epic and important and it does change some elements of the current Spider Man universe Overall, I liked it I m still not certain about Kraven being alive again, but it s a powerful story and holds up with the original death of Kraven and if you haven t read that, go get it Maybe not great for newbies but a good read.

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    Spyder Spyder Burning BrightIn The Forests Of The Night,What Immortal Hand Or Eye Could Frame Thy Fearful Symmetry Okay, before someone sues me, I know the original poem starts with Tyger, but this was the one used in the comic I have to admit, this story was satisfactory Very, very satisfactory The art is good The artist could have tried drawing a better Julia, but otherwise it blends in with the tone of the story, which is very dark This story arc is riddled with violence, blood and view spoiler death Three key members of the spider family die, though one of them eventually returns hide spoiler

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    Grim Hunt is the sequel to the classic Spider Man story Kraven s Last Hunt from the 1980s by J.M DeMatteis While not as good, the story is a dark, thrilling conclusion to the Gauntlet storyline that dominated the Amazing Spider Man title for a number of months This edition also includes an untold Kraven story by DeMatteis and a number of short filler pages that help to understand the background of everyone s favorite crazy Marvel family, the Kravinoffs What s most refreshing about Grim Hunt is the spare no expense bleakness that Joe Kelly brings to his script This is a beaten Peter Parker, on the brink of doing things he would normally never consider doing, let alone follow through on The shared art duties by Michael Lark, Stefano Gaudiano and Marco Checcretto establishes the dark, seedy underbelly necessary for this tale.

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    Van Lente keeps coming through with a cool angle on Kraven s origins Casey does a passable job with a backup of Spidey and MJ but Mahfood does a crazy job of art ing like a funhouse mirror array Let s not even talk about the DeFalco Spider Girl crap Surprise Joe Kelly can write a straight, somber, moody, almost creepy story and doesn t fall back on his comedic talents to ruin the effect Impressive art that fully supports the seriousness of the story Story goes where I didn t expect eventually though no one should be shocked at a comic book resurrection any.The backup Kaine Kraven story is good great art.The Stan Lee story What the hell are they thinking He s not running the place any there is no reason to keep pulling this pedestrian shit off the company fridge and publishing it.

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