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[KINDLE] ✽ The Delta Anomaly ❁ Rick Barba – Varanus.us
  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • The Delta Anomaly
  • Rick Barba
  • English
  • 05 March 2017
  • 9781442414099

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    This series is like reading a YA Star Trek soap opera The first book in the series, The Edge, got me used to jumping back and forth between characters and I felt better about in this second installment Though the author is different and better , the tone felt similarly campy and fun Kirk is still obviously a ladies man, and I still wish I was reading Spock Uhura erotica Wait, what Did I just say that Anyway, these books are a breeze to get through and full of action For those unfamiliar with this set of Star Trek books, they are set in the alternate timeline of the most recent Star Trek movie and take place with most of our favorite characters while they are still at Starfleet This one follows McCoy, Kirk, and Uhura as they help their superiors and the San Francisco PD solve the mystery of The Doctor, a killer who somehow manages to remove internal organs from his victims with no incisions I can t wait for the future I m a little iffy on whether Starfleet would actually have these cadets helping out to such an extent as in, doing almost the entire investigation and crime solving That makes perfect sense not I suppose this series is just Life at Starfleet Academy and that s why we are read...

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    This was a pretty short book, but it was a fun trip through the cadet lives of the Abramsverse characters at the academy.

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    I didn t love this book or hate it It was very meh.

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    War sehr interessant, mehr Einblicke in die Zeit ihrer Ausbildung zu kriegen.

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    This book is the first in the Kelvin timeline of Starfleet Academy books but it is the second story in the series with the Edge being the first A black fog hangs over San Francisco and in that fog is small machines that want to learn the inner workings of all of the species of Earth These small machines have been causing trouble for the SFPD and one night Jim Kirk faces them but at the end of the conflict a...

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    3.5 Stars As I ve become increasingly obsessed with all things Star Trek related thanks to the J.J Abrams films , it was only a matter of time before I explored some of the Trek fiction that s available While I ve become increasingly fond of the original series character incarnations, I couldn t resist a novel that utilized the re boot characters that I love so well The Delta Anomaly is the first entry in the Starfleet Academy series, which explores the lives of Kirk, McCoy, Spock, and Uhura before the events of the 2009 film that brought them together aboard the Enterprise Before Spock and Uhura were a couple, before Kirk and Spock were on speaking terms, The Delta Anomaly explores the lives of these four key Trek players and their lives as cadets at the Academy that would make them the officers countless fans have known and loved for decades in one incarnation or the other wink.The novel opens with a murder high atop San Francisco s Transamerica Pyramid, shortly followed by an attack on Gaila, the green...

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    The Star Trek franchise had a major reboot thanks to the most recent film, which carried the name of the series as its title, by J.J Abrams Jumping back in time as well as an alternate timeline, the famous characters that set the stage with the original series are introduced to viewers during their early years of training at Starfleet Academy.Books have always played a major role with many Star Trek fans, and it seems like that will be continuing as their is now a series being published for teens young adults that really focuses on the characters in events that occurred prior to the film This is the first book in the series.While it is an alternate timeline, much is the same for the original crew of the U.S.S Enterprise Cadet James Kirk has easy connections with the ladies and a true talent for leadership Leonard Bones McCoy is a curmudgeon though, young for the time being with a major talent in medicine Spock is reserved, yet knowledgeable as a recent graduate of the Academy.While Kirk is focusing on a series of team based roleplaying exams to show that he is the best in this crop of cadets, a series of murders seems to be hitting San Francisco in the area around the academy The victims seem to be missing organs, but their bodies show no signs of being cut to provide access to remove the organs This would seem to parallel a series of murders that took place decades earlier and assigned to the Doctor, and unidentified serial murder who was nev...

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    3,5 stars I really want to give this a four It has good humour, good pacing, decent writing, good characterisation, and an economy of movement in the prose that I d hope I can mimic someday if I m writing a fast paced novel, plus it s compulsively readable either that, or I m just that deep in this hell and I need a life , but you lost me at the technobabble I think there is a simpler way to explain nanites and shit without resorting to too much technobabbles I would say is this really YA except that from the easy way the prose flows, the constant exposition for example, the Starfleet Academy motto which thankfully didn t fall into outright lampshading aka the Tell Never Show fault and the overall light hearted tone that this is Excepting for the technobabble, the set is definitely YA, and thankfully decent YA, not the annoying ones I sometimes accidentally wander into All thosestuff bothered me because it really interfered with my enjoyment and my processing the plot MacGuffin, but thankfully I can just glaze over most of it There is no Star Trek without Prententious Technobabble tm , but t...

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    The Delta Anomaly by Rick Barba was the first novel released in the Starfleet Academy series of novels which are set in the JJ Abrams alternative version of Star Trek However, it actually takes place after the events that occurred in the 2nd novel to be released which was entitled The Edge and therefore I read that book first The main plotline is based around the investigation of a rather strange serial killer who seems able to kill people without leaving a single mark on the bodies Kirk, McCoy and Uhura get dragged into the investigation when one of Uhura s friends is attacked and Kirk manages to step in an save her Of course, before long the cadet s themselves are at risk when the killer appears to make a move on them In addition, the book also delves into some of activities and tests that the cadets are undertaking as well as taking an interesting look at the growing relationship between Uhura and Spock If you think this all sounds a little bit busy for such a short book, I can confirm that you would be right Barba has crammed a lot into the book which results in a breakneck pa...

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    Thanks to J.J Abrams, there is a whole NEW universe of Star Trek with which one can explore A place where Vulcan is no what Please the movie is almost 2 yrs old If you aren t aware of the events of the movie, then I am NOT going to give you a spoiler warning Heck what are you doing, reading my blog anyway a place where Kirk is a cocky young captain at like 25, instead of 30 a place where Spock and Uhura have a passionate for a Vulcan affair going on And a place where mainstay Trek writers are given the opportunity to explore a place where No One Has Gone Before..Or so I had hoped.Instead, the Powers That Be decided to postpone I hope the launch of a new line of books set in this new timeline, and instead, give us a series of Teen oriented novels, exploring the early years of Spock and Kirk and Bones, when they were at Starfleet Academy together, of sorts Yeah in much the same way that they tried the same with a series of James Bond novels at the start of last decade Yes, folks, they Harry Potter ed the Star Trek universe So, what happens in this book Well, what starts out as an attack on an female Orion Cadet vbeg turns out to be an ongoing mystery dating back decades, involving The Doctor And yes, I am thinking the same thing What does a Time Lord need with a Orion Girl Luckily, this is a different Doctor and what they needed fr...

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