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[EPUB] ✻ Forbidden Fruit By Erica Spindler – Varanus.us
  • Paperback
  • 507 pages
  • Forbidden Fruit
  • Erica Spindler
  • English
  • 07 November 2017
  • 9780778303350

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    This is book was highly recommended by my cousin and when I mentioned on another account that I m finally starting, we decided to read it together The story is set in New Orleans, Louisiana Since 1917 the Pierron women have been born beautiful and cheap as in they are whores In 1959, Hope decides this life of darkness isn t for her, so she leaves her mother and her girls behind to become eight years later a lady of society married to Philip St Germaine, everything she has been relying on to change her fate comes crashing in 1967 when she gives birth to a beautiful baby girl that looks exactly like all the women in her family The girl s name is Glory and as much as her father loves her, Hope can t stand seeing her and tortures her every moment she can In another part of town, young Victor Santos is 15, when Glory was 12 he is happy, normal, loves his mom, though she s a stripper and a whore, but can t imagine his life without her His life changes drastically and fate makes him meet and live with Lily Pierron, Hope s mother.Honestly, I don t understand why didn t Philip put Glory in a boarding school in England or New York when things got so bad so she would grow away from her mother s poisonous influence He would have given her a chance The first part of the book keeps reminding me for some reason of Pretty Bab...

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    Forbidden Fruit by Erica Spindler 5 starsThis is the story of the Pierron women and their shadowy past, and the affect that past has on the lives of the ones who are still alive Forbidden Fruit takes you into the world of sultry New Orleans, to the home of Lily Pierron, a legendary madam, like her mother and grandmother before her What is different now is that Lily wants a different life for her own daughter, Hope, and she makes sure that Hope has the best education that money can buy She even goes as far as setting up an entire new identity for her daughter However, unbeknown to Lily, Hope cannot wait to get out of her mother s house, and she embraces this new identity with the intention of leaving all of her past behind including her mother.Hope, who is beautiful, smart, and talented, fits into high society quite well, despite the darkness that torments her from time to time She met the man of her dreams, Phillip St Germaine III, owner of a well established hotel, The St Charles They married and were happy until Hope gave birth to a baby girl She had been hoping to break the Pierron women s curse, by having a boy Hope refused to h...

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    This is Erica s first novel It s a bit long in three parts and it deals with family secrets, revenge and love Nonetheless, it s a good read to get hooked into her work This deals with the St Perrons, an aristocrastic rich family in New Orleans of three generation, each having a daughter of their own It focus on Lily, Hope and Glory, when it s mainly Glory s POV of trying to defy the od...

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    This book was a wild ride from start to finish Not for those of weak constitutions

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    I came across this book in my mother s bookshelf over the summer before my sopho year in high school I didn t know what to expect except the cover with the snake and apple along with the quick summary on the back ensnared me I loved a good story that carries itself back and forth thru history as this book did with each generation of the Pierron women I found myself reading this book over again within the next 2 years Years later, I...

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    I was blown away by this book, and will be looking for all of her other titles A Romance with enough mystery to keep you turning the pages Highly recommended.

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    3.5 Stars There is something happening to my wiring in regards to my reading I having a bit of a 20th century renaissance, in a way I am so bored with certain aspects of modern book publishing, the authors especially Their rather crass way of exploiting their readers with never ending series of mediocre books, their inability to accept the adage just because you can, doesn t mean you should just because you can now self published at the click of a mouse doesn t mean you have the talent to do so And I seem to be shrinking my expectation, my imagination, my discernment alongside them So it is not surprising that I find myself drawn to reading Erica Spindler s early books, she reminds me of the books I read when I was young, when plot was all and grammar was worth a damn Forbidden Fruit is a story of trying to outrun your demons, of reinvention, of nature verses nurture and the regenerative power of love For generations Pierron women have been lauded for both their beauty and for how they made their living In 1959 Lily Pierron packs her only daughter, Hope Pierron, off to boarding school hoping to remove her and further protect her from the stigma of her family s business Little does she know that that would be the last time she was ever to interact with her daughter again, for Hope s hatred for h...

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    The pierron family of New Orleans have a notorious past, and this story focuses on Three very different women of the family and a young man taken in by Lily It is often sad and at times I wanted to shake Hope But what really frustrated me was the quick unremarkable sol...

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    What can I say another excellent book, by Erica, on to the next

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    I really really hated the mother in this book She was a character that was not redeemable for me, no matter what Some aspects of this I found a little unbelievable as far as character reactions to situations but overall I did enjoy the story.

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