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On the Prayer of JesusPDF Epub On The Prayer Of Jesus Author Ignatius Brianchaninov Vinoschilenos.eu Thousands Have Fallen In Love With The Anonymously Authored Book The Way Of A Pilgrim The Account Of An Ordinary Man S Encounter With The Eastern Orthodox Christian Practice Of The Jesus Prayer, Which Consists Of The Constant Repetition Of The Short Phrase, Lord Jesus Christ, Have Mercy Upon Me Here Is The Perfect Introduction To This Life Changing Practice, As It Was Taught By One Of The Great Spiritual Lights Of Russia Bishop Ignatius Brianchaniov 1807 1867 Provides Wise Instruction And Advice Covering All Aspects Of The Practice, From How To Get Started, To Approaching Difficulties That Arise, To Dealing With Friends And Family Who Don T Get What You Re Doing, To Making This Prayer Also Called The Prayer Of The Heart The Foundation Of Your Life.

[ Download ] ➶ On the Prayer of Jesus Author Ignatius Brianchaninov – Varanus.us
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • On the Prayer of Jesus
  • Ignatius Brianchaninov
  • English
  • 20 May 2018
  • 9781590302781

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    This book is the most secure introduction to Hesychasm for beginners Bishop Ignatius speak from personal experience, knowing all the most common mistakes and the deceitful beliefs that can leak into the mind of the inexperienced He quote the best of most sources like St John Climacus or the philokalia while avoiding the confusing parts.The only thing I didn t like is a few points where he ...

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    This book is pitched as something you can read if you want to learn how to do hesychastic prayer or the Jesus Prayer However, despite being referred to on the actual cover as an ideal guide to the practice of the Jesus Prayer, you quickly learn that this book is mostly a lot of rambling and very little actual advice Of the advice given, a good portion essentially tells normal lay people, who are not in monas...

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    Written in the mid nineteenth century, this is not a typical 20th or 21st century spiritual self help kind of book, although the subtitle is The classic guide to the practice of unceasing prayer as found in The Way of a Pilgrim Very repetitive, this is nonetheless a valuable book for anyone interested in getting into theological and practical detail about the Jesus Prayer Idefinitely would recommend The Way of a Pilgrim as a first stop, and if that doesn t interest and inspire a reader, then I wouldn t think this would be of much use Brianchaninov at one point suggests that pursuit of the Jesus Prayer is a call than one among many options whether that s accurate or not, this would seem to be slightly advanced material.One of the most interesting aspects of this book was, for me, reading it after Irina Tweedie s Daughter of Fire and seeing some very interesting comparisons with her discussions of kundalini energy, vibrations, and the Sufi la illallah practice repeating the name of God devotionally, I think , and this book s descriptions of possible responses to a deep and intense practice of the Jesus Prayer That bears detailed reading, but nevertheless, although I m sure Brianchaninov would be horrified at the idea, there are many aspects that are quite congruent with mystical paths of other traditions After all, the person practicing is seeking union with Christ, for which pure attention and presence are required.The things that made it tiresome at ...

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    A good book for Orthodox Christian laity on the Jesus Prayer.

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    A two star rating for lay people and probably a five star for monastics The last five pages were practical and helpful, and there were some golden nuggets scattered throughout, but I did not find the rest of the book a tool I can use.

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    Incredibly boring Repeats itself over and over.

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    Very helpful book The first half is better than the second half.

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    Highly recommended for those sincerely seeking to understand and practice the Jesus Prayer.

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