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[Ebook] ↠ My Family, The Jacksons Author Katherine Jackson – Varanus.us
  • Paperback
  • 226 pages
  • My Family, The Jacksons
  • Katherine Jackson
  • English
  • 09 March 2017
  • 0312923503

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    Michael is amazing I m not saying that because he s my son I really do find him that way When he is with a celebrity, he grows up to their age But then he has his candy store and his doll collection, and he rolls around on the floor with his nieces and nephews as if he were a child He s young He s old As I said, he s amazing Katherine Jackson is her children s biggest fan That s what the first and last thought that stayed in my mind while and after I finished reading her only autobio Michael is amazing I m not saying that because he s my son I really do find him that way When he is with a celebrity, he grows up to their age But then he has his candy store and his doll collection, and he rolls around on the floor with his nieces and nephews as if he were a child He s young He s old As I said, he s amazing Katherine Jackson is her children s biggest fan That s what the first and last thought that stayed in my mind while and after I finished reading her only autobiography They made her proud However, what snoticeable is her relationship with her son, Michael Although, she might deny that she has any favorite child but it is so obvious reading these pages that he holds a very special place in her heart.The front cover of this book is an inviting photo of the whole Jackson clan minus La Toya , and the back cover is a photo of Katherine with Michael.The book opens with lovely comments from Katherine s children in which each one except La Toya says something about his her mother Michael being his extra loving self, he presented her with a long poem which he wrote specifically for her This heartfelt poem is also included in his book, Dancing the Dream Poems and Reflections Katherine also offers over 24 intimate family photos.The book s prologue is a clarification on where does the family stand regarding the whole La Toya s situation back in the time when she broke away from her family and married her then manager Jack Gordon and both they launched what seemed like a smearing campaign against the Jacksons But by then Jack Gordon has done a great job of brainwashing LaToya, because she refused to believe anything negative about his past or his motives, and nothing I nor her brothers and sisters could say would persuade her to return home to us Mixed in with my rage at Jack Gordon was a feeling of guilt Maybe I sheltered my children too much, I ve thought many times since, and not educated them enough about sharks out there waiting to take advantage of them for their own financial gain Katherine JacksonShe sums up in Chapter One her somewhat tough childhood due to Katherine s parents divorce, which forced her to be separated from her mother and sister She writes about the traumatic experience that she went through when her mother had to kidnap her Katherine was a dreamer and she dreamed of becoming the biggest country singer when she was a kid Of course, I never did make history by becoming the first black country music star There was something holding me back polio, she explains She writes of her fascination with Joe Jackson at first sight, he literally took my breath away She briefs Joe s upbringing, their quick courtship, marriage, her first child s birth, and the break up of Joe s band.Chapter Two is all about the Jackson children Katherine describes each child s birth and personality briefly except for Michael, she goes on to delineate about his birth, personality, talent s , and mischievousness in abundance Katherine also gives each of her children space to put their inputs about certain events which gives the reader a wider perspective.Katherine and Joe methods of upbringing nine children is discussed in Chapter Three She also speaks against Joe s ways, I also strongly disapproved of one other method of Joe s scaring the children to make a point.The Jacksons road to Motown, how they made it to history and the adjustment to their new lives all are discussed in Chapter Four, Five, and Six.Chapter Seven goes into Michael as a fourteen year old teenager He was now quieter,serious, andof a loner, writes Katherine.The Jackson 5 departure from Motown and the struggle that the family faced are portrayed in Chapter Eight.Chapter Nine outlines the emerging of Michael Jackson as a solo artist with Off The Wall and the opposing he faced from his peers in the music business and the media Regarding the media, Michael s dream had been for a while cover story in one orof the consumer magazines He even phoned various magazine editors himself to pitch his story But he didn t receive any offers I ve been told over and over again that black people on the cover don t sell our magazines, Michael fumed to me one day Mother, just wait Someday these same magazines are going to be begging me for an interview In Chapter Ten, Katherine tells her side of the story regarding Joe s infamous infidelity I m not going to pretend that suddenly everything was the way it used to be between Joe and me Because it wasn t, she writes.Randy s near death experience and his recovery is reported in Chapter Eleven along with Triumph album and tour.Chapter Twelve details Michael s spectacular success with Thriller, including his mind blowing Motown 25 performance, and how he managed to break all records and barriers.The whole mess that surrounded the Victory tour is summarized in Chapter Thirteen including the unfortunate Pepsi incident Michael, it turned out, had suffered second and third degree burns on a palm sized area of his scalp His doctor felt that Michael was quite fortunate that his injuries weren textensive They surely would have been if the sparks had also ignited his costume, the physician said Dr Hoefflin began treating Michael with antibiotics and analgesics Michael was in emotional as well as physical pain He didn t feel that the accident would have happened if proper safety precautions had been taken The two nearest flash bombs, he learned, had exploded only two feet away on either side of him Chapter Fourteen is my favorite from the whole book It details the remodeling of the Encino family home, as Michael had offered to pay for the new construction, his touches abound I chuckled many times reading it because of Katherine and Michael constant humorous interactions This chapter sums up Michael at home While Michael loved relaxing with his pets, he also enjoyed playing the host By then he dor less given up on making friends his own age More andhe was drawn to people younger and older than himself Chapter Fifteen focuses on Janet while Chapter Sixteen focuses on Michael s Bad Era.Chapter Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, and Twenty recap the family members positions and developments, including La Toya She also refutes the tabloid s lies about Michael and her family.My heart actually ached when I read the part in which Katherine warmly states, I wish for a reunited Jacksons I wish that Michael and Marlon would consider rejoining the group, if only on a part time basis For old time s sake For my sake And I dream of a reunited Jackson family If one is familiar with the Jackson family or is a hardcore Michael Jackson fan, the information within this book won t be found as new or significant However, the outstanding element of this book that it is a mother s point of view, and Katherine is rarely biased about her views The book is fairly a small one and can be devoured in around two sittings It is entertaining and engrossing I couldn t put it down.Check the following if you re interested in readingbooks by the Jackson family members 1 Moonwalk by Michael Jackson2 La Toya Growing Up in the Jackson Family by La Toya Jackson3 Starting Over by La Toya Jackson4 You Are Not Alone Michael Through a Brother s Eyes by Jermaine Jackson5 True You A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself By Janet Jackson6 Jackson Family Values Memories of Madness by Margaret Maldonado Jackson Ms Maldanado stated in her own memoir, Jackson Family Values Memories of Madness, that Jack Gordon did approach the Jackson family with a deal to hand him 5 million in an extortion attempt to not release this book which they flatly refused

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    One thing that stood out for me from this book was Mrs Jackson s relationship with her son Michael She shared how he was a very determined and focused young man She said that one that he kept his room immaculate for one year but after that he went back to messy I loved her sharing that aspect of Michael She shares little nuances about her family that will make you smile.I read the book when it first came out so I definitely need to dig out my copy and reread it

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    This book is very old, but I love MJ and am finding it FASCINATING to learn the truth about the rise of the Jackson 5, how they got started and to get a glimpse, from mom s point of view, as to what Michael was like as a child and how they lived Love it, though written as snippets of recollections not one story.

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    As a mother of 9 I was disappointed that the book only had 62 pages I have 8 kids, 2 stepkids and 8 grandsons and I could writethan 62 pages on just 1 of my children or grandchildren Very minimal content and reading.

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    An interesting, an honest look, into the lives of the Jackson family written by the matriach of the family Perhaps this book is not as juicy as some people would like, but I think it is a good foundation for beginning to understand some things about this family.

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    I gave this book a low rating because it didn t really grab my attention I loved all the pictures though.

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