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Pop Culture by the Numbers What Makes Something Iconic Is Immeasurable However, Once Entrenched In Our Culture, The Finer Points Of These Cultural Touchstones Become Fascinating Who Doesn T Want To Know The Number Of Children Interviewed To Find The Kids Of The Brady Bunch 464 The Weight In Pounds Of The Braille Edition Of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows 12 How Hot The Floorboards Of A Car Get During A NASCAR Race 170 Degrees Or The Length Of Each President S Nose On Mt Rush 20 Feet

[BOOKS] ✭ Pop Culture by the Numbers  ✷ David  Hoffman – Varanus.us
  • Hardcover
  • 207 pages
  • Pop Culture by the Numbers
  • David Hoffman
  • 01 March 2017
  • 9781603761055

    10 thoughts on “[BOOKS] ✭ Pop Culture by the Numbers ✷ David Hoffman – Varanus.us

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    The numbers and the topics alone in the book land it on the conspiracy shelf I must sayI LOVE THIS BOOK I love this book so much in fact that the DIY redneck inside of me thought it would a great idea to blow a twinkie up in the microwave after reading it only took 45 seconds for a twinkie to pop in the microwave Why not Lets do it Awwwww the smell of burnt unpopped twinkie filled the air.This book is filled with a lot of fun numbers Things you will never need to know unless you plan on going on a game show, but its fun to sit and read these number and get a great Santa Claus belly laugh out of a few of these Heck, I ve even cited this book a few times in papers I have had to write for a few of my college class s This little book is perfect in every way I don t think there is anything thi...

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    Fun little book I read it out loud to my husband Interesting number facts on Star Wars, Legos, The Gap, Motown, etc Definitely worth the quick read that it is.

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    Fun look at several topics that range from Hitchcock s Psycho to Cher to Mount Rush to Play Doh to the VW Beetle Each topic is given about 8 10 interesting facts with Elvis and Marilyn Monroe getting the most coverage A fun read about an hour and a must for any trivia fans.

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    i love this book because it has alot of facts on old things in pop culture and that are still popular in present day i would say fact wise 10 10, content wise 8.5 10

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    I thought the book was really interesting and I could read it again.

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    A quick and interesting read.

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