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Lottie Saves the DolphinsRead Lottie Saves The Dolphins Author Heather B Moon Oknalubliniec.eu It S Carnival Time On The Beautiful Island Of Canario Bonito Come Join The Party Let S Have Some Fun However You May Think It S Cool To Swim With Dolphins At A Waterpark Lottie Saves The Dolphins Will Change Your Mind Imagine A Life Of Captivity Lottie Lovall International Investigator Is On A Mission She Discovers A Sad, Lonely Dolphin At Canario Zooland Something Is Horribly Wrong Lottie Must Put Her Detective Skills Into Action Splash Is A Young Bottlenose Dolphin Who Loves To Perform In The Atlantic Olympics With His Family The Power Pod But He Should Have Listened To His Brother S Sonic Warning Sounds Shallow Bay Is A Dangerous Place For Young Dolphins Then It Happens.WHOOSH Splash And His Brother Flip Are Gone Will They See The Power Pod Again, EVER Lottie Saves The Dolphins Is A Fast Paced Adventure Story With An Important Message For Everyone Children And Adults Will Enjoy Their Imaginative Journey To The Beautiful Island Of Canario Bonito.

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    Lottie Saves the DolphinsA fun book with an important message for every animal lover Lottie Lovall International Investigator is on a mission She discovers a sad, lonely dolphin at Canario Zooland Something is horribly wrong Lottie must put her detective skills into action Splash is a young bottlenose dolphin who loves to perform in the Atlantic Olympics with his family.You may think it s cool to swim with dolphins at a waterpark Lottie Saves the Dolphins will change your mind Lottie Saves the...

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