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Social Media Risk and Governance Download Social Media Risk And Governance By Phil Mennie Contra Saustall.eu In A Recent Survey, 71 Percent Of Executives Polled Said Their Company Was Concerned About The Possible Risks Posed By Social Media, But 59 Percent Do Not Perform A Social Media Risk Assessment.This Book Is A Comprehensive, Practical Guide To The Components And Considerations That Make Up A Social Media Governance Strategy, Spanning Both External Communications Channels Such As Facebook, Twitter And LinkedIn, As Well As Enterprise Social Networks Within An Organization.Phil Mennie, PwC S Global Social Media Risk And Governance Leader, Addresses Key Issues Such As Policy Evaluation And Planning, Information Security And Fraud Risks, How To Respond To A Crisis And How To Archive Data The Book Empowers Professional Users Of Social Networks To Collaborate With Their Compliance And Risk Management Counterparts, And To Harness The Power Of Social Media Safely And Successfully For Their Organization.

!!> PDF / Epub ☉ Social Media Risk and Governance  ✩ Author Phil Mennie – Varanus.us
  • Paperback
  • 230 pages
  • Social Media Risk and Governance
  • Phil Mennie
  • 06 October 2019
  • 9780749474577

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    There is risk to almost everything in business and social media is no exception, so here is a book that promises to help the reader manage such risks within their enterprise.It certainly is a different take on a familiar theme, as too many social media books tend to gloss over or downplay the risks other than the likelihood of getting a negative press Doing social media need not be burdensome, yet it can be wise to have some ground rules in place It is not just a case of watching what you say some communications might arguably be market sensitive and thus the whole panoply of disclosure requirements become relevant Make a mistake Maybe it is not enough to delete it you might need to delete it yet retain a copy Especially if lawyers or regulators get involved.So this book was quite a welcome, refreshing read and not at all dry and fusty as you might imagine by its title The author takes you carefully through the whole process, from analysing potential risk and planning your social media interactions to practical issues such as what to do when problems strike The text is backed up by real world examples from many top international companies.Clearly there ar...

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    The most formidable barrier to a business achieving a successful social media presence is the lack of a risk reduction plan Because there are so many stakeholders with differing agendas, the lack of a social media governance strategy can turn a small error into a major crisis.Risk reduction is much than responding to negative comments on consumer opinion sites such as Yelp Minnie s new book Kogan Page, 37.95 is a comprehensive guide to formulating and constructing a set of policies and tools for handling risks in five areas Reputational, Information Security, Operational, Financial, and Regulatory Compliance Using case studies and best practice results, many of which have been discussed in my blogs, the book identifies the ways stakeholders can respond to information security breakdowns, fraud, marketing blunders, crisis incidents, data theft, and the lack of compliance with regulatory requirements It is gratifying to see Mennie s agreement that proper moderation is one of the most successful ways of reducing risk.Occasionally, Mennie spends ...

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    This is a business handbook attempting to find the balance between companies harnessing social media for their own advantage and locking it down while alienating their millennial employees It assumes the reader has only a vague idea what Twitter is, which may well be the case for their target audience The best part for me, reading it shortly after the Target Troll and Target s inspired response was the case studies of ...

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    I really enjoined this book, it wasn t dry like most business books are but in fact it was pretty entertaining, especially some examples and it does get you thinking The days when social media was only used occasionally and in a spare time are long gone Its ever...

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