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Storm Justice Ebook Storm Justice By Pamela Cowan Bystricepodhostynem.eu Storm McKenzie Still Bears The Scars Of A Childhood Trauma, But Refuses To Carry Her Past Into The Present As A Probation Officer She Treats Her Clients With Consideration In Love With Her Husband And Almost Overwhelmed By The Maternal Instinct And Protectiveness She Feels Toward Her Children She Is A Loving Wife And Good Mother In Fact, Storm Is Good At Everything She Tries Including Finding, Stalking And Killing The People She Believes Justice Has Failed To Punish Very, Very Good Vigilante Or Serial Killer You Decide.

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    Storm Justice was one of those books that kept me on edge I was pulled in from the beginning The storyline was intriguing and full of suspense The characters were quite interesting Storm had a hell of a past and I could understand, to a point, as to why she did what she thought needed done Tom was an absolute model husband Howard was a means to an end, sort of He should have never been trusted The only issue I had with this book was the editing it ne...

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    What does a mother do when she is incensed with rage over the mistreatment of children She become a serial murderer, of course She, Storm, is a court official, so she sees many of these monsters She and her partner, who enjoys the process of torturing any person that mistreats a child a little too much, find those she believes deserve to be fatally punished Is she it out for justice, she thing thinks so, but is she fooling herself And her partner Well, like i said, he just enjoys this way...

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    Vigilante in a skirtIf you re a fan of the show Dexter, then this will be right up your alley Storm is a reflection of our justice system gone by the wayside Many of us would live take matters in our own hands We just haven t the mind to do it This is fast paced roller coas...

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    I had to keep stopping to catch my breath.A gripping novel I had to keep stopping to catch my breath before I could go on Oh, dear God, what s going to happen next I m too old for this kind of excitement Already ordered Storm Vengeance I guess I m not too old, yet.

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