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Tall, Dark and WantedTall, Dark And Wanted Author Morgan Hayes The Man She Couldn T ForgetPolicewoman Molly Sparling Remembered Everything About Mitch Drake His Wild Eyes And Low, Sexy Voice, His Touchand That They Had Parted Badly Now Mitch, A Protected Witness, Was Missing And Presumed Dead.Molly Refused To Believe It And Though Duty Demanded She Track Him Down, She Feared That Coming Face To Face With Mitch Again Might Be Than Her Heart Could Bear With A Killer Shadowing Their Every Move, She Had To Convince Mitch To Return To Protective Custody And Testify But Mitch Didn T Want Protection He Wanted Molly.

Download ☆ Tall, Dark and Wanted By Morgan Hayes –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 249 pages
  • Tall, Dark and Wanted
  • Morgan Hayes
  • English
  • 24 September 2019
  • 9780373225965

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    Another roman with suspense in it This one is well written I liked reading it a lot and couldn t put it away, since I wanted to know what would happen next.I didn t see this leak coming at the police, but discovering it, it did make sense I am looking forward to read from this writer.

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    January 2, 2001Superromance author Morgan Hayes crosses over to Intrigue with Tall, Dark and Wanted When the safe house he was staying in is bombed, witness Mitch Hayes goes on the run His first love, Officer Molly Sparling, is the only one who can find him Can she bring him in before the killers on his tail catch up to him Tall, Dark and Wanted is a book for those who love emotional, action packed romantic suspense I liked how it was the heroine who was the police officer, not the hero, a nice twist on the expected Mitch is also not a cowboy, despite what the cover art makes it look like he s an architect , and Molly isn t a weak, vulnerable heroine She s a strong, capable woman who can take care of herself That doesn t mean Mitch is weak either He s smart and tough minded, and he and Molly make a great pair.Although the solution to the mystery is obvious and the villain s identity clear, Hayes provides good action sequences and exciting moments to ...

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    Terrible SpoilersThe guy is such a jerk and I didn t even want them to end up together They were childhood loves and when he goes away to collage she doesn t fit in his new future as a architect He meets a new girl at collage and dumps the heroine New girl fits the life he wants She s not a tomboy like his childhood love This is told in boring flashbacks in the first part of the book So he married new girl who he says loved times than I wanted to hear but admits he really was still in love with heroine The whole time Dead wife right before they married found the love letter heroine had written him when they were together and she still married him even though he knows she suspected he was still In love with his ex I find old love letters a guy is saving I wouldn t marry the jerk His wife is killed by a mob guy and he s on the run after the sage house he s in blew up Heroine is a cop now goes after him to save him and get him testify against mob...

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