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Beginning (PAVAD: FBI Romantic Suspense, #0.25) Reading Beginning PAVAD FBI Romantic Suspense, 0.25 By Calle J Brookes Ls17.eu Agent Jasmine Len Was Than Just The Assistant To The Deputy Director, She Was His Right Hand Woman No One Knew About The New Division Of The FBI She And The Director Were Creating That Knowledge Made Her Than Just An Assistant It Made Her The Next Target And Only One Man Can Protect Her Now Agent Dakon Royal Was Fiercely Loyal To The Deputy Director, And He D Do Anything To Keep The Director And The Director S Beautiful, Intriguing, And Maddening Personal Assistant Safe From The Traitor In The Division S Midst.

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    Beginning Prequel Novella PAVAD FBI Prevention Analysis of Violent Acts Division 0.25 by Calle J Brookes Short enjoyable read.

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    except for some details about the planned PAVAD program this can be read as a standalone novella

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    Plot 4 5Characterisation 3 5Prose 3 5How much I enjoyed it 3 5

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    Interesting novella This prequel should d definitely be read before book one It provides Insight into how PAVAD came to be, about Agent Jasmine Len and her relationship and value to director Edward Dennis, as well as get blooming relat...

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    I received this e book free fromand I am voluntarily writing an honest review Jasmine Len FBI and personnel assistant to Deputy Director Ed Dennis call Dakon Royal FBI when an attempt was made on both of their lives one night Together Dakon and Jasmine work to catch the culprit and protect deputy director while flirtting with their mutual attraction What I do not...

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    Unfinished The story had potential, but felt rushed and incomplete The ending was extremely unsatisfying It cut off rather abruptly, in a really odd way, like the author just forgot to finish that chapter.

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    This was a great short read, this is the first time I have read a book by this author and I was great pleased.The writing is great, the characters are awesome, cant wait to read the rest of the books in this series.

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    Not a book A short storyIf you enjoy the PAVAD series, this is a basic couple of chapters describing some problems getting the unit set up There is actuallysexual harassment verbiage than story line Not worth buying.

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    Great It s definitely a shorter story, but it s still good.

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    Great BeginningsWhat a great start to this series Len is protecting the director but find herself with a fellow agent who she finds very attractive.

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