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Vegas (Burnout, #4.5) Download Vegas Burnout, 4.5 Author Dahlia West Diclofenac16.us When Abby Raines Moved To Rapid City, South Dakota She Was Gambling For A Chance To Live Out Her Dreams She Hit The Jackpot And Now Has The Swankiest Hotel And The Hottest Boyfriend In The State, But She S Still Not Completely Satisfied She S Doubling Down On A Future With The Only Man Who Makes Her Weak In The Knees When She S Not Kneeling On Them , The Only Man She D Ever Call Sir Warning Light On Kink, Heavy On D S, M F, F F, F M F, Group Sex, Voyeurism If You Liked Tex Burnout 2 You Ll Like Vegas Burnout 4.5 If You Did Not Like Tex , Vegas Is Just Of The Same Vegas Is A Standalone Story And Does Not Need To Be Read In Order To Enjoy The Rest Of The Series.

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    I ve read a few BDSM romances but these 2 in this series honestly had things I ve never read in one of them This was pretty short and unfortunately just wasn t my cuppaI have no problem with my h experimenting with ow within the BDSM lifestyle but it s a no no for my H In this case another woman helped Abby learn to deep throat Tex and she sucked his balls Then he fisted the OW To him it wasn t exactly sexual a lesson for Abby, for me however my man s ...

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    Tex and Vegas and Mark finally upset if the way Abby sees herself as not to sexy or measuring up to other women takes things up a notch Then Abby decided also she needs Great insight to an already great couple.

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    Still do not like Tex He takes to much advantage of Abby and pushes her boundaries to suit him, not caring how he humiliates her Making her have sex in front of people because she is uncomfortable and he s going to show her who is boss and of course Abby still has no self respect for herself, she thinks this is the only way a man will love her In the Tex book he treated her like a dog knowing she was new to his lifestyle, because she pissed him off What Dom does this to someone who does not know the rules Out of anger He broke her, she is beyond repair and this from a man who has a physc degree He is one sick SOB How do you love someone and do this to them Like letting other men see her She has a job where she needs respect and what if these men or women who watch this come in the Hotel and realize who she is I get must in this lifestyle keep a low profile but that 25% who get off on telling all don t Yea, Yea this life style is about keeping things q...

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    first read this series three years ago loved it then, still very much enjoying it this time round not so much mc but the guys are a brotherhood, the survivors of an army ranger team who faced the worst horrors of war, and their bikes are important to them they accept themselves as bikers but Shooter was brought up in a 1%er club and never wanted that particular conditioning but accepted the good of that lifestyle and encompassed it with his team on their return home a tight knit group that find strength and give strength to each other.lots of triggers for various types of abuse so those who are affected by that type of storyline should avoid the series.great alpha males sassy, quirky females who have great inner strengths romances you can t help but ...

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    Warning BDSM theme again Couple of things about this book The cover would have been better suited for Hawk and Tildy although I understand why she used it Secondly, this book was hot and cold for me as I hoped it would be about her background but it wasn t It was getting her comfortable with her body, which Included a trip to a swingers club so she could watch and the she could be seen There...

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    3.5 starsNook freebie A quick little story which you can tell is apart of a series but still okay in my opinion to read alone.A couple quick scenes of sex in different venues with some toys, bondage and impact instruments, also anal plugs used A fem fisti...

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    Book 4.5 of Burntout by Dahlia West Abby Vegas is living her HEA with mark This book just continues from the last and just follows mark and Abby s submissive training This book is better then their main book Tex bec...

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    Love me some Ms WestThere are some things that I buy without thinking a bottle of Beefeater Gin, gas for my car, and anything by Dahlia West It s just a little snippet of Vegas and Mark, but it s good and it made me happy and, honestly that s all I need in my reading material.

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    SexyThis was a nice little added bonus to Tex and Abby s story It s hot and sexy I really like this series.

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    I actually liked this better than Tex, even though the author said it was of the same.

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