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The Dead Travel Fast (Ancient Gramarye #2) Download The Dead Travel Fast Ancient Gramarye 2 By Nick Brown Horsebackridingnorthcarolina.us When Archaeologist Steve Watkins Fled To The Greek Island Of Samos To Escape The Horror He D Unearthed At Skendleby, He D Hoped To Have Found Refuge But The Ancient Terror That Had Spawned At Skendleby Was Waiting For Him Across The Island An Enigmatic And Haunted Detective, Theodrakis, Is Baffled By A Series Of Brutal Ritual Killings Infecting The Island Like A Plague And Spreading Violent Anarchy Now The Fates Of These Two Men Will Be Drawn Together Against A Backdrop Of Mayhem, Fire And Violence They Begin To Uncover The Horrifying Cosmic Significance Of This Most Ancient Evil.

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    This isn t a bad read Certainly it felt accomplished than Skenderby yet, as I was reading The Dead Travel Fast I was constantly being pulled back to that earlier book which sets the scene so well, as it turned out.My criticism of Skenderby had been that the book had too many characters and flitted from the viewpoint of one to the other Here, Nick Brown focusses on just two the policeman, Theodrakis, as he tries to make sense of the horrible murders taking place on the island of Samos, and Steve Watkins, once again becoming enmeshed in whatever the forces were that he helped unleash at Skenderby The plot is much tighter and the book reads much better as a result.Not being a horror reader myself, I cannot escape the comparisons I could see with Count Dracula and his demon driver, and the torch bearing masses in Frankenstein but it would be unfair to leave it there this isn t a pastiche of those genres, this is s...

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    Archaeologist Steve Watkins has moved to the island of Samos He is trying to put the events that happened to him at Skendleby But when a series of ritualistic murders start happening around him it is clear that the evil has followed him Detective Theodrakis has his hands full with these murders Both men will be working together to figure out what is going on and try to stop it.This was an interesting read I loved the location and could tell that Steve was just trying to recover from what he went through a year earlier But of course when you awaken true evil it s not like you can just walk away from it I have to say that I really liked Theodrakis He has a past and thing happening in the present without all the supernatural killings to just make his life that troubled I have not read the fi...

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    Good follow up to Skendleby.Entertaining follow up to Skendleby but without the threatening , claustrophobic atmosphere of the first book.I thought Skendleby was a first rate horror story, whereas The...

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    Well drawn characters and a gripping plot, but somehow this felt over egged There seemed to be a lot of repetition of things that were meant to be sinister I d still quite like to read by this author though.

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    ExcellentA thought provoking, enthralling story Great read Excellent balance between the supernatural and natural and a really unusual twist or three

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    really struggled with this book, didn t like Steve and struggled with everyone being so stupid let s hope number 3 is better

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    Roughly a year ago, I reviewed Skendleby, a mindblowing archaeo horror mystery by archaeologist and author Nick Brown, for my archaeology based website Safe to say, I enjoyed this bok as much as the first Now I despise spoilers and I d hate to give away too many details of this novel s well weaved plot I ll do my best to tease the central story and fill you in on what kept me turning pages late into the night.The story picks up some time after the events of Skendleby Archaeologist Steve Watkins has relocated to the island of Samos, off the coast of Greece, in a last ditch effort to put the horrors of the previous year behind him Unbeknownst he s traded one mystical calamity for another As he soon learns, Samos is being plagued by a series of brutal ritualistic murders, which as you can imagine Steve is bound to become embroiled in Steve is joined by a cast of interesting new characters, as well as some old familiars Theodrakis, a detective working to solve the murders, is a new entry and shares the stage with Steve in this novel He s a tortured man facing an uphill battle with a supernatural foe and dastardly co workers Brown s characters are gritty and real, constantly drawing the short straw but never giving up Equally important is the island of Samos, which Brown proves he has an i...

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    Excellent This trilogy is a real gem of a find for me on As I live in Cheshire I m loving that local feel that adds to the terror Intelligently written, with vivid historical detail and vibrant rich characters that make the story so alive and real Just Excellent

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    This story was told exceptionally well I happen to love atmospheric horror and have read the great Victorian Gothic Horror novels I felt like I was reading a classic A classic that with modern plot devices and mann...

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    I m so glad to be done with this book Skendelby was so much fun, but The Dead Travel Fast was plain boring It did have a few moments, but I would skip this sequel.

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