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The Christian Family Ebook The Christian Family By Herman Bavinck Oknalubliniec.eu A Century Ago When This Book Was First Published, Marriage And The Family Were Already Weathering Enormous Changes, And That Trend Has Not Abated Yet By God S Power The Unchanging Essence Of Marriage And The Family Remains Proof, As Bavinck Notes, That God S Purpose With The Human Race Has Not Yet Been Achieved Neither A Ten Step Guide Nor A One Sided Approach, This Book Embodies A Christian Theology Of Marriage And The Family Accessible, Thoroughly Biblical, And Astonishingly Relevant, It Offers A Mature And Concise Handling Of The Origins Of Marriage And Family Life And The Effects Of Sin On These Institutions, An Appraisal Of Historic Christian Approaches, And An Attempt To Apply That Theology.Aptly Reminding Christians That The Moral Health Of Society Depends On The Health Of Family Life, Bavinck Issues An Evergreen Challenge To God S People Christians May Not Permit Their Conduct To Be Determined By The Spirit Of The Age, But Must Focus On The Requirement Of God S Commandment.

✰ The Christian Family  Epub ✶ Author Herman Bavinck – Varanus.us
  • Paperback
  • 188 pages
  • The Christian Family
  • Herman Bavinck
  • English
  • 10 July 2019
  • 9781938948145

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    I really enjoyed this book for several reasons First, Bavinck wrote 1908 as some of the great transitions in family life and society were taking place This included the movement away from an agrarian culture, the advancement of women s rights, increase in divorce, the allure of Marxism socialism, the industrial revolution, and the push of evolutionary theory This book gives you a window into the mind of a great Christian theologian during a period of drastic change Second, Bavinck sticks to principles while acknowledging that application can change For example, he notes that women are working in various fields He says that may be inevitable But then he goes on to say that women should obtain jobs that line up with their central vocation, being wives and mothers He also encourages women to be trained as housekeepers first and then in a vocation second In keeping with this idea, he says that once puberty hits women should be educated differently than men He keeps motherhood and being a wife at the center while acknowledging certain realities of modern life He also does a good job of acknowledging that sin exists in all ages and yet each age does bring unique challenges Third, there was a lot discussion of the state and society than one migh...

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    Too short and cursory, but a lot of good material is here for the taking Bavinck explains how the family is the first and most basic institution and that all other institutions ought to seek its well being There are...

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    Bavinck does a great job of describing the roles of men and women within the family unit as well as describe how the family effects and operates within society He lays out how our fallen society attempts to dismantle the family and how we can guard against those attacks In the end, he reassures the reader that, no matter how ...

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    Marriage was instituted so that the glory of the King would come to light in the multitude of his subjects Once it has attained this goal, marriage itself will pass away The shadow will make way for the substance, the symbol for the reality The history of the human race beg...

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    I preferred the first part of the book, which dealt with biblical theological issues regarding the family The latter part was interesting from a sociological perspective, but a little dated.

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    Outside of Bavink s, Reformed Dogmatics, this is the first book I ve read by him I appreciate his willingness to narrow in on a specific topic Which in this case is the family James Eglinton s introduction to this book is very insightful In it Eglinton connects Bavinck s organic motif, that is found all over his dogmatics, to his understanding of the Chr...

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    A good book giving an overview of a biblical theology of family in the Bible with the last two chapters discussing the relationship between family, society, and the state While some elements of this book pertain particularly to dutch society, the majority is still very useful for giving a biblical framework of the family, marriage, parenting, and the roles of husband and wife, rather than other...

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    I found the history of family in chapter five to be particularly enlightening.

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    Good, balanced theologically but slightly dated in its social application Still worth reading.

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