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Dancing with Maharaja - in IAS exam gullies Reading Dancing With Maharaja In IAS Exam Gullies Author Sundar Freeboooks.com Set In The Late 90s And The Millennium Year, Dancing With Maharaja Is About How Satish The Only Son Of Rajaraman, A Rich Liquor Shop Owner In Madurai And Rated Beyond Repair By All His School And College Teachers Much Against His Will Finds Himself In The Streets Of Old Rajinder Nagar Teeming With Tea Shops, Rooms On Rent, Book Stalls And IAS Coaching Institutes And What Is In Store For Him In The Demanding And Eventful Journey Of IAS Exams.Woven Around The Rigorous IAS Exam Schedule Of Prelims Mains Interview, The Story Captures The Life Style Of The Civil Service Aspirants And Explores The Myriad Hues And Shades Of All That Go Into Making The Steel Frame Of The Country.

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    The book was good but I think it belittles the preparation that an aspirant does to crack the exam Maybe Satish cracking the exam in the second attempt would have made sense.Nevertheless the book correctly describes the sacrifices that have to be made in order to clear the exam.

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    An Inspirational novel written by Sundar, a Civil Servant The story is about Satish, who was not at all interested on Civil Service He was pushed to the Civil Service Coaching gully of New Delhi by his father Sunderrajan, a wine shop owner at Madurai The Aspiration of...

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    Dancing With Maharaja, a fantastic debut novel by a prolific writer Sundar Every generation of fathers impose their dreams upon their progeny.Satish, the protagonist is also not exception, and he too ran after chasing his father s dream relinquishing his own ambitions The novel narrates the journey of a hopeless and pampered son of a rich liquor contractor to his achievement of becoming IAS The story is well written in lucid languages The readers nowhere feel boredom while the flowing in the storyline The beauty of the novel is that the author is in his own style and absolutely free from Chetan Bhagat effect which is prevalent in budding young writers of these days This novel of Sundar augurs well for abstaining from introducing sex or love making scenes just to prepare a saleable stuff The last scene of DWM reminds me a little bit O ...

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    An overly clich d book on Indian Administrative Services exam preparation that fails to impress The descriptions about the preparation phase are so generic that one could easily write a book on student struggle for JEE, NEET etc by replacing all IAS with JEE or NEET , and not ...

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    IAS aspirants will relate to every page of this novel.The challenge must be to write a novel based on civil service exams preparation that appeals to the common populace and this novel fails on that count.

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    although i am no way concerned with ias prep,the book could keep me gripped.its a routine filmy story with a fairy tale ending.But deep down it inspirres you in a strange way to achieve sumthing in life

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    An oversimplified view of the life of a UPSC aspirant The story is filled with cliches It maybe motivating for some, but nothing of real value here.

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