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Золотой теленокPDF Epub By Ilya Ilf Airdomains.co.uk Russian LanguageStol Ljubimye Geroi Zolotogo Telenka Vnov Vo Vsej Krase Predstanut Pered Svoimi Chitateljami Mechta O Dalekom Rio De ZHanejro I Belyh Shtanah Stanet Blizhe Ljubomu Bibliofilu, Stavshemu Vladel Cem Jetogo Podarochnogo Izdanija Populjarnejshego Romana I.Il Fa I E.Petrova, Kotoroe Izdatel Stvo Intrejd Korporejshn Adresuet Vsem Istinnym Knigoljubam.Prodolzhenie Zhiznennogo Puti Velikogo Kombinatora I Ego Grustnyj Final V Velikolepnyh Illjustracijah Dostavjat Vam, Uvazhaemyj Chitatel , Nemalo Prijatnyh Minut.

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    It s hard sometimes for a book or a movie to make me genuinely lol I was giggling so hard while reading Zolotoi Telenok, it deserves four, if not five stars just for that Ilf and Petrov are a very witty couple, and even though the narration and the language of their books seem light hearted, a lot of work has gone into making every little detail right And this book is full of quirky colorful little details of life and s in 1920s Russia I guess I m ...

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    gr mata man pusaud u gados kot j s tikpat augstu k Divpadsmit kr sli Iesp jams, pie vainas bija tas, ka padomjlaiku izdevum abas s gr matas bija atrodamas kop , iesp jams, ka man m joja priv t pa nieciskums Esmu oti iepriecin ts, ka izdevniec ba Zvaigzne ABC turpina izdot o padomjlaiku rom nu necenz t s versijas Man oti grib j s uzzin t, kas tad padomju varai ir licies r izme anas v rts Kur gan no mums negrib tu, lai Ostapa Bendera v rdiem run jot, piepild tos scen rijs atnes s naudu uz vja ar zilu mali u Es noteikti neatteiktos, no miljona nepavisam ne gr mata nav tikai par bl di Benderu, kur no otra t da pla a bl a izspie miljonu gr mata ir par Krieviju Nepa laikos ar vis m t laika aktualit t m T st sta par to so laika spr di, kad kolektiviz cija v l nav beigusies, past v priv t tirdzniec ba, valsts v l nav nostiprin jusi savu varu Par to, k os juku laikus izmanto cilv ki, lai iedz votos uz valsts r ina K dibinot viltus kooperat vus dab t valsts naudu un pa iem pazust zilaj s t l s Neuztraucaties, Benders ar ekonomiskajie...

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    Part political satire, part madcap adventure, part giant pun fest, The Golden Calf had me laughing out loud by the end of the first page and hooked until the end of the last Gurevich and Anderson offer a complete translation of the novel unlike earlier editions that left out entire chapters as a labor of love they are not full time translators and their long hours and sometimes days spent researching and deliberating over single words or phrases certainly paid off, as they have accomplished a rare feat that of successfully translating humor from one language and culture into another Consider the typewriter with a German accent, missing the S key zo that everything haz to be written with a Z inztead or poor Lokhankin, who is so distraught about his wife s leaving him that he goes on a hunger strike and can speak or whine pathetically, really only in iambic pentameter just two e...

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    Just like the first one in this series , the book was absolutely awesome In spite of the fact that it made me chuckle and even laugh out loud a few times, it is a very deep book that says a lot about human nature, the clash between collectiv...

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    Meraviglioso, ma anche triste un umorismo che sul finale vira tremendamente al Pirandelliano.Ritroviamo qui Ostap Bender, gi protagonista de Le dodici sedie, che tenta di sbarcare il lunario con ogni attivit possibile, purch elegantemente fuori dalla legalit La creativit di Ostap sembra infinita e la sua sicumera attira altri compagni di viaggio, improbabili quanto il nostro commodoro Il vitello d oro un libro on the road che ci fa attraversare l Unione Sovietica da nord a sud e contemporaneamente ci racconta il cambiamento della societ , che da borghese diventa proletaria Bender sa districarsi nella burocrazia e ha una finissima conoscenza dell animo umano, che lo porta al successo grazie all imitazione delle persone con cui interagisce Inoltre ha una sicurezza e una determinazione incredibili, che lo sostengono anche nel non desiderato finale Viene da chiedersi cosa avrebbe potuto ottenere se avesse scelto di impegare la propria intelligenza in un attivit legale Si ride molto nella prima met del libro Si ride meno nella seconda, dove le avversit costringono Bender a fare un bilancio della propria vita non proprio positivo Il grande impresario cresciuto, dalle dodici sedie, e forse maturato un po suo malgrado L obiettivo di realizzare un sogno di ragazzo viene poi assurdamente posticipat...

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    A comic Russian novel It s possible The Golden Calf by Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov is described as hilarious and raucous and I admit, I was skeptical The book was published in the early 1930s in the Soviet Union, first serialized over several years in a popular magazine Funny Maybe But I doubted that the humor would translate over eight decades to an English reader in the United States But it did This is a book that can be best described as a caper, featuring Ostap Bender, a larger than life con man who brings together a team of earnest but simple bandits to pull off his biggest haul yet In search of a secret millionaire secret because nobody could be publicly rich in this time and place they find Alexander Koreiko Koreiko lives as a humble, poor clerk in a corporation, but he has millions stashed away that he made through his own scheme a business fraud that took advantage of the Soviet Union s earliest and most chaotic years Koreiko plans to bide his time until socialism fails, capitalism returns, and he can enjoy his riches in peace That is, if Ostap Bender and his strategy of principled swindling doesn t take it from him first It s a fun plot, but what really takes the novel to the next level is the sharp satiric eye that the authors cast on every level of society Ilf and Petrov are ...

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    Neticami, ka o gr matu visp r at va public t padomju re ma laik , kur nu v l filmu uz emt Laikam jau ironija ir stipri l dz ga propagandai, viss atkar gs no skatupunkta oti interesanti bija palas t par laiku, kad tikai veidojas padomju re ms, kad cilv ki v l sti nav sapratu i, ka tas ir uz ilgu pali...

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