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Dance With The Devil: The Rolling Stones & Their TimesThis Title Is Not Just The Greatest Book About The Greatest Rock N Roll Band, It Is One Of The Most Important Books About The 1960s Capturing Its Zeitgeist That Uneasy Mix Of Excess, Violence And Idealism The Text Gives A History Of The Rolling Stones From Their Early Rhythm N Blues Days In West London Clubs To The End Of The 1960s.

[[ KINDLE ]] ❆ Dance With The Devil: The Rolling Stones & Their Times Author Stanley Booth – Varanus.us
  • Paperback
  • 552 pages
  • Dance With The Devil: The Rolling Stones & Their Times
  • Stanley Booth
  • English
  • 14 January 2019
  • 9780857863515

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    There is not, nor will there ever be, another book on The Rolling Stones that you can read five or even ten times and be rewarded, every time I know whereof I speak Ethan Russellposted 10 25 2012

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    Brilliantly constructed, explosive, masterful imagerythe best book on rock and roll I have ever read, and I have read far too many books on rock and roll Covering the Stones at their peak, the chapters alternate and tell two stories in one the odd chapters build up to Altamont, and the even chapters build up to the death of Brian Jones The book didn t come out until 1984, and by that point, the culture had so irrevocably changed and the rebellious relevance of the Rolling Stones that this book was never given the accolades it deserves Admiring but never fawning, The True Adventures is the documentary Cocksucker Blues with Nabokovian sensuality, and a real taste of how truly dan...

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    Sono sicuro che Stanley Booth avrebbe voluto intitolare questo libro Volevo essere Truman Capote o in seconda battuta Tom Wolfe invece sono nato con qualche anno di ritardo e mi tocca correre dietro a questi cinque stronzi , e s , perch il pennino del buon Booth intinto in quell inchiostro profumato di new journalism che insieme al jazz e al burro d arachidi l unica cultura originale d oltreoceano che riesce a dare odor di nuovo persino a storie che si son sentite mille e mille volte in fondo la materia fragile uno scrittore confederato in bolletta innamorato di Faulkner e del suono di Memphis e con un debole per dipendenze tossiche e groupie alla ricerca di un qualche anticipo sulla pubblicazione si unisce ai Rolling Stones nel loro tour di conquista dell America in una delle loro annate migliori, il 69 e a imbastire, non senza difficolt gli ci son voluti quindici anni per rimettere insieme migliaia di appunti e a cacciar via le malefiche scorie Jagger Richards uno dei cinque libri pi belli intorno alle pi popolare delle arti del secondo 900 In queste cose sempre lo sguardo che conta e qui lo sguardo fatto di camere di albergo, interni di macchine, sale da musica, ristoranti, sale prove, come una cinepresa che aspira all indifferenza della documentazione ma non riesce a scansare la malefica empatia siamo dalle parti del Cocksucker Blues di Robert Frank di pochi anni dopo o per restare nel campo delle parole dei dylaniani Diari del Rolling Thunder di S...

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    Reading about the Stones makes me feel like the hero of the French comedy Brice de Nice, a 30 something surfer who hangs around his waveless bay on the Mediterranean watching Point Break and waiting for the perfect swell Watching whoever is the latest craze on MTV doesn t help either the man made swells that power those stars are less awe inspiring than sad, conjuring visions of a time when things were different, picking away at the wound What the Stones did was to ride an uncontrollable wave from out of an unknown ocean, and any book about them that claims to be than a litany, a homage or just plain gossip should surely lead us to a greater understanding of the nature of that wave and that ocean Stanley Booth comprehends this challenge, but ultimately does little than describe or suggest the feeling at the centre the sense of time standing still as the wave curls around you Yeah, he was there he took the drugs and watched the days months years slip away But in a way his book feels like ...

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    After years of circling this thing, I have finally read the rock n roll book that makes all the rock n roll books look faint and puny No Almost Famous feel good picnics, no Hammer of the Gods tabloid sleaze Some thoughts we ll be here for awhile Author Stanley Booth hit the road with the Stones in 1969, and that tour is the central story, but he begins at the beginning These flashbacks, narrated mostly by Keith Richards and Ian Stu Stewart, put us right in the the cold, dirty apartments and tour buses of the band s early years and remind us that these blues purists and later jet setters were English The early gigs were basically a string of riots, played in those decaying pre war ballrooms Stu describes a Blackpool show crashed by Glaswegians spending all their dough on drink and looking for a fight in Germany they call them poison dwarves, Stu tells us Booth, who has a regional flair himself Jagger asks where to spend his mid tour break Eureka Springs in Arkansas, Booth tells him , app...

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    The author dominates the book so much you learn very little about the Rolling Stones that you couldn t read in a gossip column His version of the history of The Stones focuses on drugs and women than the music, a choice that may sell the book to the public but is hardly a fair assessment of The Stones contribution to musical history We hear Mr Booth whine about his contract, bitch about his life situation and about how many joint...

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    On Stanley Booth Rolling with the Stones on Waves of the Times This is less a formal review of Stanley Booth s now classic book, The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones, than it is a statement of appreciation for the same In fact, I can state at this time that my biggest criticism of the title, or at least of the edition I own, is that it lacks an index Having become the modern essential reference text on the Rolling Stones that it is, a reader can only hope that someone plans to publish an edition that contains one But for the time being I ll say this If you could arrange a chat over a cup of coffee or tea with a literary journalist from any given period such as Ralph Ellison, Truman Capote, Joan Didion, or Tom Wolfe about how they accomplished what they have as literary journalists, one thing might soon become clear a huge part of getting the job done was allowing whatever situation they were covering to swallow them whole As in mind, body, soul, and the bits and pieces of dreams and nightmares that held their lives together Apply that concept to the reality of Stanley Booth making his way through the giant waves of counterculture rebellion that swept over the 1960s and a profound mosaic of imagery emerges.For one, there is the ambitious writer with a distinct literary sensibility born and bred in Waycross, Georgia where the late great Ossie Davis attended high school lobbying in England, California, and ...

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    The Rolling Stones are very press savvy and have been for most of their career Jagger especially, has always been good at managing his public persona and giving the media titillation rather than depth Even co joined twin Keef often remarks in interviews that Mick is a very guarded and calculating guy, even to those close to him Keith himself is another master of the machine and has helped build his reputation as much on his well documented brushes with the law and pushing the boundaries of self inflicted abuse as on his manipulation of the media So then, Stanley Booth is given the opportunity to hang out with the band on their 1969 American tour and we are given what Booth got an insider s view of the band, albeit with all the distance, control, and double talk that Jagger, Richards, Watts, et al have mastered over the years Many have complained that this book doesn t offer enough exploration of the mechanisms that make these gentlemen tick, but that s the point No writer can The closest chance we have had is when Bill Wyman wrote his autobiography, but he cleverly did these guys sign some blood contract to not kiss and tell avoided gossip and back stabbing and stuck, rather painstakingly, to just the facts The bottom line is that a book about the Stones that will reveal what has heretofore be...

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    In the mid 60s Stanley Booth wrote apparently on spec a sensitively descriptive, narrative piece on Furry Lewis, the one legged Memphis bluesman, a piece that was not published until Playboy brought it out in 1970 but it seems by then to have been enough to secure Booth an agent, a 1968 assignment to go to London and cover the Rolling Stones, and ultimately, a book contract to tour with the Stones in the aftermath of the death of their bandmate, Brian Jones, and the free July 5, 1969 Hyde Park concert at which they memorialized him Booth s book is an account of traveling with the Stones in America from August 1969 to the December 6, 1969 date on which they offered a free concert at Altamont with the Flying Burrito Brothers, The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane CSNY a concert at which four people died, plus one, Meredith Hunter, murdered, apparently for dancing with his white girlfriend in the presence of the Hells Angels Booth continued to travel with the Stones for several years after this, but this book not published until 1984, under the dumb bunny title Dance With the Devil , while one half its chapters narrate in oral history the formation of the band, its growing popularity, and its legal troubles a...

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    I had the good fortune of finding this paperback in the Used Books for Sale section of the Evanston Public Library, shortly after getting my first ever root canal at my dentist, whose office is across the street from the library I paid a whopping 25 maybe 50 not much, in any case for it, and in terms of cost benefit analysis, it might be the best book I ve ever paid for No less an authority than Peter Guralnick who wrote the definitive two part biography of Elvis Presley Last Train to Memphis and Careless Love calls this book a masterpiece, and I agree.Though it wasn t published until the mid 1980s, this book focuses on the Stones 1969 tour, with some background exploration of the Stones history through the years leading up to Altamont Stanley Booth was embedded with the Stones for the tour and had exclusive access to them for this book access which the Stones probably never granted to another writer again Bo...

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