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    Jack Vance was to other science fiction writers as Radagast was to Gandalf a respected, if often misunderstood peer, worthy of respect but following his own rules and powerful in his own way.Vance created his Demon Princes stories in the mid 1960s, relating the quest of hero Kirth Gersen who avenges his people on the five criminals collectively the Demon Princes who destroyed them Gersen, the sole survivor, is fueled for revenge and each novel deals with his confrontation with each criminal This Kill Bill theme was carried out over five books and finished with The Book of Dreams in 1981.The Killing Machine deals with Gersen s pursuit of Kokor Hekkus, who kills people to stay alive from their body parts and whose fascination with a killing machine made me think of the Speed Racer episode with the Mammoth Car.Actually, this CLASSIC SF from the 60s makes me think that an anima...

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    4.5 stars This is the second book of the Demon Princes series and shows Jack Vance at his best A terrific, fun read Classic SF at its best.

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    First time in Swedish translationSecond time read in Orbit omnibus legimus

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    This series belongs to my absolute all time favorites I think I ve read these books ten times or and they are still interesting, great to read and fun For people who would like to try and start reading science fiction please choose something by Jack Vance.

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    A good example of why Jack Vance is one of my favourite authors.

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    ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.After successfully dispatching the first of his lifelong enemies in the previous novel, The Star King, Kirth Gersen now takes on the second of the five demon princes, Kokor Hekkus, aka The Killing Machine The Killing Machine is even fun than The Star King It s full of diverse characters, exotic venues, hilarious fashions, weird food, awesome architecture, and bizarre machinery Nobody outdoes Jack Vance for sheer inventiveness The plot moves rapidly and contains plenty of action and suspense.As with many of his novels, at the beginning of each chapter Vance imparts small amounts of background information in the form of excerpts from government documents, textbooks, popular sayings, magazine articles, planetary travel guides, etc This is a clever way to give us knowledge without relying on the much maligned info dump that s often endured in speculative fiction Sometimes these excerpts are just a fun way to let us know about some interesting aspect of a planet s environment, history or culture sometimes they re just an excuse for Jack Vance to say something sm...

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    The Killing Machine is the second novel in the five book series by Jack Vance called The Demon Princes It was first published as a novel in 1964 and is still in print My copy is 136 pages long, making it the shortest book in the series I read it several years ago and rated it a 4 but after reading it a second time I am rating it a 5 It remains my favorite of the first three books of the series This time Kirth Gersen is looking for the star king named Kokor Hekkus, one of the five star kings who killed his parents and destroyed his childhood home Kokor Hekkus means killing machine in the language on Hekkus s home planet of Thamber This is a reference to the horrific giant combat machines Hekkus commissions to be made, the latest one resembling a highly aggressive, giant alien creature While this war machine is being created Hekkus kidnaps some children of wealthy parents in order to raise revenue He takes them to the Interchange, a planet in the Beyond, where the hostages are confined until a ransom is collected It is something of a prison and banking intermediary that collects a commission ...

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    De Moordmachine van Jack Vance, ISB nummer 90 290 2018 0, vierde druk 1983, Uitgever Meulenhoff SF nummer 32 Tweede deel van de Duivelsprinsen reeks.Ik krijg wel bij het invullen van het ISB nummer de hit op Goodreads dat dit de Sterrekoning zou zijn.Eerste druk is van 1970, ook uitgegeven door Meulenhoff Copyright is vastgesteld in 1964 en oorspronkelijke titel is The Killing Machine, Berkeley Books New York.Vertaling door Mark Carpentier Alting en de omslag is van Tom Barber.Ook in dit geval De cover is van Tom Barber, ook maakt hele mooie illustraties en heeft een indrukwekkende lijst van cover art Hij is er even tussenuit geweest 1985 2005 en heeft toen weer zijn werk opgepakt.De volgende personages spelen een grote dan wel kleine rol in het boek Kirth Gersen, onze hoofdpersoon Kokor Hekkus, de 2e Duivelsprins Ben Zaum, IPCC Interwereld Politie Co rdinatie Compagnie Mr Hoskins, verwachtte misdadiger en contactpersoon van Kokor Hekkus Billy Windle, Hormagaunt Powel Darling, Sandusker Dolver Cound, Sandusker Ermin Strauk, Rob Castilligan en Hombaro Deze drie hebben 10 jaar geleden samengewerkt met Kokor Hekkus Rob Castilligan, ontvoerder van de kinderen van Duschane Audmar Augus Wey en Pyger Symsy, de kinderen van Ducshane Audmar De kindere worden in gijzeling gehouden op de pla...

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    I recorded all of Jack Vance s Demon Princes books in 50 55 minute episodes for Golden Hours, my local radio service for blind and reading impaired listeners Too bad I didn t make CD copies for myself, since the radio station broadcast the tape versions and then erased them too reuse.I guess I ll have to re record them for Golden Hours and this time keep a copy, since Jack Vance has a wicked and sardonic sense of humor that I really enjoy, and this series of books is his absolute best.I especially enjoyed the scam that the hero Kirth Gersen pulls in The Killing Machine to get millions of credits out of the hostage syndicate, and at the same time save the heroine from the villain, Kokor Hekkus The final page of The Face is priceless, the entire story is a build up to the last line, SPOILER ALERT DON T READ AHEAD IF YOU DISLIKE REVELATIONS There s a great ugly Darsh face over your garden wall, the face of Lens Larque, the villain, carved into the planet s moon by a sequenc...

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    The second in a series of five called The Demon Princes, this is 1960 s science fiction at its best Kirth Gersen s family and friends were killed by a group of five horrendously terrible men, and Gersen is on a galaxy wide rampage to track down and eliminate them, one by one In this instalment, his targ...

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