Download ☆ The Tale of Two Lovers (Library of World Literature) By Pope Pius II –

The Tale of Two Lovers (Library of World Literature)The Tale Of Two Lovers Latin Historia De Duobus Amantibus Written In 1444 Was One Of The Bestselling Books Of The Fifteenth Century, Even Before Its Author, Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini, Became Pope Pius II It Is One Of The Earliest Examples Of An Epistolary Novel, Full Of Erotic Imagery The First Printed Edition Was Published By Ulrich Zel In Cologne Between 1467 And 1470 The Novel Is Set In Siena, And Centers Around The Love Story Of Lucretia, A Married Woman, And Euryalus, One Of The Men Waiting On The Duke Of Austria After An Uncertain Beginning, In Which Each Is In Love But Unaware That It Is Reciprocated, They Begin A Correspondence, Which Takes Up Much Of The Rest Of The Novel Before Writing His First Love Letter, Euryalus Quotes Virgil In Defence Of His Position, Amor Vincit Omnia Et Nos Cedamus Amori A Pukka Classic From

Download ☆ The Tale of Two Lovers (Library of World Literature) By Pope Pius II –
  • Paperback
  • 76 pages
  • The Tale of Two Lovers (Library of World Literature)
  • Pope Pius II
  • 05 February 2017
  • 9781453853061

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    Now that s what I call an Introduction 173 pages in this book and the intro ends only at p.115 This is the intro to end all intros This introduction introduces so well that you will never need to be introduced to anything again The introductory words are the book Whatever Pope Pius II has scribbled down in the end shouldn t even be looked at it has been introduced so completely we don t even need to meet the words to understand them This introduction is the novel equivalent of Mayweather slowly entering the boxing ring with his entire entourage and 50 cent rapping his theme song for him while lights and sounds are dancing everywhere The intro has its own bibliography that would put even historical tomes to shame What could I possibly say about the intro that hasn t already been said a thousand times or 0 times on Goodreads It is a cultural landmark, a fountain of wealth, and a force not to reckoned with Theirs no rea...

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    I was curious about this epistolary novel one of the first of its kind for two reasons that Aeneas Piccolomini later Pope Pius II wrote it and because it is one of the most popular novels of the fifteenth century Its raunchiness has been exaggerated but for its time it was considered pretty racy Not quite what I expected but a pretty good read and from time to time, some sound advice And I like the concluding paragraph And now, my dearest Marianus, you have heard the out c...

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    I wonder if anybody would be interested in this if it was by a different author Hardly remarkable.

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