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Turtles All the Way Down❄ [EPUB] ✼ Turtles All the Way Down By John Green ➝ – Varanus.us Filled with dark humour and written with a beautiful simplicity that draws the reader in so deeply that it s not just the twist and turns but the gentle bends and curves that you feel tugging at your Filled with the Way ePUB ☆ dark humour and written with a beautiful simplicity that draws the reader Turtles All Epub / in so deeply that it s not just the twist and turns but the gentle All the Way PDF Ì bends and curves that you feel tugging at your emotions Daily Express Green shows us true love two teenagers helping and accepting each other through the most humiliating physical and emotional ordeals and it is far romantic than any sunset on the beach New York Times Book Review A novel of life and death and the people caught in between The Fault in Our Stars is John Green at his best You laugh you cry and then you come back for Markus Zusak bestselling author of The Book Thief The Fault in Our Stars takes a spin on universal themes Will I be loved Will I be remembered Will I leave a mark on this world by dramatically raising the stakes for the characters who are asking Jodi Picoult bestselling author of My sister s keeper and Sing you home.

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    Un peu long entrer dans l histoire au d but, mais personnages attachants qu on a plaisir d couvrir et suivre Plus on avance dans le livre, plus on aime, et la fin on regrette que l histoire soit d j finie Certes le sujet de fond n est pas l ger, mais on prend plaisir se poser des questions et comprendre leurs r flexions C est un bon sujet d ouverture sur les autres et de connaissance sur les troubles psychologiques, avec l espoir de l adolescence L enqu te est secondaire, c est avant tout une histoire d amiti et de famille On en ressort mu et grandi Bref je recommande

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    Le dernier John Green reste fid le a son style Ce n est pas le meilleur, mais j ai quand m me bien appr ci cette lecture

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    Tr s bon livre de John Green, l histoire est originale et captivante et les personnages attachants.

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    Un superbe livre, passionnant Et quoi de mieux que de pouvoir le lire en anglais La qualit d dition est irr prochable, je l ai re u en tr s bon tat et n ai pas put r sister l envie de le lire imm diatement

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    Seulement une phrase surlign e J aurai pr f r le savoir dans l annonce Mais cel valait sont prix.

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    Aza Holmes a bient t 18 ans, une meilleure amie bien plus bavarde et extravagante qu elle, et beaucoup de penses invasives Bient t, elle a galement une enqu te rsoudre sur la disparition d un milliardaire inculp pour corruption, et va devoir se confronter elle m me, son pass, et son futur Livre lu en VO Comme vous le savez peut tre, John Green est mon auteur prfr depuis maintenant plusieurs annes Alors videmment, depuis que j ai appris qu il allait sortir un nouveau livre 6 ans aprs Nos toiles contraires, je suis devenue trs impatiente de savoir s il allait russir se maintenir niveau Malheureusement, c est une petite dception pour ma part.Je referme ce bouquin avec une espce d impression d irralisme, en partie cause de l histoire et aussi des personnages en eux m mes Ils n taient pas aussi attachants que ce quoi je m attendais surtout aprs Nos toiles contraires et Qui es tu Alaska De plus, on m avait vendu ce livre comme une histoire d amiti profonde et ce genre de chose Du coup, je m tais attendu trs peu de romance et une amiti qui prend une grosse place, mais que nenni C est ma premire dception.En fait, ce livre est plus un assemblage des penses continues de l hro ne, sur un fond de romance et d amiti mlanges Pour ce qui est de l enqu te, encore une dception elle est trs vite noye Toutes les penses d Aza amne le lecteur rflchir sur pas mal de choses mais trop de rflexion tue la rflexion Au final, a para t forc, et quand on finit le bouquin, on n a pas l impression qu il s est pass tant de choses que a.Trop de romance, pas assez d enqu te, une amiti pas franchement folichonne ce n est pas vraiment ce quoi je m attendais.En revanche, il y a deux choses que l on peut accorder sans hsitation ce livre l criture, d abord, est toujours aussi bonne et fluide, m me en passant la VO j avais jusque l lu tout les livres de John Green en VF Ensuite, la description des troubles obsessionnels compulsifs de l hro ne paraissent extr mement ralistes on voit que a a aussi marqu l auteur, et par moment, a peut m me prendre aux trippes Je pense que a peut tre une bonne lecture pour les malades de TOCs et leurs proches, afin de les aider mieux comprendre.En conclusion, Tortues l infini est une lecture qui m a un peu laisse sur ma faim Loin d tre la hauteur de Qui es tu Alaska, elle a cependant le mrite de remplir une fonction pdagogique au niveau de la maladie mentale.

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    Le personnage principal de ce roman est une adolescente souffrant des TOCs Bien que ce fait ne soit pas l l ment principal de l histoire, ses r flexions permettent mieux comprendre ceux qui en souffrent Les autres personnages sont cr dibles et int ressants, ainsi que l intrigue.

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    If you know me, you ll know that I love John Green I adore all of his books and I m pretty much a walking clich for it So naturally, I ve been waiting for Turtles All the way Down for years like, literally yeas I ordered it the day it came out and a few days later, it was on my doorstep First of all I have to admit that I cried when I saw the special dust jacket cover which has a poster of all his most famous book quotes from his previous books So yeah, that happened But anyway onto this book I have a lot to say so I m going to review it a little different, in sections rather than one great big whack of writing.What s it about Turtles All the Way Down is about Aza and her best friend Daisy who discover that a billionaire in their town has gone missing Not only that, there s a huge reward for anyone who can help locate him And not only that, Aza used to be good friends with his son Aza and Davis become close and have to navigate through their relationship and their own issues, including Aza s severe OCD and mental health problems.StorylineAdmittedly, it wasn t the most riveting storyline in terms of action The billionaire storyline probably wasn t strictly needed but unlike so many others, I actually really liked it winding through the main elements which is firmly Aza s OCD and anxiety on that later I thought the missing billionaire element could have been a bit but I also understand that it was about Davis and his brother, Noah s reaction to their negligent, missing dad rather than the dad himself.Mental health AzaJohn Green did an amazing job with Aza Written from her point of view, you get a real, raw sense of what it s like being in the mind of someone with OCD Although I have anxiety, I don t have OCD nor do I know too much about it and the thought processes that people with the condition have on a daily basis But this book truly made me understand If you re one of those people that say something is, a little bit OCD then I would highly suggest you read this book because I guarantee you will stop saying something so insensitive after reading it It was heart breaking at times, seeing Aza s constant struggle with her own mind.It s quite obvious that Green went through extensive research for this character and her condition We ve all read books with mental health themes which weren t sensitive or accurate and generally just got it really wrong but John Green knows what he s doing, he understands and you can tell that straight away from this book He doesn t try and make Aza anything she s not She is what she is, thinks how she thinks and that s that, we take her or leave her but we re also led to sympathise with her and really feel for her as a character.CharactersAside from Aza who I ve gone in to, I absolutely loved Aza s best friend Daisy, she had such a huge personality and was probably my favourite character in the whole book she s the kind of person I d love to be friends with myself she also writes Star Wars fan fiction,what could you want She s a huge contrast to Aza, in fact the complete opposite and despite the fact they clash quite heavily in one part of the book, I think it makes them better friends that they are so different.I would have liked to read about Davis and know him because on the surface, he s a really interesting and intriguing character He s clearly quite lost in himself and in life perhaps because of growing up a billionaire s son and not having a mum but I liked the insights into his blog and his poetry.There wasn t many main ish characters but I think the characters such as Aza s mum and her psychologist were very well written but also very annoying but I think that was intentional, especially because the book was written in Aza s POV From my own anxiety experiences, I know that people can come across as annoying when dealing with your mental health, even though their intentions are well.Final thoughtsAfter such a long wait, I personally was not disappointed in the slightest with Turtles All the Way Down As always, it captures Green s beautiful way with words and his immaculate ability to make you think about yourself and life in completely different ways It was effortlessly written and effortless to read it was without a doubt the quickest book I ve read all year and I m not a fast reader Although it s not the most action packed and riveting book, it packs a punch, delivers a message and it made me think about the idea of the self , of our thoughts and actions and what it means to love and miss people Nothing I say will do this book justice for me I adored every bit of it.

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    Your now is not your forever John Green, Turtles All the Way DownWow This book was stunning Hard to read trigger warnings for OCD and anxiety , but Jesus, did it feel healing at the same time.John Green wrote the shit out of this book The way mental health was portrayed through Aza was excruciating, harrowing and educational to read about and it still made me feel that though the stigma might have lessened a bit, the understanding of this subject is narrow.I felt this book to my core I was there with Aza when she was spiralling out of control, her mind constantly pulling her in different directions, finding no centre, the constant doubt hurling you further into finding no fixed point, so that you may breathe and focus.I ve so much admiration for Green for writing so openly in this book It was so raw and bleak and the ugly side of mental health truly came to live, because that s how it is and what it can manifest into.And though, it may seem difficult to find hope, a way to see the light at the end of the tunnel that seems never reaching, it is there It is tangible and can be found.

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    As a follow up to the phenomenal The Fault in Our Stars , my expectations were pretty high for this YA novel I can t say I was disappointed, because Green had created in 16 year old Aza Holmes a believable and very identifiable character who is easy to root for.While the previous novel featured teenagers suffering from terminal illnesses, Aza too suffers from sickness, only it s a form of mental illness A very tricky and sensitive subject, but so relevant among the young these days Thankfully, Green is adept enough not to turn Aza into a tired stereotype and poster girl for someone who trumps over her illness and lives happy ever after The novel is narrated from her point of view so the reader develops a strong sense of empathy over her seemingly irrational fears of being infected with C diff, and being hyper aware of her body being made up of microorganisms that she has no control over So far, those are the good points.High school is a difficult place to navigate for any teenager, so it is a minefield for Aza, with the added burden of OCD and paranoia So it is a little unreal how much of her school experience is ellipted from the narrative, sheltered as she is by protective best friend Daisy, whose sidekick role is given quite a boost with her Star Wars fanfic writer status and of course fearless nature, and her motto Break hearts not promises Given the main storyline promises to be about the two Nancy Drews trying to solve the case of a missing multi millionaire, who just happens to be the father of one of Aza s childhood friend, the story almost takes a turn in that direction, and yet it doesn t, not really Instead a budding love story eclipses that story arc, but then Green is also keen to throw in the buddy relationship between Aza and Daisy, so that takes over some two thirds in as well.It seems with this novel, Green is attempting to keep too many balls in the air all at once, which makes it only a matter of time that some inconsistencies get through I can t quite understand how someone with acute OCD and who gargles antiseptic hand soap to get rid of germs she is afraid of ingesting from kissing someone, could be fine with jumping into an unsterilised pool in the biting cold, and then just drying off without a shower to wander around her boyfriend s house after that She also wanders through an underground art gallery in a rat infested tunnel at one point with Daisy These instances seem quite glaring to me, given Aza s struggle with these issues is so integral to the plot and her characterisation.Nonetheless, I would still give this novel 3.5 stars for the memorable lines and strong dialogue.

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    I found it difficult to get into this book at first I didn t understand Aza s character, but I think that comes from how well the book is written The complex feelings and mental anxieties were written clearly and the reason why I found it so hard to read at first is because I don t understand mental illness as much as I should This book is a real eye opener into the world of OCD and although I don t suffer with the same disorder I could relate to some of the main characters anxieties The words flowed very well and I found myself wanting to reach into the pages and give Aza a big hug the burden she has to live with on a daily basis was evident and I felt her pain resonate from the pages.John Green took me on a rollercoaster of emotions I was laughing at the character interaction between Aza and her best friend, Daisy And then I was crying at how much Aza s character was fighting a lonely battle with her inner demon It was heart wrenching at times and I hoped for a quick fix for her, but as I found out, that s not easy with mental illness There is a part of me that was disappointed with how the story ended and I was going to leave this story 4 5 but I now realise that Aza s battle with her demon would be long lasting There is no fast cure for what she feels and we were left knowing that she would go on fighting way after the last turn of the page.There were some comical character interactions between Daisy and Aza which helped to throw in some lighter moments to the quite harrowing read The characters are brilliantly written and likeable I love that each character has their own feel to them and I read with both tears in my eyes and a smile on my face.With every spiral that Aza battled I felt every twist and turn and understood the intensity of struggle to remain normal and to ignore her invasive thoughts especially when she tries to have a romantic relationship with Davis.All in all, this book was a very interesting read and I can see how it could help a lot of people who are in the same boat as our main character Even if it gives them words to show their family friends so they can get a better understanding of what they go through.I would highly recommend this book

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    2.5 StarsFirst, I would like to say that I listened to the audiobook version of this book via audible, while also reading the book, swapping back and forth The narrator of the audiobook was not the best and she didn t do the best of performances, she didn t pull me in to the story nor did she do a good job at building characters, which may have impacted my overall rating of this book.The main character does suffer from some serious anxiety, which becomes a character in itself and takes over This seems fitting with how it was played within the book, but it also was a major distraction I know people who suffer with anxiety, in several different forms, whether it s health related anxiety, or some different form It can be overwhelming and it s all you can think of, practically taking over your life, but this went to a new extreme I felt a little uncomfortable while reading it, even so when listening to sections being read to me I like what John Green was trying to do, but for me, it just didn t work.Listening to the audiobook was a little off putting and made me feel a little awkward on times I couldn t really get fully emerged into the story and get as connected to the characters as I would have wanted to Maybe this made me biased when it came to the sections I read, as I still heard the narrators voice instead of the characters I do plan on rereading this at a later date, and just reading it, as I have heard some positive things and I want to know if the audio version had as much of an affect as I m claiming.

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    This book has given me a way to communicate my mental health issues with my parents at a time when I could not express what it s like inside my brain Even though the main character is dealing with OCD, the descriptions of the way your brain can trick you is similar to my experience with clinical depression and anxiety disorder.I read the book in one day and immediately told my parents to get it and read it and now we have a common frame of reference when I explain what s going on in my head on bad days.I am 31, my parents are in their 60 s, so no, this is not just for young adults but for everyone With or without mental healt issues.

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    Another greatly written story by John Green, hence why I picked up the book.From the Back CoverIt all begins with a fugitive billionaire and the promise of a cash reward Turtles All the Way Down is about lifelong friendship, the intimacy of an unexpected reunion, Star Wars fan fiction, and tuatara But at its heart is Aza Holmes, a young woman navigating daily existence within the ever tightening spiral of her own thoughts.In his long awaited return, John Green shares Aza s story with shattering, unflinching clarity.There s than one story worked into this book, and I think they complement each other in such a way, that creates seeing each other s lives from different perspectives.There are so many cliffhangers which had me thinking, just one chapter The characters are likeable while still being realistic and things don t always turn out how you might think.If you enjoyed his other books, Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns, The fault in our stars, give it a go, You won t be disappointed.

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