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Systemology: Create Time, Reduce Errors and Scale Your Profits with Proven Business Systems➾ [Download] ➾ Systemology: Create Time, Reduce Errors and Scale Your Profits with Proven Business Systems By Join or create book clubs ➳ – Do you sometimes feel like your business is an adult daycare center Are you constantly repeating yourself fixing errors and trying to hold things together What if it were possible to create a business Do you sometimes feel like your Time, Reduce eBook ↠ business is an adult daycare center Are you constantly repeating yourself fixing errors and trying to hold things together What if it were possible to create a business that runs itself You’ve dreamed about it now it’s time to make this a reality If you’re anything like many seasoned business owners you’ve tried and failed to systemise your business The reality is your shiny business isn’t as functional as it looks from the outside; it’s unorganised inconsistent and key Systemology: Create Epub / person dependentSYSTEMology solves this problem with a proven step by step business systemisation framework designed so that even the busiest business owner can deploy it Drawing on years of business experience and real life case studies David Jenyns details the path to complete business reliability.

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    I somehow managed to hack the system and get the book early And because of that I was able to finish the book already and write this reviewMy final analysis Even the first 100 pages of this book – if applied – will radically improve your businessThe book is extremely practical with actual examples for how to go about improving your business systems and we all have systems some of them are just really poorThe most important takeaways for me were Nailing the Critical Client Flow CCF for ONE customer avatar and ONE primary productservice The erroneous thought the the business owner is the only one who can create systems this was liberating The power of having a systems champion on your team who they are and what they can do for your business How systemizing your business can be a phased process especially with a clear plan to do so this book is it How to actually go about documenting your business systems the author shares some seriously awesome shortcuts in the bookI could go on but those are some of the biggest takeaways for meAnd hey it doesn't hurt that the author David is a seriously standup guy He's extremely caring very detail oriented he hasn't left out anything you need to succeed in this systems journey and he's someone who isn't just sharing what he knows from theory he has a life of experience to back up what he says and he shares it in the pages of this bookEnjoy Chris

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    I picked up both the e book and Audible version of SYSTEMology® when it launched Why I consult with business owners who seek to address challenges they have that are limiting their ability to grow generate profits and create a capitalized asset they can transfer to their family employees or sell to a new owner in the futureI am not a business broker but I've seen a number of firms where the owner intended to sell their business someday and retire That happens far less often than you'd think And even when it does it sells for far less value than most owners expect Dave Jenyns has articulated one of the clearest prescriptions for addressing why so many owners work longer than they like harder than they want and for less than they deserveThe key issue Dave's book addresses rather well is why most owners can't walk away from their business and have it continue to be a viable and profitable venture without them Most become slaves to the very vehicle the business they assumed would be their ticket to financial freedom and a comfortable retirementI've followed Dave Jenyns for some time through his podcast and blog I've found his experience success and clarity about how to 'bullet proof' your business so it can operate independently of the founder owner to be nothing short of amazing In this book he lays out a clear path to follow to gain control of the primary and secondary processes that make a business operate profitably Once that's done he reveals how to ensure that the team members who must use them to operate efficiently and effectively will 'buy into' and use them Finally he deals with the 'head trash' of both the owners and staff about systems that can sabotage any attempt to adopt and maintain a systems based business Once that's accomplished the owner is no longer tied up fire fighting and can focus on strategic concerns At that point the owner may find him or herself maybe for the first time ever to be truly working ON the business rather than IN it Good read Well written Highly recommend

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    On p 23 there is a diagram that shows the stages a business goes through from being in survival mode to stationary to scaleable to saleable Having worked for other companies and started a few of my own I can attest to the fact that those that sell for big numbers I was employee #22 at a company that sold for 18B and those that can't be sold at all others I worked for and some I started have one big difference between them—those that sell are systematized well oiled machines you could plug almost anyone into and they would keep on chugging and those that don't sell are the founder or a small group of individuals running around getting things done that only a group of top experts can get doneIf you only implement a fraction of the tips in this book you can move your business from being one you are constantly rushing to fix and work in so that it can survive to one that runs itself and you work on to refine and improve

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    SYSTEMology is a step by step guide to implement systems in your business As the author says it's a system for creating systems in fact what I love the most about this book is that it is structured in a systematic way We are taken through the 7 key steps to implement systems in our business so that it runs smoothly and efficientlyI especially loved that each chapter is preceded by a uick overview so we know what to expect In addition each chapter ends with a handy list of action steps so we can implementThe case studies included throughout the book make it much easier to visualize how the process worksThis book is the business solution to grow by working on our business instead of working in our business5 stars

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    David Jenyns' approach to systemisation is simple scaleable and highly repeatable Follow his direction in SYSTEMology and you will recover time be able to delegate with confidence pass decision making to your people freeing your time to design a better business spend time on what you want to do Excellent book clearly written

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    Most small businesses fail within the first 5 years and the ones that survive and grow are based on the proper use of systems This is the message from previous authors such as Michael Gerber E Myth and Gino Wickman TractionBut while both of these authors talk about the need for systems neither goes into the fine detail needed to implement them in a working business This is the value of the Systemology book It provides a step by step guide on how to implement a systems methodology in your businessAs a digital marketing agency Whitehat SEO Ltd runs on systems and we use the book as a guide for everything that we doAnyone running a small or medium sized business needs to read this book and follow the steps Highly recommended

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    For 20 years as a business owner I have stumbled around some good years some bad a lot of inconsistencyRealised the teachings in E Myth Revited provided the clues to successDelayed taking action there was always an excuseNow moving with creating and documenting our systems following the excellent guidance of Dave Jenyns contained withing this book It's so easy to read Golden nuggets of wisdom on every pagePlease don't hold back on buying this and wasting 20 years of your life like i did

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    I have been a fan of Michael Gerber since I read his first small business classic The E Myth in the early 90's which was instrumental in the achievement of my goals as an entrepreneur Mr Gerber has now written the foreword for SYSTEMology by David Jenyns which picks up where The E Emyth Revisted left off Jenyns gives you a clear 7 step process to transform any small business with a team into a well oiled machine that functions without it being dependent upon the ownerI enjoyed reading SYSTEMology where the author shares how he removed himself out of managing the daily operations of a successful business that he owned along with many other examples of how others who have implemented the SYSTEMology process have done the sameNothing is left out like in many other business books that I have read Implement the processes shared by the author and you will soon have time available less errors and higher profit Free bonus resources are available to purchasers Highly recommended

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