Humanity Works: Merging Technologies and People for the

Humanity Works: Merging Technologies and People for the Workforce of the Future (Kogan Page Inspire)[Reading] ➿ Humanity Works: Merging Technologies and People for the Workforce of the Future (Kogan Page Inspire) By Join or create book clubs – DISTINGUISHED FAVOURITE Independent Press Award 2020 Business General CategoryThe professional landscape is transforming and the only way to maintain competitive advantage is to maximize the uniue ski DISTINGUISHED FAVOURITE Independent Merging Technologies PDF/EPUB ¿ Press Award Business General CategoryThe professional landscape is transforming and the only way to maintain competitive advantage is to maximize the uniue skills of your workforce In Humanity Works bestselling author global workplace consultant and futurist Alexandra Levit provides a guide to making the most of the human traits of creativity judgement problem solving and interpersonal sensitivity Revealing what the robot takeover will really look like how talent and machines can work side Humanity Works: eBook ☆ by side and how you can make organizational structuresagile and innovation focused this book will prepare you to lead organizations of the future Humanity Works doesnt just explain the fascinating trends of the future of work; it condenses cutting edge academic and business thinking to show what you can do about the future right Works: Merging Technologies and People PDF/EPUB ² now original real life case studies including Nestle The Washington Post Deloitte and Pepsi combined with exercises and workplace tools will euip you for Works: Merging Technologies PDF Ê staying innovative and successful in the wake of major workplace disruption Everything hinges on capturing the human edge in your organization.

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    On the very first day I began reading this book I was in a meeting where someone asked me for examples of significant trends businesses and employees needed to have in mind for now and the future I basically recounted the first chapter of this book and then referred the asker to it This is a well researched and actionable glimpse of what the future of work looks like and a must read for anyone who is looking to stay ahead of the curve

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    Like you I can share all sorts of anecdotes about how technology has modified my functions and tasks in the workplace in the last 10 15 years alone A great example documents and materials that were pieces of evidence to be used in litigation used to be produced by photocopy machines in which dozens if not hundreds of banker's boxes would be filled with sheets of photocopies of the original files It was not uncommon at the time to task several junior personnel to spend weeks in a typically windowless room going through those documents to identify relevant materials Today that process has been mechanized into ediscovery databases that allow for complex search strings that account for the source document type date and whether it was an attachment to an email What previously took weeks or months by several humans now takes seconds by computersHow lucky we are that technology has allowed us to mechanize those mundane tasks The junior personnel once stuck in a room for weeks trying to find anything remotely useful are now tasked with replicating modeling and adjusting complex models in formula linked Excel spreadsheets and presenting those findings to their supervisorsSuch anecdotes fill me with both amusement and awe I marvel that technology has so powerfully transformed a mundane slow process into an instant click of a few buttonsBut I also have a vague notion that much of what seasoned professionals like myself do in our day to day jobs could one day be mechanized by machines After all those machines lack the human error factor innate to all of usLevit's book allows us to think critically about the ways in which our uniuely human ualities will keep ourselves our children and grandchildren employed with rich meaningful important work even as the computers take over many of the tasks currently conducted by humans For example as we nurture our children to pursue STEM fields we ought to also make sure that they are strengthening their empathy collaboration creativity judgement and leadership These human traits Levit argues will be central to our success in the future workplaceInsightful well researched and an enjoyable read this is an instructive book with an overall optimistic outlook Humanity Works helps us address fears about the future workplace and strategically plan today for the changes that we expect will occur tomorrow but in fact are already present in our livesHighly recommended especially as a graduation gift or for anyone with a new job or position

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    only the future is here In the interest of full disclosure I am a friend of the author as we started writing career books for new grads back when Alex wrote the excellent They Don't Teach Corporate in College And in all this time over a decade now I've watched as Alex has caught on to one workforce trend after another with precision wisdom and heart I recommend Humanity Works to anyone who wants to know how to build better teams and shift your culture in a workforce where the old rules of power no longer apply

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    The robots are coming What should we doBecome aware of the coming changes and prepare to make the most of them by ramping up the humanity in the human workforce Leaders who are determined to succeed in the years to come should read this book by Alexandra Levit and learn how to make the most of the vast opportunities that our future presents for those who know how to harness them

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    Humanity Works is a powerful clear headed survival guide for understanding the future of work If you're wondering how to integrate people technology and change Alexandra Levit provides the most understandable and actionable answers My favorite sections are on how leaders can out think bias and shortsightedness harnessing women’s strengths in particular A great buy

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    It's no longer a luxury for companies to think about the future of work it's now a necessity If you and your organization want to be agile innovative and at the edge of trends in automation or even AI read Alexandra Levit's fantastic book I love her ability to blend cutting edge research and evocative case studies with advice that is as relevant to these times we live as it is specific and practical

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    The workforce is changing rapidly and it can feel like people are getting lost in the shuffle as AI takes over and Humanity Works is a practical encouraging guide to help places of business and employees find their way in the midst of all this change This well organized resource covers topics from changing demographics to the increasing appeal of contract work citing insightful case studies along the way The workplace may be changing but this book will help you become euipped to handle the change successfully Highly recommend

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    It seems that recently every other article has been focused on bots AI and advances in technology After reading each one I continue to wonder how this will impact our workforce How will teams work together what skills will we need and how can organizations prepare for these changes Humanity Works tackles a broad range of topics and provides practical uestions and advice to address the workplace of the future A must read for technology and people professionals alike

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    The topic is interesting but the book is a collection of ideas already present in the media The effort seems to be to offer a mosaic of contemporary issues but there is not a main idea a clue to understand the world A good wine to lose focus and attention

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