Clone Yourself: Build a Team that Understands Your Vision,

Clone Yourself: Build a Team that Understands Your Vision, Shares Your Passion, and Runs Your Business For You[PDF / Epub] ☆ Clone Yourself: Build a Team that Understands Your Vision, Shares Your Passion, and Runs Your Business For You Author Join or create book clubs – Running a business should be exciting and rewarding not a burden Unfortunately many entrepreneurs fall into the daily grind of stamping out fires and doing everything themselves because they’ve unkn Running a business Build a Epub á should be exciting and rewarding not a burden Unfortunately many entrepreneurs fall into the daily grind of stamping out fires and doing everything themselves because they’ve unknowingly become their own best employee and the bottleneck of their business Do uestions decisions and problems always funnel their way back to you Has your business become a revolving door for employees or the permanent residence for under performers Are you tired of burning the candle at both ends and not living life on your terms Jeff Hilderman believes that you can’t do epic things with an Clone Yourself: eBook Å average team and you certainly can’t do everything yourself But with the right people who understand your vision share your passion and can run your business for you anything is possibleClone Yourself: Build a Team that MOBI :µ Yourself is a conversational step by step guide to building your dream team and automating your business You will discover How to boost your productivity and win back the day The proven path to transforming your organizational culture How to become an effective leader and empower your team The secret formula to cloning yourself The financial and personal rewards of putting your business on auto pilot Just Yourself: Build a PDF/EPUB é imagine what you could do with another youor twoClone Yourself is the missing manual every entrepreneur needs to attract develop and lead their dream team The time has come to step into your new role as chief visionary officer and finally do the epic things you were meant to do.

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    I am a solopreneur I read books on running my business and self care Jeff Hilderman created one of the best business books I have read to date This a practical concise guide to becoming an effective leader of a business with many employees and customers or for a solopreneur like me to lead her independent contractors joint venture partners and clientsJeff shares his time tested methods for working efficiently and effectively with a commitment to living your best life in the first sections of the manual So many nuggets of inspiration to use each day 1Just don't make excuses They're dream killers 2 Great leaders recognize when their help is needed and when it's not 3 A clear system for managing paperwork and your email accounts 4 Great explanations for creating or revising your vision mission and mantra statementsBest of all a 90 day plan to identify nurture and release your clone or clones to free you be the leader of your company Great for the small business owner or a leader in a larger corporation If you started a new venture would the people who work with you follow you They would if you cloned yourself as Jeff Hilderman advises

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    I was extremely impressed by the uality of the book and the info insideIt is full of information that is going to save you time and make your business run smoother and efficientlyThe book itself is really well written but the templates and strategies that he shares amazingI love it when top professionals share their knowledge completely in a book and deliver with than was expectedIt is much than just theory this book has practical strategies and tools that you can start using right awayAs a consultant for many different small to medium size health and fitness business I am going to be sending this out to many of my clients just for the resources

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    Clone Yourself is a dynamite step by step handbook that allows anyone from a small startup entrepreneur to an established business executive to prevail based first on improved leadership methods and then with the help of your ideal cloneIt’s a seminal work in the business self help genre that offers both theory AND practical applications all aimed at allowing you to plan for select and train your new business clone But you should expect MUCH MOREThe first focus of this transformative book is helping you be the best leader you can be Then Hilderman enables the entrepreneur to custom tailor critical aspects of their business’ image culture vision mission values performance standards and service guidelines for maximum impact Only then does he delve deftly into identifying training and working with your ideal cloneThis is a humdinger of a self help book on every level

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    Wow This is a powerful book on leadership I mean didn’t know what to expect from the book and I thought the author would write about how to be a better leader and that's kind a stuff However to my surprise it went way beyond that You’re going to learn everything on how to not only be a powerful leader from goal strategy planning to time management and team building But you will also learn how to create a compelling vision for your business which also includes your company culture that you want to instill to the fabric of your organization As I work on my entrepreneurial journey and look to be adding team members to my business this will be my bible and point of reference that I will use to start building my business structure Highly recommend

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    Jeff has written an incredibly insightful book For people like me who are fledgling entrepreneurs this book is gold in the form of words It verified many thoughts I was having but doubtingJeff mentions how to be a leader to your employees or staff It’s the same thing at work when employees are developing new skills We often forget how uncomfortable and frustrating it can be to learn something new especially with somebody looking over your shoulder so as leaders it’s our job to ward off discouragement and build their confidence during this process Don’t underestimate the power of a “good jobHe also mentions many anecdotes from his experiences that will ring true for many Affirming beliefs reminding about the power of being pleasant and trusting in the delegation processVery well done

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    In Clone Yourself Jeff lays out clear principles that are absolutely necessary for professional development many of which I have lived through myself One key takeaway came from a chapter that probably won't land for everyone but it landed with me After reading his chapter on Personal Branding I immediately cleaned out my closet and upgraded my wardrobe So thanks for that Jeff That alone was worth the price of the book Jeff knows who he is writing totired and stressed leadersand for that audience this book will work wonders

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    This book truly goes from A to Z in the world of running your own business Truthfully even if you're working a 9 to 5 you can still use these tactics to better leverage yourself within your career and amongst your peers and your staff I have always believed that the key to having a great team is to hire people smarter than you and then train them to replace you This book solidifies that belief and then some It's easy to read offers great value chapter after chapter and helps you streamline your business

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    Couldn't put the Book down once I started A warm honest and inspiring read If you are an entropeneur or leader in a buisness this is your book Easy to understand and actionable steps to help you create the leader you should beLoved the bonus tipsI have now some great ideas and steps to put into my jobThe author has clearly put alot of time and effort into creating a book Cramming it full of goodies that will delight others and help them truly clone themselves

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    Well written and enjoyable to read The author gives practical advice in an easy to follow step by step way with useful links to pre formatted checklistsdocuments I will be implementing the ideas in this book within my own organisation

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    I bought the kindle version of this book yesterday and I'm really enjoying it so far Lots of handy tips to remember very practical

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    Do you struggle to motivate your employees Are you answering uestions or dealing with details that others could look after Are you a company of one looking to grow larger Then this is the book for you Learn how to create systems and a culture where you can empower your employees Whether you’ve been in a leadership role for years or are looking to move into a leadership position this book is an invaluable guide to getting where you want to go “Clone Yourself” contains exercises that will help you create a clear vision define what you’re looking for in a clone and how to find train and keep one Free up time to grow your business secure in the knowledge that your organization is running smoothly

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    I think this is a solid book written in an easy to read style It can help any small business owner take their business to the next level It is about both upping your personal game as a small business leader and building a solid team based on clearly articulating your vision and values and then building systems to consistently and efficiently implement them throughout your organization And it is backed it up with clear step by step action plans to help you make it happen If you are a retailer small business ownerleader or entrepreneur this book is for you

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