Influencing Virtual Teams: 17 Tactics That Get Things Done

Influencing Virtual Teams: 17 Tactics That Get Things Done with Your Remote Employees[Reading] ➹ Influencing Virtual Teams: 17 Tactics That Get Things Done with Your Remote Employees Author Join or create book clubs – Learn the psychological secrets of persuasion that influence your remote employees to do what you need them to doStop chasing down your employees to make sure that their work is being doneIn Influenci Learn the psychological secrets of persuasion that influence Teams: 17 MOBI í your remote employees to do what you need them to doStop chasing down your employees to make sure that their work is being doneIn Influencing Virtual Teams you'll get step by step tactics that you can implement straightaway with your team to improve your team's engagement and commitment to doing their workYou'll learn How a single word can increase compliance by percent How to make Influencing Virtual PDF/EPUB or someone reply back to your emails using only the subject line How to set deadlines so that they're met by your team What you need to do before during and after every meeting to increase adoption rates How to ensure percent commitment from a team member in six easy steps Using just four uestions how to know what your remote employees are really thinking How to leave the perfect voice message The secret formula Virtual Teams: 17 MOBI î for establishing trust with your teamAnd much much.

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    I worked on projects where some members of the team were not local so I am well familiar with the issues that arise working with people that are remote The author provides no nonsense suggestions on how to make teams with remote members work effectively The advice is not your generic improve communication among your team but rather very specific and concreteThe vast majority of the techniues are incredibly simple to implement yet has been proven by case studies the author includes references to be effective For example giving a reason of why you are asking someone to do something increases compliance of carrying out the reuest by 33% compared with a reuest which had no explanationMany other techniues are just as simple Writing down tasks and commitments increases the probability that the tasks will be done by the virtual team Setting specific deadline as opposed to I need it in a couple of days and assigning specific people to be responsible for the task rather than assigning a group of people without a specific individual responsible for the outcome also improves the timeliness of the task completionSome of the tips are less obvious and struck me as the opposite to what I have seen at work A team that is located in the same area has a chance to socialize in the hallways so they have a chance to interact in a non work related conversations This forms bonds and friendships between individuals With a remote team it is the manager's job to create such environment so the author suggests starting some meetings with some off topic discussions and a bit of banter to build those social bonds which otherwise might not formThis is an easy to read book If you work with a remote team you probably do some of the things the author goes over in his book but I suspect most people do not take advantage of all of the techniues They are simple and effective One does not have to be a manager to make use of these techniues to improve how heshe works with remote team membersWhat I learned in your book will help me in my day to day workAli Julia reviewTable of ContentsThree Reasons Why You Need Tills BookYour Free BonusTactic #1 One Word That Influences Your Virtual TeamTactic #2 Set DeadlinesTactic #3 Assign ResponsibilityTactic #4 Explain TasksTactic #R When Delegating Tasks Write Them OutTactic #6 The Secret Formula for Establishing TrustTactic #7 Increase Reliability Among Your TeamTactic #8 Increase the Level of LikeabilityTactic #9 Six Steps to Ensure 100% CommitmentTactic #10 Know What Someone Is Really ThinkingTactic #11 Leave the Perfect Voice MessageTactic #12 Write Assertive EmailsTactic #13 What You Should Do Before Every MeetingTactic #14 What You Should Do During Every MeetingTactic #15 What You Should Do After Every MeetingTactic si6 Use Your Voice to Your AdvantageTactic #17 Make Your Emails Stand Out Using The Subject LineConclusion ReferencesBonus downloads Meeting Agenda Template MS Worddoc format Meeting Minutes Template MS Worddoc format Time Zone Meeting Coordination ebook Adobepdfformat Time Zone Meeting Coordination template MS Excelxls format

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    It take me about 65 min with few interruption to read this book a bit less than the 45 min I took to read another book from Hassan Effective Delegation of Authority A Really Short Book for New Managers About How to Delegate Work Using a Simple Delegation ProcessBoth books are concise to the points and full with tips and advices you can readily use and apply I love the three tactics about meetings before during and afteruoting the author these are indeed seventeen killer tactics that’ll help you motivate your virtual team to be productiveMost of these tactics are common sense and so obvious but most often ignored by leaders and managersThis is a must read book for anyone leading or managing virtual teams

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    Influencing Virtual Teams by Hassan Osman is a well crafted well researched book with real world experience applicability right out of starting gate Although this book targets how to influence virtual teams the information in this book easily applicable to non virtual teamsOsman challenges the reader to be assertive in a non overbearing way accountable for the work and tasks conduct effective meetings build trust like ability and reliability with your team and much The book is broken down into 17 tactics Each tactic contains digestible information with easy applicability to your daily workHere are a few of my key takeaways Use the word because to increase your likelihood your message will be complied with Parkinson's Law work expands to fit the time allotted for it Be direct and explicit with your task assignment and always include the assignee and deadline When someone volunteers for task there is a greater likelihood the task will be completed Take discussions offline that interrupt your meeting or throw it off topic Clarity of roles assignments and tasks is greatest ally Lead by example your team will follow what you doThe one thing I love that Hassan does really well is the recap sections at the end of some of the tactics Some of the tactics have a number of steps or parts to them to really make it work He organizes and re caps the main points of the tactic where you could easily print it out and put it next to your computer to rememberLastly Osman has prepare a few extras for the reader He provides links to downloadable templates to help you be successful with your virtual teams If you lead any kind of team virtual or other this is book you should read

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    It is a book which is concise and to the point The tactics described are practical and apparently tested in real life Big advantage of the book is its light style sense of humor and well thought use of every word What would happen if every book on business was written in such a way How many books could I read that I don't read now because they are too long and I do not have enough time Strategies described in the book are simple and easy to implement I found uite a lot of inspiration

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    If you've read 37 Signal's Remote and you're wondering how to best implement some of the practices mentioned in that book this is a good place to start The tips here in the book while they may seem obvious as you read them are explained in a concise enough manner that you're not getting a bunch of fluff Hassan gets straight to the point of each tactic and doesn't spend a lot of words making things sound harder than they really areSome could say much of the contents of this book are obvious and need no explanation but having been on several kinds of teams you'd be amazed at what seems obvious to some is the complete opposite to others and sometimes putting the obvious in print is a good way to get it out there and into the hands of those who may not know betterThis book is short to the point and will definitely help you work with virtual teams

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    This is a book written with a laser focus on execution It is written with 17 tactics over 68 pages so don't expect a treatise on virtual networking For me it was like a breath of fresh air having got lost in other people's work on the subject If you want some simple but highly effective tactics that you can immediately apply this is the book for you Hassan has a no nonsense approach in his writing which I really like and for less than £4 it's a no brainer Even if you applied just one tactic you would have than recouped your investment

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    Liked the idea of providing simple tactics as there's so much available on the web about broader strategies However considering the title is 'Influencing Virtual Teams' the biggest miss for me is around the whole area of motivating a virtual team Your virtual team members are seldom 100% dedicated to your project so how do you get them to give their best on the work you want them to do as opposed to all the others tasks they have to complete potentially set by their direct line manager who will have a far bigger say on their end of year appraisal than you will So while verifying skills is a really important step in building reliability so is verifying and potentially trying to increase commitment

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    There is nothing I didn't like about this book Easy to read and the flow of topics put in sac constructive and efficient way make this book a great reference to any manager who is looking for the best practical as well as scientific methods to manage virtual teamsI recommend this book for all who already with management experience as well as those who just started with managing support teams or project personnel

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    A short 65 page booklet self published which does not adeuately address how to influence virtual teams For example it has sections covering how to leave a voice message for some one Save your money or buy a reputable book from a publisher This would never be accepted by a publishing house

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    Really nice short and concise book I throughly enjoyed reading I am not a manager but I will be going to a part of virtual team and I was worried that how am I going to communicate in virtual team Although this book is written to manage virtual team but it could be utilise by everyone I highly recommend this book to anyone who uses computer at work for communication

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