Leading the Workforce of the Future: Inspiring a Mindset

Leading the Workforce of the Future: Inspiring a Mindset of Passion, Innovation and Growth[Ebook] ➨ Leading the Workforce of the Future: Inspiring a Mindset of Passion, Innovation and Growth By Join or create book clubs – Varanus.us Leading the Workforce of the Future mandates new levels of self awareness As the workplace evolves in the direction of innovation digitalization and rapid change leaders must follow suit in order to r Leading the Workforce of the Workforce of PDF ´ Future mandates new levels of self awareness As the workplace evolves in the direction of innovation digitalization and rapid change leaders must follow suit in order to remain relevant and engaging to this multigenerational workforce This book provides concrete advice and best practices on how to engage and retain top talent It addresses several areas to focus on to future proof yourself and your businessIn this book you will Leading the PDF \ discover strategies to•Become the leader your team needs you to be •Accelerate talent development•Reshape your culture •Reskill your workforce•Create an innovation mindset•Succeed with purposeThe future is no longer some far off destination; it is already here Don’t be caught off guard.

Leading the Workforce of the Future: Inspiring a Mindset
  • Hardcover
  • 321pages
  • Leading the Workforce of the Future: Inspiring a Mindset of Passion, Innovation and Growth
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  • English
  • 01 April 2015
  • 9769609242

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    In an Age of AI and digital transformation there is a risk of losing the human element In fact I’m already seeing some of this in major companies today The one thing technology can never replace is relationships and personal connection is foundational to developing and retaining top talent As Brigette often says people don’t leave a company they leave a boss We need human centred leadership and Brigette epitomizes this

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    This is a great work of art The analogies are memorable and inspirational The stories and experiences shared are relatable to all It made me think of the movie ‘Office Space 1999’ many times as I was continually reminded of the chaos found in the old world of work pre COVID 19 I found the most value for me personally in the sections Delegating Idosyncratic Mountainous Nimble uintessential Remorseful and Veritable My favorite uotes were“Unless you discover your true self by the maximizing of your potential and pursuit of your purpose you cannot know personal fulfillment and you will cause so much loss to yourself and the world by being something that you were not born to be”“Knowing your place and appreciating what you can and cannot do as well as recognizing what others bring to the table is a very important step to self actualization in leadership”I hope we as a world listen to what is presented here and take a different look at how we prepare the next generation to lead the world into the future We must simplify things We must start by teaching these types of leadership principles in our homes and reduce our dependence on the world to teach our loved ones how to lead their own lives to greater levels of success Without instilling the next generation with some practical guidelines to follow that align with the next generation’s mindset we might not like what comes our way when they take over and govern us as senior citizens how we governed them in their youth It will be a tough pill to swallow when we wake up someday and realize we trained them to treat us this way Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights Sunny We live halfway around the world from one another but I know now that these are global challenges we must and can overcome I believe with leaders like Sunny spread throughout the world that the best years this world has ever seen are yet to come This book is a new spin on how to become fit to lead and I highly recommend it to others who want to start thinking outside the box about leadership

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    I was excited to dive into this read by Brigette Hyacinth an HR leader that I and many others follow on LinkedIn She breaks down different aspects of managing diverse staff in the age of technology and reminds readers of what cannot be replaced by AI empathy emotional intelligence creativity critical thinking negotiation problem solving and collaboration She also stresses the importance of leadership that instills hope and leading with ethics and integrityHyacinth's transparency personal stories and evidenced professional growth were all appreciated as they helped me to be able to relate her experiences to my own I walked away with so much I felt as if I just sat through a semester long seminar on the subject instead of reading a 300 page book However the book engaged me in a way a seminar never couldI found this book helpful since I am seeking a manager role; although reading it helped me realize what was lacking from my current experience of being someone that is managed not led by someone else It helped me to know exactly what I should be asking for and when given the opportunity how to be the best servant leader to those that I will be leading one day soon hopefully

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    Bridgette hit the head of the nail Since being diagnosed with Mutiple Myeloma cancer in March 2020 I have had plenty of time to read and having Brigette's book to read was a great help to reaffirm my leadership convictions I encourage all who care about any current day crisis to read this book Brigette's premise will give the reader hope for the futureBridgette hit the nail suarely on the head Since being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma cancer in March 2020 I have had to change some perspectives on life but Brigette's outlookview on leadership have only helped to solidify my own convictions about leadership The book is well written and the topic is

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    I really loved this book so much that now I want and hard copy too so I can put it in a prominent place in the office and thumb through it for references From Brigitte's story of her humble beginning till the last paragraph I was hooked It aligns so well with my code of ethics and what I want to achieve that I felt somehow connected I highly recommend this book not just to people in HR but to everyone who would like to develop their leadership skills This book is all about mindset Well Done Brigitte Hyacinth

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    I always say power is in empowering others This book is really a great example of empowering others The author unselfishly leads the readers with pulling leadership

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    This book is amazing It hits the nail on the head regarding the importance of leadership and making a difference when leading others Brigette Hyacinth is passionate and knowledgeable and understands both the thoughts and feelings of the employee and the mindset of those of us who continue to grow in true leadership Her insight inspires leaders of today to demonstrate the heart of leadership and how to appreciate inspire and value those we lead Excellent readI will definitely use in my leadership journey and refer to again Thanks for writing this

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    Such an amazing book for anyone in any place in their career Brigette is so inspiring and is always willing to help others be the best version of themselvesJordan Mendoza

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    Really good read with loads of useful information Some amazing ideas to put in practice when you have your are working with people

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    I was not sure about this book at first But I loved it So many situations noted that I could relate to and especially now that at my advanced age I am taking yet another Leadership course and becoming adaptable to the changes in the workplace of late I really take this as a tool for my future and will definitely gain Emotional Intelligence from the words on the pages of the book Brigette is brilliant in how she writes presents a picture in my mind and gives me hope to succeed in being there for my team it is my responsibility to serve them not myself THANK YOU Much love and gratitude if I could have given 10 stars I would have done

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    A book that will make you realize what important it's to empower support and coaching your team and people around you to be a better version of them A vision that can open your eyesThank you Brigette Hyacinth for letting us know what means to be human

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    A lovely book which will engage you to discover your full potential using your skills

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    I felt really connected while reading this bookThis book has beautifully defined true leadership ualitiesIf leaders follow and display some of the attributes mentioned in this book then high chances to get job satisfaction and employees will feel motivatedI firmly believe on the last line of the book in the endpeople are what truly mattersIt is not buildings systems or proceduresIf we can put people firsteverything else will fall into placeI urge leaders to develop a heart for people

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