Modern Crochet: Patterns and Designs for the Minimalist

Modern Crochet: Patterns and Designs for the Minimalist Maker❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Modern Crochet: Patterns and Designs for the Minimalist Maker Author Join or create book clubs – A comprehensive guide for beginning and experienced crocheters alike Modern Crochet elevates the craft for a new generation of makers Learn how to choose proper tools understand all things yarn profic A comprehensive guide for beginning and Patterns and PDF ↠ experienced crocheters alike Modern Crochet elevates the craft for a new generation of makers Learn how to choose proper tools understand all things yarn proficiently read a pattern and autonomously complete any crochet project This definitive resource for contemporary crochet includes original PATTERNSBasket Coaster Wall Hanging Infinity Scarf Bobble Pillow Faux Fur Cowl Velvet Scrunchie Oversized Throws and value aloneEXTENSIVE TEACHING SUPPORT Step by Step Photos Video Tutorials Corresponding Online Resource Library with Materials and SupportREFERENCE CHARTSComplete Modern Crochet: PDF or Crochet Abbreviation Legend US Hook Sizes STITCHES TECHNIUESMagic Ring Short Rows Standing Stitch Joined Turned Rounds Continuous Rounds Joined Rounds Chain Slip Knot Whip Stitch Slip Stitch Single Crochet Double Crochet Half Double Crochet Herringbone Half Double Crochet Treble Crochet Bobble Stitch.

Modern Crochet: Patterns and Designs for the Minimalist
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  • Modern Crochet: Patterns and Designs for the Minimalist Maker
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  • 01 August 2016
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    13 thoughts on “Modern Crochet: Patterns and Designs for the Minimalist

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    Many who crochet are older The font in this book is maybe 8 point My mother will never be able to use it There is so much white space on the pages there would have been plenty of room to make the font readable

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    A nice size book with great patterns Perfect for beginners The only disappointment is how EXTREMELY TINY the font is I have pretty good vision and even for me the font is too small to really enjoy the book completely The font size was probably done like that to go with the minimalist theme of the book and patterns but really there is plenty of room on the pages for larger font for those that may have trouble seeing

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    I'm a beginning crocheter and I was getting frustrated trying to piece together how to do things by watching YouTube videos There are so many techniues for the same thing and I was having trouble getting a real project off the ground Instead I had a bunch of stitch swatches and a lot of penciled notes After reading about this book I thought it would be exactly what I needed It's a gorgeous book Fabric spine embossed cover saddle stitched hardback that lays relatively flat on its own high end photography with crystal clear illustrations beautiful page layouts professionally produced accompanying videos And that's where it ends The font is probably 8 points and hard to read I got used to that even though it was an annoyance and so unnecessary because of the ample white space in the book But that's only the beginning of the problem I picked a linen stitch scarf pattern from the book to make as my first crochet project I understood the instructions the videos made the stitches easy I already had experience from my many swatches with making the basic stitch Off I went to make my first real project About halfway through I realized that the edges of my piece were looking really bad I figured it must be my inexperience Finally remembering that there are many ways to do things in crochet I resorted back to YouTube for some insight It turns out that the book does not given instructions AT ALL for how to make neat edges I was following the instructions from the book to the letter but a video from someone else explained that edges in linen stitch can be tricky and she explained very plainly how to get neat edges The instructions are free on her blog I printed out the other person's instructions and will rework the pattern from the book with someone else's instructions What I didn't expect to learn from this book is how to frog half a project while simultaneously hand winding a ball I won't trust another pattern in this book Such a shame This book is a far cry from being the comprehensive resource that is claims to be

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    When I heard in September that this book was available for preorder I couldn’t get to my account fast enough Anxiously counted down the days to the release date Now it’s here and I love it even than I anticipatedBeautifully presented well written full of tips explanations and just all the knowledge any crocheter I personally prefer the term “fiber artist” could ever needI taught myself to crochet many years ago at the age of 13 with a book some yarn and a hook pre internet days I wish that simple book had been even a fraction as awesome as this oneOf the 16 patterns included I’m planning to make at least five almost immediatelyIn summationbuy this book No matter what level you’re at in your crochet journey there’s something for everyone here

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    I’m disappointed Very small font for reading even tiny No such as interesting things to crochet I hoped to find No mew technics

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    This book is nothing short of amazing T outdid herself on design style aesthetic and beauty It’s so well written and thoughtfully curated right down to the minor details One of my favorite parts of the book is the page numbers How strange to notice or love something so simple at the placement of the page number but honestly that’s one of the first things that stood out to me and shows how much thought and love was put into this book I know this will be such a great tool as a seasoned crocheter as well as teacher of the art I love this book so much already and I am so eager to dive into all of the patterns and text I will definitely be putting as much energy into reading and taking in all of the big and small details as Teresa did while writing it

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    Modern Crochet is such a beautiful book and is great for every crochet level Teresa creates such beautiful patterns and makes them simple to follow and create She also gives you everything you need in order to have success with these projects—yarn weight brand color yards; stitch refreshers; even little tips for working with different types of yarnThis book is for anyone that already crochets even if you're a total pro and anyone wanting to start LOVE IT

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    As soon as I knew DeBrosse was releasing a book I knew I had to have it I've always been a huge fan of T's work and knew this would be the ultimate crochet resource Flipping through the book you have plenty of beautiful photos detailing all the foundational skills in crochet I've always loved her work minimal modern clean and beautiful and her book does not disappoint This book is filled with gorgeous photos beautiful patterns and extremely useful resources Even as a seasoned crocheter I find all the resources in this book extremely helpful and will refer back to time and time again She even includes links to video resources as wellBottom line If you're looking for a resource for all the foundational skills in crochet plus gorgeous patterns with a modernminimal vibe this is it You won't be disappointed

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    I was eager to open this bookWhen you get it the immediate feel is one of anticipation it’s look makes you feel your going to encounter luxuryAnd yes l admit one even 2 of the projects do give you that sense but for the most part the book uses many pages to state the obviousBefore you buy it you think it’ll take you to the next level both in design and study but the reality is it’s constantly tugging you back to basics wasting pages and pages stating what most advanced even beginner’s will consider obviousThe author labours in stitch discussion to make you feel your about to have a religious experience then wham stops you from even sipping the wineFor me there was only one project l thought warranted consideration well considered the colour & yarn choice could not have been PerfectTo the author l say well done you made me want to buy your book which naturally l did simply for its cover It’s content um would not feed the yearning of a starving eager crafter

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    I wish I had seen the other 2 star review before I bought this book I too was carried away by its elegance and the fact that on the back cover it was described By Lion Brand Yarns as A pathbreaking book I was excited at the anticipation of what I would find in the later pages for the advanced crocheter since it was described as a book for begineers as well as experienced crocheters alike I too flicked through the pages avidly Alas the book came to an abrupt end before it had even made me pause once with curiosityIn fact some of the projects made me laugh out loud For example a 'wreath' that involves taking a wooden ring and making double crochets around it in very thick yarn then tying the two tails into a bow was explained over FOUR pages Frankly it irritated me immensely because such simplicity was taken so seriously and it's toward the end of the book where I had expected something worth my money The tone was that the author was some kind of 'guru'Without doubt it is an elegant book Without doubt it will help novices want to have a go and learn which is great But it is certainly not groundbreaking or even original I'm all for minimalism but there is exciting minimalism and there's middle of the road If you're an expert crocheter or even an advanced one don't waste your time or money on this beautifully produced but essentially 'empty' book Considering it has 175 pages it's a great disappointmentFor your info British readers the terminology in this book is USI had really looked forward to receiving this book but I've returned mine for a refund

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    I love this book Some of the yarn suggested is tricky to get in England but the projects are great and substitution has been ok Clearly explained with pictures US crochet terms Highly recommended

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    This book is stunning The way it is set out the clear instructions and the style of the patterns are like no other crochet book I have made the hat and bobble cushion so far and learnt a lot They look really stylish too I would highly recommend this

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    Great contemporary designs with clear instructions

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