The Colorwork Bible: Techniques and Projects for Colorful

The Colorwork Bible: Techniques and Projects for Colorful Knitting❰Read❯ ➮ The Colorwork Bible: Techniques and Projects for Colorful Knitting Author Jesie Ostermiller – Master beginner and advanced colorwork knitting techniues in Interweave's most comprehensive colorwork guide to dateWith chapters outliningthan a half dozen colorwork knitting techniues The Colorwork Master Bible: Techniques and Projects PDF or beginner and advanced colorwork Bible: Techniques ePUB ↠ knitting techniues in Interweave's most comprehensive colorwork guide to dateWith chapters outliningthan a half dozen colorwork knitting The Colorwork PDF/EPUB or techniues The Colorwork Bible is your updated exploration of both beginner and advanced level skills with a vibrant modern palette and inspired projects Colorwork Bible: Techniques Kindle ´ Join knitwear designer Jesie Ostermiller as you learn A variety of small scale swatch lessons that help you master a techniue before diving Colorwork Bible: Techniques and Projects MOBI :µ into a full size projectStripes stranding Fair Isle brioche Colorwork Bible: Techniques and Projects MOBI :µ slip stitch mosaic intarsia andEach techniue is featured must make projects you'll want to cast on todayValuable tips and tricks plus essential information on successfully combining colors for the best possible results Dig deep into the most colorful techniues in knitting with The Colorwork Bible.

The Colorwork Bible: Techniques and Projects for Colorful
  • Kindle
  • 160pages
  • The Colorwork Bible: Techniques and Projects for Colorful Knitting
  • Jesie Ostermiller
  • English
  • 21 February 2016
  • 1632506653

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    Even with numerous other colorwork books in my knitting library Jesie Ostermiller's The Colorwork Bible is a revelation Suitable for beginners and advanced knitters alike this gorgeous book walks knitters through a stunning range of colorwork techniues from classic stripes to the recently popular brioche For each techniue the book lets you bite off just a little bit of commitment through a 19 stitch wide swatch The beautiful techniue photos and easy to understand directions make every type of colorwork completely accessible For this first section alone this book is a buy it nowBut that's not the end of the book Next is a parade of gorgeous projects that make my fingers itch to cast on Usually a book is good value for me if I want to knit three or four of the patterns this one is an avalanche Jesie Ostermiller has knocked it out of the park with her implementations of the colorwork The styles are modern and feel fresh yet they're based in classic knitting so there's no fear that any of them will suddenly feel dated in a few years I want to knit the book from beginning to endFinally what's a colorwork book without some color theory Jesie Ostermiller kicks off the book with this which is an area where I need help But even if all else fails I would have no hesitation in knitting the patterns in exactly the same colors as the book It's clear Jesie Ostermiller is a colorwork master

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    I actually knitted this vest This project is the High Vest from The Colorwork Bible and it's the most intricate colorwork knitting I have ever done I have always wanted to make a beautiful vintage style knitted vest and with Jesie's Ostermiller's clear instructions I did itThis book has beautiful projects that any knitter would love to make and the information about color theory is something I've never seen in any other knitting book I've learned so much already and I know I'll refer to this book over and over as I choose yarn for new projectsThis book is a must have in any fiber artist's library

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    OK My history with colorwork is scary to say the least I'm a little nervous about it But Jesie has managed to speak to me in this book It's not just a book with knitting patterns although it has those But it's like she somehow has managed to hold my hand through techniues in such a way that builds my confidence I'm itching to try her swatches In fact her idea to include learning swatches is part of the appeal for me The illustrations make sense and lay out the process for both seasoned and less seasoned knitters like meThis is so much than a book of projectsit's a resource for other patterns I may actually need than 1 copy One for my house one for my cabin It's beautiful feels good in my hands and actually a fun read as Jesie writes like she's just chatting with me I bought this for myself but had I received it as a gift I would be forever grateful So maybe I need several for gifting Treat yourself

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    This book is a knitter’s dream to understanding projects that use multiple colors or strands of yarn The author Jesie Ostermiller covers everything from how to choose the colors and yarn you work with to detailed instruction on how to accomplish certain techniuesThe book includes all of this plus 12 phenomenal patterns to create once you’ve learned a techniue or twoThe photos I attached are of the Yukon Jacket sweater This is my first project from the book She made me feel confident in choosing my colors for the sweater and it came together beautifully I love itThis book would be a great gift for any knitter beginner or advanced Or a treat for yourself I love it and am so glad I preordered so I got my copy as soon as it released So amazing

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    Beautiful book with gorgeous illustrations but it doesn’t really say much besides “if you want colorful work use colorful yarn” which is a no brainer but it’s still an excellent read if you want details on different colorful knitting techniues color matching etc

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    A terrific resource for colorwork beginning with an explanation of the colorwheel and ending with intarsia The photos and illustrations are very helpful and all the projects at the end are good looking A great addition to your knitting shelf

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    This book would be an excellent addition to any knitter's collection and makes a great gift for the knitter in your life While it would technically be feasible to learn these techniues from scattered online videos the author consolidates everything a knitter could possibly need to learn color work Even if you are an experienced knitter you likely have not tried all the techniues in this book And even if you have the patterns alone are worth the price I can't wait to knit themThe color theory section may not seem groundbreaking if you are a bold and colorful knitter; however for someone who tends to fall back on tried and true combinations this book provides some foundational knowledge to create beautiful color work In all the book is put together in a very thoughtful way and by someone who clearly understands how a knitter's mind works

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    There is SO MUCH information in this book It has a wealth of information that spans beginning knitters knowledge to someone who has knitted for years It is laid out in an easy to follow organized way with rich beautiful pictures that make you want to reach out and touch all the yarn The patterns are delightful and I am already excited to try new things

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    Love all the patterns in this book

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