Mending Life: A Handbook for Repairing Clothes and Hearts

Mending Life: A Handbook for Repairing Clothes and Hearts[Download] ➵ Mending Life: A Handbook for Repairing Clothes and Hearts By Nina Montenegro – Learn the art and craft of mendinga joyful and meditative practice and a powerful act of restoration for theclothes and belongings we love This beautifully illustrated handbook will show you how to me Learn the art and craft of mendinga A Handbook PDF ↠ joyful and meditative practice and a powerful act of restoration for theclothes and belongings we love This beautifully illustrated handbook will show you how to mend jeans socks sweaters down jackets and leggings and other common repairs Mending Life encourages us to cherish our things by repairing them rather than discarding themFilled with heartfelt stories that celebrate a sustainable intentional lifestyle it also encourages us to change our consumption habits so that with small mends here and there we extend Mending Life: PDF or the life of our garments and other household items Encouraging readers interested in slow fashion and craftcore this handbook is for beginners but also offersadvanced techniues to those with some experience in mending You'll learn basic techniues such as patching but will have options to take it a step further with decorative sashiko stitching; you'll also learn how to darn socks and mend sweaters as well as things like a tear in a bedsheet or down jacket Along the way Nina and Sonya Montenegrocreators of TheFarWoods share how Life: A Handbook PDF ✓ the powerful act of mending strengthens not only the object we are repairing but ourselves as well Vibrant full color illustrations are woven throughout the this timeless and practical guide to cherishing and caring for our belongings.

Mending Life: A Handbook for Repairing Clothes and Hearts
  • Kindle
  • 224pages
  • Mending Life: A Handbook for Repairing Clothes and Hearts
  • Nina Montenegro
  • English
  • 06 June 2016
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    13 thoughts on “Mending Life: A Handbook for Repairing Clothes and Hearts

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    I saw this title in a DYI magazine and the description was enticing I looked for it on read the description and excitedly waited for it to arrive However I was disappointed when it arrived I would have liked to see less descriptions of the author's lives and actual photos of how to mend plus mending Also glossy paper would have been nicer The pages have drawings instead of photos I realize this was not just a mending book but also I think to be encouraging and inspiring Obviously the person who wrote about the book in DYI found the book great enough to highlight the book for the author So having said that maybe others would like the book I wasn't thrilled But that's me

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    Sonya and Nina have gifted readers with the transformative and remarkable skill of mending but they also bring deep wisdom and reflection on what it means to be alive the patience needed the gentleness needed the practice and ritual needed Every page is filled with handwritten and hand drawn sweetness in depth tutorials specific and easy to follow steps to mending and for me personally reflections on 'why it matters'I bought this book to use in my ecofeminism class at the university As a professor I struggle to pull students out of their cerebral spaces and remind them that we must also engage our bodily lives Our hands can literally make the world better in the practice of mending Students need to remember that our healing is an embodied experience of tending caring mending for ourselves our coveted possessions and each other This book is the most perfect entrance into thinking about resilience and hope It gives us a hands on option for fixing our worlds To make the world better To make ourselves betterI imagine this as the best family heirloom book passed from one generation to the next It is tender and sweet It is also deeply practical I love it so much I bought three copies so I can gift them to guests and students who yearn for this work

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    As you can see from my pictures this book has been a real inspiration for me It covers a wide range of topics ranging from patching darning and various repairsThe artwork in this book is charming The stories are insightful and inspiring The instructions are thorough and well illustrated I highly recommend this book If you are interested in visible mending sustainability or just want to learn how to keep your favorite clothing around longer then this is a good book to start with

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    I was so pleasantly surprised when I got this book Hardcover embossed cover full color beautiful artwork from cover to cover and it's almost 200 pages I'm learning a ton and it's so whimsical and fun Thank you I think I will be gifting these all over the place

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    I have bought several of these current mending books lately and this by far has been the most enjoyable I’m sure that I will use it for instruction but I also just absolutely enjoy reading it and looking at the pictures

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    I love this book There's so much love put into it The feel and texture of the cover the illustrations and the way it's written all speak to how the authors really care about what they have written about I feel that this book will stay with me for a long time The instructions for each project are well written and easy to understand Beyond that the feeling of the book and the care put into it has inspired me to look at things and mending differently It speaks to the love put into garments when mended that give them new life and allow them to continue to protect and hold us This is a beautiful book that spoke to my soul

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    I really love this book In a throw away society it is nice to think that people are trying to mend and repair what they own rather than buy new Along with advice and instructions on mending it contains some very sweet stories from the childhoods of the authors

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    I was inspired to buy this as I wanted to see how the authors could blend a basic skill for clothing with struggles in life What a delight I read the whole thing in one sitting then went to mending clothes with cloth from my step mom's sewing basket The girls sitting with their grandma watching her mend was a real joy of a image A good read and an even better skill to know

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    This book has very little mending ideas Over half the book was used to inform on the environment foreign workers etc and I found it to be too preachyThis was not for me very disappointed with this book it could have been a gemIf you want actual tips on mending pick another book

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    I knew very little about mending or darning and I have found this book very clear and simple to follow Lots of stories and beautiful drawings all relevant to mending I've bought it for myself but will buy as gifts

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    I have a lot of mending books This one for me is not only the most useful but really beautiful and inspiring book When I wanted to mend my son‘s eiderdown jacket I even found tips for this special project It is not only a guide it is like a personal journal It offers thousands of techniues and very helpful drawings Love it

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    Basic but thorough information to get anyone started taking care of their clothes Beautifully presented

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    Llegó en buen estado y rápido pero no me gustó los dibujos son muy pobres y escuetos

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