Seamless Knit Sweaters in 2 Weeks: 20 Patterns for

Seamless Knit Sweaters in 2 Weeks: 20 Patterns for Flawless Cardigans, Pullovers, Tees and More❰Reading❯ ➶ Seamless Knit Sweaters in 2 Weeks: 20 Patterns for Flawless Cardigans, Pullovers, Tees and More Author Marie Greene – Knit a Sweater You’ll Love for Years to Come in Just a Few WeeksMarie Greene’s twenty gorgeous new patterns make knitting the sweater of your dreams a breeze If you’ve ever struggled to complete Knit a Sweater You’ll Love for Sweaters in PDF/EPUB è Years to Come in Just a Few WeeksMarie Greene’s twenty gorgeous new patterns make knitting the sweater of your dreams a breeze If you’ve ever struggled to complete a pullover or been too intimidated to start a cardigan these seamless top down designs will change the way you think about sweaters Now you can create stylish long lasting professional uality knits in less time Seamless Knit ePUB Ö than you thought possible and have fun doing it With a wide variety of styles and sleeve lengths this book has a pattern for any time of year Busy knitters will love the no fuss construction and carefully chosen details Captivating cables cozy textures and fun stripes are made simple with Marie’s helpful tips Learn to gauge your knitting speed and set a timeline to achieve your goals These patterns are Knit Sweaters in PDF ↠ easy to memorize for portable projects to knit on the go An incredible value this collection includes essential tools for efficient knitting and impressive results.

Seamless Knit Sweaters in 2 Weeks: 20 Patterns for
  • Spiral-bound
  • 176pages
  • Seamless Knit Sweaters in 2 Weeks: 20 Patterns for Flawless Cardigans, Pullovers, Tees and More
  • Marie Greene
  • English
  • 10 October 2016
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    I wanted to love this book Browsing through I liked the tenor of the writing helpful hints etc First pattern I decided to knit up had an error early on in the pattern Decided to check online and yes indeed there was errata not only for that pattern but for several others as well Additionally misplaced illustrations in reference section were eually as frustrating

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    The book is really nice I LOVE that on each pattern the sizes are given at the beginning and the finished measurements are given at the end along with a drawing of it to show where measurements were taken Cables are charted as well as written so you’re good either way Instructions are clear and well written One complaint I saw on the comments was that the patterns were somewhat similar Yes that’s kind of true but they are a great study in how small changes can make a different look and they are a great blank canvas to add your own touches to so I’m happy and have plans for several projects from the book Ravelry is perfect for this because you can go see all 20 patterns before you buy the book There aren’t as many pics as I would like but the ones that are there show enough to get a good idea how it will lookfit Besides every pic added increases the size and cost of the book and within a couple of months I’m sure there will be plenty of projects to look at on Ravelry The first chapter talks about things you should consider; ease yarn substitutions swatches tips to get the fit you want etc Good info that even a seasoned knitter could benefit from and vital for new knitters Each project has similar set up; yarn notes all needles needed notions gauge a blurb about construction a list and explanation of all stitch abbr used in the pattern recommended ease and tips throughout the pattern including stitch counts at important junctures I’m very pleased with the book and as I said have plans for several projectsJust another thought these patterns are fairly simple to allow you to make a sweater in 2 weeks IF you are experienced with making sweaters but these are also great for an advanced beginner or a beginner with gumption because of the simplicity; it will just take maybe 2 months instead of 2 weeks Great patterns either way you look at itUPDATEYes I really did knit a sweater from this book in two weeks The Meridian Sweater Now it was the ONLY thing I worked on for the two weeks and I had a long weekend with an eight hour road trip plus evenings to do it I have experience with top down sweaters I have no kids and an understanding husband but I just wanted to say that it can be done I've worn the sweater multiple times and just love it Definitely have plans to make I'm kmcelw on Ravelry if you want to see my notes from it I just wanted to see if I could do it in two weeks probably won't try to do that again but will be knitting Please don't let the two weeks scare you; so what if it takes you longer you'll still have a beautiful sweater at the end

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    So disappointed I preordered this book The cover sweater was the pattern I intended to knit I spent 5 days casting on and ripping back The marker placement and counts just wouldn’t work as the pattern for my size indicated Finally found errata for pattern posted on her web site This errata only affected the size I chose to knit It was difficult to find this information I would think that since I bought the book from it would be easy to email a buyer with errata I won’t waste my time trying any pattern in this book

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    Love that there are plenty of patterns love that the instructions are clear and uncomplicated Love that all the sweaters have built in ease The majority use worsted or DK weight There is only one that uses a sport weight All sweaters have a detailed description of not only the yarn used but the characteristics of the yarn By describing some yarn you may not know you can relate that to a similar weight yarn with the same characteristics in your stash I love the uniue tips like How Long will it take me to knit this the author gives you a time it could take you but she goes a step further by giving you two different ways to calculate your own time It is truly a useful tool that I have not seen before in a book and I own over a 130 knitting books This book is a bargain as individual uality patterns could run you 7 a piece easily and if you are a beginner you will find something to knit it you are experienced you will want to knit them all easily I waited 6 months for this book and it is worth it

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    Two weeks seems highly unlikely as most of the sweaters are dk weight and even with straight stockinette will take significant time I suppose it is possible if you have nothing to do for two weeks but knit but who really has that kind of time So I guess I’m saying that I take issue with the titleI also found many of the patterns seemed to be variations of the same pattern Maybe one was cropped or had a single cable but they were basically the same sweater In the book of 20 sweaters there are probably 8 distinct patterns Just know that going inIt’s well written the patterns are seamless The yarns used are gorgeous It’s a lovely book It’s just a little disappointing

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    Just received my copy of this book Have to say won’t need to made many adjustments to the patterns to make them fit These come up to size 50 52 inch bust This is nice Will only need to enlarge about six to eight inches I understand the need to fit the masses But please designers there are those of us out her that have busts 60 We are not overweight We are large and in shape Just that we have large busts and may be much taller than other women So this book is going to help a lot with a few adjustments

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    I rarely find books where I want to knit every single pattern this is one of those The idea of making a sweater in only 2 weeks is a bit of a pipe dream and I haven't cast on any of these beauties yet it's still summer in the southern hemisphere and I want to wait until the weather cools a bit to make something that big but I'm looking forward to seeing how long they actually take me an average knitter I like these designs so much I've pre ordered the author's up coming book on uick shawls These should keep me busy for the foreseeable future

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    Haven't attempted to knit a sweater yet but the instructions and diagrams seem easy enough to follow The designs are very inviting and it all gives inspiration for further projects

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    I was so excited when I ordered this book Massive disappointment It just did not work for me at all sorry

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    This is a lovely book and if I were a beginner top down knitter I would have given it five stars I was looking for new ideas the description did not mention how basic this book is I returned it but it's a great book for anyone just getting into this techniue

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    C'est le 2e livre de cette autrice ue j'achète et je ne suis pas déçue Les patrons sont très bien fait c'est clair

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    I have not used any of the patterns yet as I am working on another project but I am excited to start a new one from the book I really like the patterns and the instructions are clear Very practical but pretty sweaters

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