Macramé at Home: Add Boho-Chic Charm to Every Room with

Macramé at Home: Add Boho-Chic Charm to Every Room with 20 Projects for Stunning Plant Hangers, Wall Art, Pillows and More❰Read❯ ➮ Macramé at Home: Add Boho-Chic Charm to Every Room with 20 Projects for Stunning Plant Hangers, Wall Art, Pillows and More Author Join or create book clubs – Handmade Woven Art for Beginners & BeyondIndulge your macramé obsession the fun way―by making it yourself Macramé artist and teacher Natalie Ranae will guide you step by step to create stunning de Handmade Woven Art for Beginners Home: Add PDF º BeyondIndulge your macramé obsession the fun way―by making it yourself Macramé artist and teacher Natalie Ranae will guide you step Macramé at MOBI :µ by step to create stunning designer art pieces to adorn any space with boho vibes From contemporary plant hangers to elegant wall hangings to practical home accents at Home: Add Kindle Ó such as pillows rugs and floor poufs you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get an impressive result with your very first project All of at Home: Add Boho-Chic Charm Kindle - the twenty projects include detailed photos and instructions for every step and each project features a variation at the end that changes the look for a total of forty potential designs Featuring a practical guide to common knots and patterns no other DIY macramé book offers this much variety and instruction for designer pieces Natalie provides you the knowledge and skills to recreate her pieces exactly as shown or confidently branch off with your own design With such beautiful inspiration at your fingertips the only limit is your imagination.

Macramé at Home: Add Boho-Chic Charm to Every Room with
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  • Macramé at Home: Add Boho-Chic Charm to Every Room with 20 Projects for Stunning Plant Hangers, Wall Art, Pillows and More
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  • 06 January 2015
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    13 thoughts on “Macramé at Home: Add Boho-Chic Charm to Every Room with

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    Let me start off by saying there are some very nice pieces in this book; however the pictures the cord and the background of the book are all in WHITE If one actually needs to see how something is done from pictures it is very very difficult to get directions from the cords within the pictures There are written step by step instructions for each but here is what happened with me I haven't macramed for decades and I forgot the names of the knots so I went to the front of the book to look at how to tie said named knot of which I spent 5 min trying to view the picture's detail This is why I gave the book a 2 Also I had to use a different size cord then was said to use in the book availability issues and it would have been nice to have information of lengths to use with different size cords FYI the cords I found at Micheal's which were very limited and have no sizing on the packaging buy the cord elsewhere; mine from didn't arrive in a timely fashion and I thought it funny too that the clerk at Michael's didn't know what macrame' was Just sayin

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    Loved the modern projects in this book and as a first time knotter it was a great help in creating my own pattern for a lampshade

  3. says:

    I'm a creative artist photographer fiber artist and painter I created macrame pieces in the '70s and '80s so the craft is not new to me I revisited macrame to expand my fiber work into home decor a few years ago and have been studying and researching many current macrame artists I follow this author on Instagram and I'm a fan of her designs and her work overall However I am disappointed in this publication of some of her designs I agree with several other reviewers Why in the WORLD did the author and her team not see that photographing white cord on a white background was a bad idea especially for a book that relies on visual imagery Maybe a better photographer with experience with commercial photography andor book design would have been able to make this work but it fails This really takes an otherwise outstanding book down to almost an amateur level In addition the poor uality of the photographic images you CAN see is very disappointingOn the plus side the layout organization of projects by skill level and the breakdown of each project by materials and knots used are most helpful The variety of projects is also a plus in my opinion

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    The aesthetics of some of the projects are pleasing hence the one star but it puzzles me how using white on white instructions for a craft book did not appear to be a bad idea for the author and her team

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    I really want to like this book I do However I really struggle with the fact that in the photos the rope is an off white and so is the background A contrast of sorts a darker backdrop with the light rope would really have made this book an excellent choice I hate that I have to strain to see what ropes she is working with in the diagrams

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    Sadly I didn't read any of the reviews for this book and now I see many people have already comments on the very things I was going to write about As an art piece the book is beautiful and her pictures of where you can hang you piece great but this is a book on HOW TO do macrame This author used a white background for her page a white wall to hang her work on and white or slightly off white macrame cord Then her pictures aren't even up close half the time I couldn't even see a difference between pictures Sadly I would not recommend this book not because her projects are good but because you won't be able to understand or see her instructions

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    Somehow I got two of this item by accident and its costly to return to than to just have two copies or gift one to a fellow macrame artist The problem is this book it terrible the art direction is so poorly thought out White cord with a white dowel on a white wall You can't see the patterns or really get a good idea of how the knots are made as it's just near impossible to see the photos properly I get the look the art director was going for but it just doesn't work AT ALL So disappointed in this purchase

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    Initially I was so impressed with how beautiful this book was but when I actually started one of the projects my opinion changed The directions are sparse ie Doesn’t specify when or how knots should be mirror images on each side of design And if you don’t understand written directions the photos are almost impossible to see white cord on a white background and few close ups Doable if you have a good reference book that you can get better knot instructionsphotos

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    At first look the book is beautiful Full of lovely projects I’d like to make Then when you gather all your euipment you realise the problem with this book I started with the most beginner project I could see But when you need to refer to the pictures and instructions of the knots it’s all cream rope on white backgrounds no close up shots whatsoever So you’re in the dark or actually in a whiteout It’s all very arty and gorgeous but I had to YouTube everything No good for a beginner at all 🙄

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    While the book has some really nice interesting patterns I have had issues with the measurements They are simply not correct Maybe this is not the case for all patterns but for the lantern it is For example one of the issues is the materials list says 154m of 2mm the first lot of cuts is 40mx8 this euals 320meters not to mention the other 24 lengths you have to cut of this size also 2mm is too thin for the hoops the real life version of what this looks like is my image I’m uite disappointed and definitely won’t be buying her new book

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    There are so many great projects to work on and have a great set of advanced projects as well as beginner Its sometimes tricky to understand the instructions because the photos are white on white but that didn't bother me too much

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    I am an absolute beginner at macrame had never done it until I got this book and a macrame kit I find the projects to be interesting in fact I am working on one of them but the photos are horrible Natural colour ropes cream ecru against white wall background for illustration Come on I find it very frustrating I ended up just watching a bunch of youtube videos As for the instructions they're not great but I imagine if you're already familiar with macrame you'd not find it as challenging as I do I definitely would not recommend this book to a beginner

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    Diagrams too small Print very faint

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