Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom: Discover the Full

Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom: Discover the Full Potential of the Rigid-Heddle Loom, for Beginners and Beyond[BOOKS] ⚦ Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom: Discover the Full Potential of the Rigid-Heddle Loom, for Beginners and Beyond Author Join or create book clubs – Inventive Weaving On A Little Loom is a Storey Publishing Best Seller This complete guide to rigid heddle looms explores their full potential with a surprisingly broad array of techniues and projects Inventive Weaving On A Little Loom is on a PDF/EPUB À a Storey Publishing Best Seller This complete guide to rigid heddle looms explores their full potential with a surprisingly broad array of techniues and projects Step by step photography leads readers through the warping and setup process Projects range from pillows and curtains to bags shawls and even jewelry showcasing a range of textural effects Inventive Weaving PDF/EPUB or and materials including silky threads rayon chenille and wire Author Syne Mitchell Softcover pages Published Year ISBN Imported.

Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom: Discover the Full
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  • Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom: Discover the Full Potential of the Rigid-Heddle Loom, for Beginners and Beyond
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  • 13 June 2014
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    13 thoughts on “Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom: Discover the Full

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    I am a new weaver in the past six months While I like and use online sources to learn new techniues there is nothing like a book for continuous reference The writing is clear and detailed The pictures show exactly what you need to see clearly The conversion charts for those of us who started out as knitters are extremely helpful I expect this to be a go to book for learning and inspiration for future projects If you want clear direction direction on how to warp common weaving problems explanation of terms how to calculate what you will need for a project and how to make your weaving look professional and interesting this is a great place to start

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    I've just started learning to weave and I refer to this book freuently It's inspiring easy to understand and very helpful I have the Kindle edition and it is very satisfactory on a tablet you can move around easily in the book enlarge the many photographs to see detail and the fonts are very readable I am usually reluctant to buy these sorts of references on the Kindle so it's worth noting

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    It’s been less than 24 hours since I recieved this book bought at the reccomendation of the weaving expert at Webs America’s largest yarn store which I am so lucky to live less than an hour from I was initiallly overwhelmed by receiving a loom for Xmas as a avid knitter this is a fiber art I didn’t know I wanted to try I am on page 77 and have learned so much and am so excited to get warping I’m trying to be careful and learn in advance of my first try so I don’t get frustrated by messing up right away The book has clear explanations and photos addresses the right way and wrong way to do things while still taking into account that some weavers may want to just jump right in and learn on the fly there are trouble shooting sections for those weavers The book addresses color theory in chapter 4 which is a nice addition as so much of weaving is about color combination I think this book appears to be the perfect first weaving book for anyone with a rigid heddle loom It boils everything down so you aren’t overwhelmed it has a light touch teaching style but is rich in content I think it should accompany any gift of a loom actually help a New weaver get off on the right foot

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    Concise cohesive and packed full of knowledge this book will get you to not only find your rigid heddle loom but also to explore and use it to its fullest There is a comparison of all looms currently available with pros and cons of each listed That is just the start I was blown away to see a chapter on tapestry let alone all the laces and how to adapt four shaft draw downs This book will not disappoint you Just get it and start exploring

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    I've read hands on heddle weaving and snatches of other rigid heddle books but this one is by far my favorite For one thing it's not dry as dirt For another it has the most varied projects including weaving efabric and wire weaving All of the projects looked attractive and interesting with bright vibrant MODERN colorsThe kindle edition has some obnoxious formatting flaws The captions don't always seem linked to the picture Also the letters st are linked together It bugged me every time I saw it which was often since you get sentences like HiSTorically moST weavers twiST STarting at the left It can be painful to read If that kind of thing bugs you I'd get the print versionThe hyperlinks and reduced price make up for the deficits in my eyes but I hope they fix the eBook issues someday

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    This book has newer ideas of inventive weaving I never seen in any other books on Ridged Heddle Weaving They also show you how to calculate how much yarn you're going to need for a large project like a blanket I'm pleased with this book Plus it has photographs of different looms including ones I own

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    This book is an interesting mix of beginners tips with a section called “tech support” and seemingly complicated solutions Or maybe it just seems that way to me since I’m new to it I do like the photos of each way you could be messing up your project Either way I feel confident in using this as a first timer’s reference book I also enjoyed the bright colors used sometimes when it’s all pastel you have to wonder if the author assumes we all live in Florida Anyway there are several projects to weave pillow covers and kitchen towels in addition to traditional scarves and advice on choosing yarn and euipment and suggestions for weaving techniues Overall I’d say the projects were the best part of it because normally what I see are things I’m not interested in making but these photos were pretty inspiring

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    Sure wish I had this book back when I started RH weaving but I want to emphasize that this is not just a book for beginners by any means It goes into so many things including supplemental inlay the Theo Moorman techniue leno lace tartan woven shibori using two and even three heddles shadow weave and all kinds of things I’ve never taken time to exploreShe includes great instructions phenomenal and easy to see photos and projects that I’d actually want to make She has chapters on troubleshooting problems and illustrates specifically how to fix things like selvedge problems frowning or smiling selvedges replacing broken warp threads as well as an in depth chapter on finishingThe subtitle of this book says “Discover the Full Potential of the Rigid Heddle Loom For Beginners and Beyond The “and beyond” part is definitely true This book is worth every penny and even has some applications that I think beginning floor loom weavers would find helpful too

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    This is a wonderful book As a complete beginner who has just bought an Ashford Knitters loom I was looking for an easy to follow book to get me started This is it and It covers everything you need to know to use a rigid heddle loom including using a double heddle Syne explains the parts of the loom takes you through your first projects and helps diagnose any problems What she doesn't know about weaving probably isn't worth knowing She has poured all her knowledge into the book and is a great teacher If you are a beginner this book will be your faithful companion on your journey and if you are a experienced weaver you might just learn something too

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    This book is amazing I had no idea that I could use my rigid heddle loom to make such a wide variety of cloth and use such interesting materials Each techniue is well illustrated and explained A book that has inspired me to do with my loom

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    New to this and the book has full details of everything including beginners information on looms setting up aesthetics of design and some patterns to follow Excellent

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    A very well illustrated book that is clear and easy to read for beginners and intermediate weavers alike No budding weaver should be without itDefinitely a 5 star purchase

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    Fab book Suitable for absolute beginners it takes you through the entire weaving process step by step Even as a weaver with some experience I learned a lot I'm looking forward to learning some of the advanced techniues most of which don't look too difficult If I ever decide to upgrade my loom to take extra heddles there are some exciting possibilities

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