Macramé Plant Hangers: Creative Knotted Crafts for Your

Macramé Plant Hangers: Creative Knotted Crafts for Your Stylish Home❰Reading❯ ➶ Macramé Plant Hangers: Creative Knotted Crafts for Your Stylish Home Author Join or create book clubs – Adorn your cozy interiors with 30 hand woven DIY art and hanging plantsAre you a DIY home decorator plant lover or flower lover We got youMacram plant hangers are the perfect little touch to accent yo Adorn your Hangers: Creative ePUB ´ cozy interiors with hand woven DIY art and hanging plantsAre you a DIY home decorator plant lover or flower lover We got youMacram plant hangers are the perfect little touch to accent your cozy designer home Macramthe art of knotting made popular in the seventiesis now on Macramé Plant PDF or a revival bringing trendy boho vibes into your living room bedroom andAnd theres simply no better way to display your hanging plants than stringing them up in handmade woven knotsWhether youre a novice or seasoned knotter Macram Plant Hangers provides thirty uirkyyet stunning projects that will spark your Plant Hangers: Creative Knotted Crafts PDF \ DIY artists imagination Plant Hangers: Creative Epub à and get you creating Follow detailed photographs and instructions to construct patterns with various natural fibers including cotton rope felted wool silk ribbon jute recycled fabric andThere are knotted projects suitable for bigger eight inch pots small four inch pots vintage bottles and even air plantsIncluding a practical beginners section of Plant Hangers: Creative Knotted Crafts PDF \ knot basics; an introduction to weaving; customizable variations to add playful beads funky fringes and chic rope tassels to your macram design for whimsy;and a bonus chapter on special projects that mix macram with a dash of weaving and earthy elements Macram Plant Hangers is your handy guidebook to adorning interiors with your own custom hand knotted vintage art you can be proud ofwhile keeping it green.

Macramé Plant Hangers: Creative Knotted Crafts for Your
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  • Macramé Plant Hangers: Creative Knotted Crafts for Your Stylish Home
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  • 09 December 2014
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    12 thoughts on “Macramé Plant Hangers: Creative Knotted Crafts for Your

  1. says:

    Although the book itself seems to be very informative the kindle edition is unusable The pictures are so bad that you can't make out what the design actually is the pictures are not in colour so you can't follow the instructions put the pink rope over the brown rope hard when you don't know which one is pink and the smaller unclose pictures to show you how exactly t do each not do not appear in numerical order ie you get picture 1 and 5 on one page 2 and 4 on the next page so it is completely impossible to follow along without constantly flicking back and forth Considering the kindle edition was only a couple of dollars cheaper I am really upset that I cannot use the book at all

  2. says:

    BEST MACRAME BOOK EVER This entire book is incredible Ever single project is stunning every single detail When I heard the Amazing Artisan Chrysteen Borja waverlyknots released a macramé book I immediately went to order it It was like Christmas in February when it arrived I knew it was going to be wonderful but it far exceeded my expectations The projects are unlike any other macramé book the details on every project is so uniue Chrysteen takes plant hangers to a whole new level of beauty that stands out from all the others This book gives you everything you need with so much It walks you through what you need to get started goes through various knots and techniues and each project uses different textures fibers and embellishments Every project is my favorite but if I had to pick just one section it would be the ‘Plant Hangers Done a Little Differently’ section I never knew plant hangers could look like such a beautiful piece of art You’ll fall in love with the ‘Special Projects’ section at the end where she includes beautiful flower garlands and even bouuet wraps – perfect for weddings special occasions or to make your flowers at home look extra lovely The book is absolute perfection I can’t say enough about it I also love at the end how all the Resources are listed all the suppliers where you can find the products for each of the products I’m buying copies of this book to give to my family and friends I can’t even believe the price it’s worth at least twice as much for everything it offers I’m so inspired and I’m super excited to make these all throughout my home my daughter’s room and to gift to others I can’t wait for her next book

  3. says:

    I wanted to make my daughter some plant hangers and I couldn't remember everything from when I used to make them as a kid I guess the book was okay but the projects they included were not cute I ended up using YouTube videos instead which is what I should have done in the first place I guess

  4. says:

    I gave this book 2 stars because the book itself is nice gives basic instructions and guidelines for supplies shows a few knots etc but the design patterns are too free style boho'ish Even the wall hangings are very 'eclectic' and I'm going to guess will not be liked by everyone Wanted to make gifts for Christmas but am looking for another book because this one just doesn't hit the mark

  5. says:

    The book is well illustrated with step by step instructions I haven't done macrame before but this book seems like a good starting point since my interest is in plant hangers

  6. says:

    I am very disappointed in this book The instructions are incomplete for the hangers there seemed to be steps missing It didn't tell you how big a pot the patterns would fit You have to jump back and forth from different pages to see the pattern and the knots to understand what you are suppose to do There was only a few basic macrame patterns the rest of the book was about tying rags together to make hangers

  7. says:

    Great tutorial book with very simplistic easy to understand instructions with all color photographs

  8. says:

    Most of the patterns were just long stands with a couple knots here and there Not what I would consider macrame It does show how to make the knots but not how long to make your ropes for a fully knotted macrame hanger Good for the lazy macramer

  9. says:

    Very strange planthangers Absolutely not for me They are far too uirky not neat looking very weird Needs lots of different materials I should have listened to previous reviews that said the same

  10. says:

    The designs are mostly shabby chic and not uite what I was looking for it was a bit disappointing to be honest

  11. says:

    It would have been beneficial to be able to see of a preview of the book on line At a book store I have a good look through a book before I buy it especially a reference book I was looking for traditional plant hanger patterns and perhaps a few styles of knots After a second look through the book I see that there is some useful information so I will keep it

  12. says:

    O passo a passo não é muito claro deixa a desejar

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