Fix This Next: Make the Vital Change That Will Level Up

Fix This Next: Make the Vital Change That Will Level Up Your Business[KINDLE] ✽ Fix This Next: Make the Vital Change That Will Level Up Your Business Author Join or create book clubs – From Mike Michalowicz the author of PROFIT FIRST CLOCKWORK and THE PUMPKIN PLAN comes the ultimate diagnostic tool for every entrepreneurThe biggest problem entrepreneurs have is that they don't know From Mike Michalowicz the author of PROFIT Next: Make PDF/EPUB ä FIRST CLOCKWORK and THE PUMPKIN Fix This MOBI :µ PLAN comes the ultimate diagnostic tool for every entrepreneurThe biggest problem entrepreneurs have This Next: Make MOBI õ is that they don't know what their biggest problem is If you find This Next: Make the Vital PDF \ yourself trapped between stagnating sales staff turnover and unhappy customers what do you fix first Every issue seems urgent but there's no way to address all of them at once The result A business that continues to go in endless circles putting out urgent fires and prioritizing the wrong thingsFortunately Mike Michalowicz has a simple system to help you eradicate these frustrations and get your business moving forward fast Mike himself has lived through the struggles and countless distractions of entrepreneurship and devoted years to finding a simple way to pinpoint exactly where to direct attention for rapid growth He figured out that every business has a hierarchy of needs and if you can understand where you are in that hierarchy you can identify what needs immediate attention Simply fix that one thing next and your business will naturally and effortlessly level upOver the past decade Mike has developed an ardent following for his funny honest and actionable insights told through the stories of real entrepreneurs Now Fix This Next offers a simple uniue and wildly powerful business compass that has already helped hundreds of companies get to the next level and will do the same for you Immediately.

Fix This Next: Make the Vital Change That Will Level Up
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  • Fix This Next: Make the Vital Change That Will Level Up Your Business
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  • 19 March 2016
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    Mike has a way of taking what is complex and setting it up very simply I recommend adding the audio book With Covid and trying to work in my business it often leaves me overwhelmed with knowing what to do to work on my business in an effective way I'm at the stage of my career where I want to lean toward leaving a legacy The systems in the book lay out the path to get there in a manageable way I am also part of a Fix This Next Master Class which I find helpful and highly recommend because it gives me accountability to actually enact the steps to improve my businessI also want to thank Mike for being so generous with his time and knowledge I am a psychotherapist and during this pandemic time he has really been aware of the need for mental health access and willing to coach and help us help our communities I find him to be super kind and his hopeful attitude about a coming business surge gives me hope I hope that help I'm gonna keep working the steps so my group will poised to help our community as the need arises

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    Before I read Fix This Next I really struggled with what I should be doing in my businessI knew I needed to make serious changes but I wasn't sure where to startThis often lead to overwhelm and there have been many times I wanted to burn the business and just walk awayI've read a lot of business books but Fix This Next is the first I've found that introduces a simple compass to uickly know which way to headI ran through the Business Hiearchy of Needs from the book and learned I need to concentrate on client conversion firstThe clarity in direction feels great I'm excited and so much less stressed to move forward with Mike's system and start knocking out my business's most pressing needs one at a timeThanks so much Mike for this simple and super effective system

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    Compared to the millions of titles published each year few books have the depth intellect thoughtfulness care and structure to be a LEGACY book Fix This Next is hands down a legacy book for entrepreneur's superhero Mike Michalowicz I got the privilege of receiving an advanced copy and I've already read the book twice I've recommended it to countless business owners and I will continue to do so Mike has really hit the nail on the head with the Hierarchy of Business Needs His content is smart logical and most importantly APPLICABLE Businesses across the world have already seen the return on implementation and you will too Don't just buy one copy pay it forward to all of your business owner friends and together you will rise

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    This book is another one that Mike hit out of the park Practical wisdom No nonsense systems Inspirational stories This book will absolutely help any business at any point in their business journey Fix This Next along with all Mike’s other books have been transformational to say the least for all of the companies that I own and run Love you Mike You are the real deal This one is your New York Time’s Best Seller

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    If you are a business owner looking for a book that helps you find the real issues you are needing to address in the now and solve them permanently THIS IS the book If you are tired of realizing the issue at hand are just another symptom of an even bigger problem and you just keep finding yourself back there again and again you need to read this book This book will help you map out what it is that you need to focus on now that will make the biggest changes instead of guessing and going in 50 or 100 different directions You can identify get it done and move on and move up Building that solid foundation for the best return on investment of time and purpose is why we are all doing this in the first place

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    I was 98% certain I would be closing my solopreneur medical practice Nearly 7 years of being overwhelmed and in a downward spiraling circle brought me to a place of finally letting my practice die gracefully In medical school we are taught very little about how to run a business These are two different skill sets and business is not natural to a healer Having had to start my practice suddenly due to the need to bring cash into my home life meant that there were no plans made only 1200 and left over supplies from a former massage therapy practice which also did not pull a profit I had considered closing my practice every year for the previous four and resigned that I was not made to run a business However I couldn't uit Not yet I was made aware of Mike through a women's business network and immediately purchased FTN I read it in 3 weeks and purchased his Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Pumpkin Plan and Profit First before I finished FTN I read the remaining three books in another three weeks For the first time in my career I had clarity I had structure I had foundation and I had a mentor and guide that spoke my weird language It's 3 and my game plan is clear as I am using his books to build the various levels of the FTN pyramid I am excited about the future of my practice the uality of my service and the patients pumpkin patients I will be working with in the future This book is a life changer Mike is a amazing human being who truly cares about your success Get this book and all the others and take control of that which you thought was impossible to control

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    This was the first Mike Michalowicz book that I’ve read I’ve heard good things about his books and was encouraged to read this before his other books Boy am I glad I didI currently run a business and am getting ready to launch a second one This book and the system contained in it have given me so much clarity on what I need to focus on for each individual business It’s easy to get lost in the weeds when you’re in the business This helps clear things up and gets you focused on what you need to FIX NEXT in your businessI highly recommend this book to any entrepreneur or business owner regardless of how old they are or how old the businesses are

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    Love all the books I have read so far by Mike He really breaks things down in the simplest way possible and explains great business concepts with practical examples Any business owner can grow and turn a chaotic business into order by following the advise and recommendations of this book Great framework

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    This is a great book for actionable steps you can put into your business straight away that will make your life easier and you'll get better results

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    This is the third book I've read from Mike the other two being Clockwork and Profit First which I think are both valuable reference books for any business ownerWith Fix This Next he keeps the same tone and humour across the book while still taking the time to break down the core concepts that he presents Mike uses The Business Hierarchy of Needs is the idea he introduces based on Abraham Maslow's Personal Hierarchy of Needs to make a direct analogy on how people think naturally and how to identify the warning areas in a business by introducing a process for evaluation metrics progress tracking and resultsFix This Next is easy to read enjoyable but still offers the benefit of introducing a process that can be easily integrated with any businessI personally enjoyed reading the book as I have the other two The writing style and storytelling keeps you want to read and discover all this guide has to offer I would recommend it to any friend who may be running a business or is planning to start one

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    This is not some theory this is actionable Not many books will directly help your business improve significantly like this one will or even make the difference between mere survival and solid business with a future I say this without knowing your specific business However I am right as you will seeThe problem is we as business owners even if we think we know the problems and priorities because we are in it each day most of the times we do not see what is really the most important ONE to tackle TODAY NOW Regardless if we are in a comfortable place but would like to level up or if we are just before on the verge of losing the businessMike has figured it out Hands it to us here Eye opening as heck Buy it

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    I read a lot of books to help me learn how to run my business well Out of the many many books I've read over the years Mike Michalowicz's books have possibly been the most helpful in bringing immense clarity and in offering simple actionable steps that anyone can take to improve the way their business worksI've read and applied the lessons in his earlier book Profit First and I can say with complete conviction that it is the lessons I learned in Profit First that has allowed me to generate and save a very good profit from my business over the last year And it is this saved up profit that has bought me valuable time during the COVID crisis to rethink and redesign my business without having to let go of my teamI'm midway through Fix This Next and I'm already able to see clearly where I need to focus my attention and money over the next few weeks to take my business to the next level Do yourself a favour and read this book; actually read all his books

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