Machine, Platform, Crowd: Harnessing Our Digital Future

Machine, Platform, Crowd: Harnessing Our Digital Future➯ [Read] ➫ Machine, Platform, Crowd: Harnessing Our Digital Future By Andrew McAfee ➻ – “A clear and crisply written account of machine intelligence big data and the sharing economy But McAfee and Brynjolfsson also wisely acknowledge the limitations of their futurology and avoid over s “A clear and crisply Crowd: Harnessing eBook ☆ written account of machine intelligence big data and the sharing economy But McAfee and Brynjolfsson also wisely acknowledge the limitations of their futurology and avoid over simplification” ―Financial TimesIn The Second Machine Age Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson predicted some of the far reaching effects of digital technologies Machine, Platform, PDF/EPUB ² on our lives and businesses Now they’ve written a guide to help readers make the most of our collective future Machine | Platform | Crowd outlines the opportunities and challenges inherent in the science fiction technologies that have come to life in recent years like self driving cars and D printers online platforms Platform, Crowd: Harnessing PDF/EPUB À for renting outfits and scheduling workouts or crowd sourced medical research and financial instruments.

Machine, Platform, Crowd: Harnessing Our Digital Future
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  • Machine, Platform, Crowd: Harnessing Our Digital Future
  • Andrew McAfee
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  • 18 June 2015
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    This book represents the next progression from prior works Race Against the Machine and The Second Machine Age Frankly I was expecting ore from this book as it largely recaps and rehash of basics about digital that were common discussion a few years ago That is the major drawback of the book its too repetitive I would recommend passing if you have already read the earlier books and Enterprise 20 from McAffee alone If you have not read these other books then this is as good a place to start as others

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    I thought it would be difficult for the authors to top their prior book The 2nd Machine Age which presented the underlying principles of the digital age Yet they have pulled this off They do so by building on their prior work and exploring what they see as the three dominant themes of the oncoming digital age machines platforms and crowds It's a superb blend of computer science and economics suited for a managerial audience By exploring the developments in computer science especially machine learning and artificial intelligence they predict that and human work will be done by machines and economics tells us that we need to invest in machines Likewise the economics of platforms leads the authors to predict the rise of platforms over products because it engenders complementary investments that make the platform useful FInally they argue for a focus on external innovation the rise of crowds which has given rise to the sharing economy and encourages open innovation What I especially like is that this is a thoughtful book presenting a compelling set of arguments for how businesses should anticipate and prepare for the second phase of the 2nd machine age Leveraging theory analogy and history a reader should acuire a nuanced understanding of the digital world and its implications for all businesses no matter the industry It is also directly targeted at business executives It is a must read

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    If you read technical publications I read MIT Technology magazine or are updated of current technology you will not at all be impressed with this book Most of the information I already knew If you are not updated then do read this book It is well written I was hoping they would explain the trends or how this new age will really affect the economy I would have preferred a macro or academic view and not rehashing about technology I already know about

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    This is an amazing book It came highly recommended by Tom Keene at Bloomberg Surveillance So I bought it and read it and I learned so much about our ever changing world that I did not know It is packed with helpful useful and vital information about the changes in our world going on all around us that will affect the future jobs markets consciousness all of it This is the Technological Renaissance that is eual to or vastly superior to the Renaissance in the Middle Ages where the world woke up to what is possible We are gifted and challenged to be alive in this Age and we can make the most of our opportunities with the help of his book I recommend it to everyone who wants to better understand the monumental and shattering changes taking place all around us gathering speed and having and impact over time It has opened my eyes and served me well I am still digesting it

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    Not the most exciting read being as it is an account of 3 classes Machine Platform Crowd their individual development and group dynamics However the classification is useful for understanding current phenomena and business development and examples are generally well picked The account is comprehensive and the chosen structure of the book makes it usable for wannabes and experienced IT professionals alike Further credibility is at professional academic level eg claims underpinned by specific references etc so no fake news here So all in all a highly useful and as of February 2018 still relevant account

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    Most of the book reviews the so called disruptive technologies But since there are so many books about this subject I didn't learn anything new Moreover the authors do not discuss difficult uestions such as when if at all computers will understand the meaning of sentences that is for any two sentences computers will be able to figure out the logical relation that holds between these sentences Such ability is a necessary condition for replacing lawyer and accountant by computers The final part of the book presents some interesting ideas regarding blockchain technologies

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    This is a very good book on the topic of platforms It gives very good insights on the way platforms and different digital trends work today and provides good pointers to follow if you want to go deeper Where it lacks a bit is on presenting a vision on how these trends may develop in the futureI do not agree 100% with some of the conclusions but still it presents an appealing case in general with good examplesGood and easy read overall

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    uite liked this overall The part on machine learning and AI were especially helpful to fully appreciate their growing role going forward I found the next two parts 1 platform and 2 crowd to be interesting but it was descriptive than proscriptive other than saying we need to adopt to changes that are comingI think the authors miff on the big uestions namely what are implications for societypeople There’s some general this will be good but pretty shallow thought hereAlso as someone in market research of consumer packaged goods I could not see how this framework works for no service type goods Sure money transfers car rides are being transformed but are shampoo makers Appliance makers Frozen dinners Maybe that book is out there but huge swaths if economy are missed hereStill a very worthwhile read

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    From the authors of “The Second Machine Age” which is a must read book for every CEO who truly wants to understand exponential It is one of our anchor books in most sessions we do with Bookbuzz clientsHigh hopesI had high hopes for their latest book It is no “The Second Machine Age” In some ways it is a repetition of the theme It is a version of “The Third Wave” or “Platform Revolution”The core messageAI is going faster than expected machines are getting smarter and smarter we are all connected platforms are taking over open innovation and co creation are the names of the game there is wisdom in the crowds and it will happen in your industry too Using the usual examples which is in itself is an indication that the platforms are taking over and winners take all such as Airbnb Facebook Google Uber Alibaba and KickstarterCovering a lot of topicsNetwork effects Polanyi’s Paradox tacit learning stage 1 and stage 2 thinking neuroscience HiPPO experts forecasting they researched 82000 expert forecasts and found that they barely bests a chimp throwing darts Moore’s law iteration versus long range planning reinforced learning gaming they teach AI to play games and use gaming as a way for AI to solve problems big data level 5 autonomy deep network “Cambrian Explosion” in robotics 3D printing dreaming androids caveman principle try to imagine an all digital artificially intelligent girls’ soccer coach bundling and unbundling friction O2O online to offline reputation systems noncredentialism blockchain DAO a “Decentralized Autonomous Organisation” read Reinventing Organisations” biomimicry etcBiomimicryBiomimicry is particularly interesting and a growing topic in business As the book points out bones exoskeletons and other structures in nature are the winning entries in evolution’s ancient relentless competition the outcomes of which are literally life and death Evolution has resulted in marvellous designsSo perhaps we should not be too surprised that when generative design software is given the task of designing an optimal structure to satisfy a set of performance reuirements it comes up with something that looks as if it came from natureWhat can we learn from platforms in particularFirst they have only been possible in the last ten years or less Enabled by a mix of GPS mobile and cloudSuccessful platforms put much emphasis on customer experience customer support removing friction troubleshooting and problem resolution They are all critical activities not least because bad word of mouth spreads uickly If that is of interest read “X The Experience When Business Meets Design” by Brian Solis Experience as a strategy Joe Pine would like thatOther lessonsThey are early to the spaceThey take advantage of the economics of complementary goods whenever possible realising that low prices for one complement lead to increased demand for othersThey open up their platforms to a broad range of contributors and contributionsWhile they maintain a broad rule of openness they also curate their platformsPlatforms work in undifferentiated experienceWhy have platforms deeply disrupted the business of travelling around cities but not the business of staying in them The reason is that getting a ride across town is a largely undifferentiated experience going from A to B staying overnight is definitely not Read “Difference”Platforms are coming your wayJust because that large platforms are winning does NOT mean that large companies are safe On the contrary The message of the book is that these effects machine platform crowds will start happening in every sector industry or market There is an influx of young companies that bear little resemblance to the established incumbents in their industries yet are deeply disrupting them These upstarts are platforms and they are fearsome competitors Using the rookie advantageYour business is so proficient knowledgeable and caught up in the status uo that you are unable to see what’s coming It is called status uo biasWhich is why they are coming for you They will fundamentally transform the world we live in Science fiction is now next door And yes the best way to predict the future is to invent itYou can do itThe good news is that human abilities excellent goods and services and strong organisational capabilities remain essential to business success You just need to combine that with machines platforms and crowdsThe uestions to askThe book explains AI machines platforms and crowds in detail and is in that way nearly too academic The best part of the book is the uestions it asks at the end of every chapter Here are uestions you should considerAre you tracking the performance over time of your decisions judgements and forecasts by people and algorithmsIs your organisation suffering fro the HiPPO syndromeWhat are your most important pattern matching diagnosis classification prediction and recommendation activitiesWhich key decisions or operations if any would you consider turning over entirely to artificial intelligence systemsWhat would happen if your competitors start applying machine learningWhat aspects of your organisation’s work are most dull dirty dangerous or dear Have you looked recently at robots or other automation that can help with this taskIn your innovation and prototyping work how are you taking advantage of the new technologies for making thingsHow much boring routine work do the most creative and innovative people in your organisation have to doWhere would better human connections most help your performance and that of your organisationOf the tasks currently being done by humans in your organisation which will be the hardest for computers to take over Why do you believe thisLooking at the existing tasks and processes in your job or organisation what do you see as the ideal division of work between humans and machinesWhere are the next places in your business where you can apply free perfect and instantWhat are the most important digital platforms in your industry today What do you think they will be in three yearsPut yourself in the shoes of some of your archetypal customers Compared to the status uo what to them might be a attractive bundling unbundling or re bundling of your offerings together with othersWhat are the possible complements for your offerings How can you best use them to increase total demandDoes it make sense for you to try to build your own platform or to participate in someone else’sWhat are your guiding principles for delivering a compelling user experience Again highly recommend you read “X The Experience When Business Meets Design” by Brian SolisWhat’s your strategy for cooperating or competing with a platform that brings network effects and revenue management capabilities to your industryCompare the user interface and user experience of your online offerings to those of the dominant platform in your industry How do they stack upAre you confident that you can continue to differentiate your offerings as platforms spread If so why What are your sustainable sources of differentiationHow and how often do you look outside your group of identified internal and external experts for help with your challenges and opportunitiesIn the past five to ten years have you expanded the number of people that you or your organisation regularly interact withHow and how much are you using the crowdHow might an open transparent global flexible immutable ledger be valuable to youHelping you to reinvent your businessThrough the lens of machines platforms and crowds it covers business models organisational design technology innovation product customer experience and marketingMaybe it is as good as “The Second Machine Age”

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    Having previously read The Second Machine Age when I heard there was another book out I knew it would be a must read and I certainly wasn't disappointedI tend to keep up with tech news and developments however what was interesting about Machine Platform Crowd was the way it joins the dots between the technology and business landscapes The book brings these concepts together in conjunction with interesting examples to make it relevant and comprehendible whether you are CEO of a fortune 500 company a product person like myself or a developer wanting to better understand the challenges and opportunities in the near future

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    A good and productive read But as I read it seemed to me there was one big and vital uestion that the authors pretty much ignore The book discusses the huge benefit that comes from offering incrementally free goods and services But despite this advantage and despite the wave of hugely cheap financing internet businesses receive many of them seem incapable of making a profit That this is not seen as a necessary expectation is one of their main competitive advantages traditional companies are expected to make a profit or die technology companies merely need to grow The hope of course is that eventually growth leads to profit From a book that aims to challenge business leaders about their use of machine platform crowd it seems to me this is a pretty vital topic to be explored Why do some tech companies grow and produce profit while others just grow and lose money

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    This is not tried and tested sales objectives to sell and monetize on a fast paced market with experts in the field Maybe the ideas won't apply to all companies or brands this isn't about being loved and accessibleThis is a wise book that explores past and future trends in the economy to help your enterprise team to avoid errors and remain ahead of the curve from the best academics and boffins still very relevant but will this be great in 10 years

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    An accessible explanation of three of the latest most prominent business impacts of new technology The book builds on the work covered in the second machine age and adds discussion of platform and crowd based business models I found the explanations of blockchain and bitcoins particularly helpful Although the authors attempt to give a global view of these developments through a range of international examples the discussion inevitably has a western and in particular North American slant It would be interesting to hear perspectives on the same topics that are rooted in eastern or Latin American traditions I shall definitely be revisiting this text as I develop content for my undergraduate classes this autumn

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