400 Knitting Stitches: A Complete Dictionary of Essential

400 Knitting Stitches: A Complete Dictionary of Essential Stitch Patterns❴Read❵ ➲ 400 Knitting Stitches: A Complete Dictionary of Essential Stitch Patterns Author Join or create book clubs – Varanus.us Whether you're a beginning knitter or advanced whether your tastes range from simple knit purl stitching to fancy Daisy or Moroccan screen this dictionary of stitch patterns is indispensableYoung knit Whether you're a beginning knitter or advanced whether Stitches: A PDF/EPUB ¿ your tastes range from simple knit purl stitching to fancy Daisy or Moroccan screen this dictionary of stitch patterns is indispensableYoung knitters old knitters hip knitters traditional knitters they all enjoy different styles But every knitter from age to needs a good dictionary of stitches Knitting Stitches is a comprehensive guide that invites knitters to experiment with a variety of new stitch combinations The book is conveniently divided into eight categories knit purl crossed and 400 Knitting PDF/EPUB or cables slipped lacy double twisted cast off and fancy stitches Making a romantic lacy wrap or a classic cable sweater Whatever your style there's a stitch in here for youEach of the plus featured stitches is accompanied by easy to follow written and charted instructions as well as a full color photograph A section on basic knitting information and techniues at the front of the book makes this volume eveninvaluable From advanced knitters experimenting with their own designs to beginners looking for clear instruction and explanation Knitting Stitches: A PDF Í Knitting Stitches is an essential reference for knitters of all kinds.

400 Knitting Stitches: A Complete Dictionary of Essential
  • 256pages
  • 400 Knitting Stitches: A Complete Dictionary of Essential Stitch Patterns
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  • English
  • 13 October 2016
  • 9780307462732

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    I just started knitting about 18 months ago and I was soon thereafter introduced to this book It's the one knitting book I own that never gets put back on the shelf Whenever I have a desire to learn something new I look for an attractive stitch and then I reach for my US 7s and my Lily's Sugar and Cream stash I knit up a dishcloth and stick it on the shelf as a future gift to whomever People love the dishcloths for some reason I can't uite fathom and I love knowing that I've learned something newI think that this book could be invaluable to someone who has design aspirationsAt least one unhappy reviewer has opined that the book has many serious flaws I have to tell you that I haven't noticed

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    I love a great stitch dictionary but this just isn't one While there are some nice stitch patterns the book has MAJOR flaws I don't think anybody edited it Where to startPATTERN ERRORS MANY of the patterns are very poorly edited For example stitch counts are off for pattern repeats Written instructions and charts often don't match The patterns cannot be trusted as written have to be read through thoroughly often charted out from scratch before attempting to useknit Many issues and errors will be encounteredLACK OF EDITING POOR PATTERN INSTRUCTION Every single pattern in this book reuires edge stitches added to them This is another editing issue If you compare this to the Vogue Stitchionary series for example they selectively advise when to add edge stitches and it's not often only when they feel a pattern reuires it for stability anti rolling or whatever other reason To add edge stitching to ALL patterns what because of lazy pattern writing Lack of experience It's completely unnecessary and a good editor should have known and advised better than thatINSTRUCTIONS POOR FORMAT The written instructions are in paragraph format instead of list format I understand this is space saving and to make the book shorter to save pages and money but it also makes patterns difficult to follow They did make new rows stand out in bold font but it doesn't help very much They really did try to sueeze the patterns in at times 4 per page often 3 per page and the book is rather small in sizeCHARTS UNREADABLE The charts in this book are TINY I have great vision when it comes to reading but these charts are just too tiny to see And all of the charts on the even numbered pages on the left are buried in the spine There is a lot of empty room on the pages; the charts could have easily been made larger and the charts on even numbered pages could have been shifted to the left out of the bindingPOOR COLOR CHOICE OF YARN I do appreciate that all swatches were knit in the same yarn and color for consistency but the yarn chosen was such a light color it makes the subtle stitch patterns difficult to distinguish and if you ever want to photocopy a page to take on the go you really have to darken the copy to see the swatch at all I would have used a yarn with saturation in the colorINCONSISTENT PHOTOS & SIZING OF SWATCHES The photos are also very inconsistent in that some are zoomed in close while others are not It would be better if all were displayed at the same scale to be able to compare the patterns for mixing and matching while incorporating these stitches into garmentaccessory patterns As the photos are of all different scales it is so difficult to accurately visualize what might work well together without knitting up a lot of unnecessary swatches A lot of the zoomed in photos also appear a bit blurredPOOR BINDING CHOICE FOR ACTIVE PATTERN BOOK The cover to this book is a stiff paperback so it hopefully makes the book durable over time but also works against the book as a functional tool A hardcover or a spiral book are always better formats for a working pattern book Even a paperback that is floppy and will stay open works better than this stiff book You literally have to break the spine to get it to stay open Or just use a bookmark and constantly openclose which is SO inconvenient when trying to knit With all the problems I mentioned you've likely re written the pattern anyway They really just chose the wrong dimensions for this book if printing this in paperback format It would have worked better to make a larger book with less pages This could have solved a problem by allowing the book to lay open and would also have allowed the printing to be larger and in a different format as noted aboveNO INDEX There is no index If one wanted to look up particular stitch patterns as many do with stitch dictionaries they have to flip through the whole book or the whole section where they think the pattern is there are only a few sections I've never heard of a stitch dictionary without an indexNO GLOSSARY OF TERMS There is no glossary of terms If you were a novice knitter or intermediate trying something new and wanted to know what a stitch abbreviation stood for you would not find the answer in the book as you should You would have to go to another resource for the answerMOST PATTERNS ARE DUPLICATES FROM OTHER BETTER BOOKS AVAILABLEMany of the patterns can be found in the Vogue Stitchionary series or in Barbara Walker's Treasury series however a few are not in those books or are slight variations of what you can find there It's definitely a good variety of patterns If not for the aforementioned issues I would reference this book As it is I find myself reaching for the book then switching gears and going for another book on my shelfBOTTOM LINE NOT RECOMMENDED TRY ANOTHER STITCH DICTIONARYDue to all of the book's serious flaws I would not recommend it for a novice knitter It would take somebody with knowledge and skill to successfully use it since it really can't be worked through as is For any knitter aspiring or experienced both the Barbara Walker and Vogue Stitchionary series would be my recommendations UPDATE BOOK DONATIONThis book did not last long on my shelf I donated it within a month of purchasing it I disliked it that much It was just far too much of a hassle to translate the stitch patterns and completely defeated the purpose of having paid for a book where the work is supposed to be done for you with clean editing

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    uite frankly I'm completely turned off by the misleading colorful book cover when EVERY picture inside is one bland color cream After trying to look pass that I was annoyed again by the lack of common stitch pattern names or abbreviations one would see in an actual knitting pattern like CB4 They could have at least put it in parenthesis so a novice knitter like myself would know what to look for Oh and the extra small charts are ridiculousSo I immediately went to the library and found the perfect stitch dictionary Knitting Stitches Visual Encyclopedia by Sharon Turner OMG what a huge difference I can hardly wait to get my new book by mail from

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    I have seven friends who gather often and knit together We share patterns and ideas and swap yarn several times every year None of us had seen 400 Knitting Stitches and as we are in our upper 60's and early 70's that's saying something This book inspires us to embrace new stitches and widen our scope Many thanks to POTTER CRAFTS for assembling such an inspiring volume

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    I've had this book for about two weeks what I've learned from it in such a short time pays for itself This textbook will eventually become a reference book I've only been knitting for two months I use this book as a literal textbook l try to do a stitch every couple days not moving on until I'm comfortable Last night I realized that I was using the book as the author designed Each stitch pattern is an advancement of previous pattern Pictures instructions and patterns have been very easy to execute I use this book than the best rated Knitting book that's recommended

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    This book doubles up as a puzzle book I will explain The written patterns are written out of seuence for example rows 10 and 15 then rows 11 and 20 and there are a few trick mistakes in the text so you need to refer to the diagrams If you happen to have your printer scanner handy you will be able to enlarge the pea sized diagrams to sufficiently make sense of what’s going on Once you’ve gone through this process the advantage is you’ll never forget the stitch The stitches once decoded are really lovely and the photography of the stitches is second to none

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    Excellent little book clearly set out with stitches categorised into sections such as Slipped Stitches Crossed Stitches and Cables and Lacy Stitches There's plenty to keep knitters of any ability interested Clear photos for each pattern so you know what you're aiming for All pictures are shown knitted in a plain cream coloured yarn unlike the samples on the cover This makes it easier to see the differences between some similar designs and help you choose which one you prefer

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    As a newbie to knitting I find this book is going to help a great deal It has clear photos to illustrate and instructions for each pattern are clear enough to read without wearing my glasses The book itself was very clean and pages are undamaged I plan on starting at the front and working my way through each pattern creating blocks in as many colours as I presently own Hopefully I'll be able to create some uniue blankets cardigans etc for my local maternity unit

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    Exactly what I needed being a beginner at knitting Good book simple instructions and lovely clear photographs of the patterns Very pleased with this purchase and the price too

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    Can’t wait to start working my way through this book I intend to complete a 6” suare of every pattern and sew into large throw Must finish all my other projects first though The instructions are clear and simply put and would suit every level of experience

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